Do you find yourself asking yourself "How to find a job?" or, are you googling "How to crack a job interview?"

The thought of a job interview is enough to make you tremble or at least a little concerned. Despite the fact that you are prepared to face a job interview, with the lack of skill to master it, you may lose the first or important opportunities in life. Interviews can be in any form or shape but whatever be it, it is your chance to shine. So, more than anything else, it is important to nurture interview skills to ace any type of interviews.

There is no denying that even the smartest candidates who have everything to meet the job requirements prepare well for the interview. Since the interview can be considered as a fraction of your long-life academics and experience, you have to be best at it. Besides reflecting your knowledge and skill, it also reveals once personal development.

Interview And Career Opportunity

While the interview hour holds the most important phase of the candidate’s life after the academics, one will have to go through even the most minute detail to achieve success at it. A successful interview decides your success in the field of a stable career. Moreover, it is not only about the interview but acing the career opportunity you have always dreamt of. So, taking care of everything since the very beginning matters a lot. Additionally, with determination and hard work, you can achieve your dreams.

Interview and career opportunities go hand-in-hand. Failing in an interview may lead to losing that opportunity. Source: Totaljobs

In this article, you can understand how personality development or personal development helps in the betterment of an individual as a whole.

Personality Development

Personality can be defined as the sole entity that is extremely unique in every person. It is a sum total of human traits - both inner and outer. It consists of the person’s body language, confidence and intuitive intellects. The amalgamation of these defines and differentiates human beings and together, this personality can be used as a weapon to achieve success in life.

While the inner traits include intuitive development, confidence or mental well-being, the outer traits mainly focus on the physical presentation, the body posture, facial expressions and so on.

The personality of an individual as a whole is the result of thinking, understanding, perception, attitude, nature, appearance, etc. All of these are required in each and every step of life, be it appearing for a job interview or taking important life decisions. However, talking about interviews alone, personality development plays the most vital role.

How To Improve Interview Skills - Outer Traits

Interview demands the best of you in everything. Many candidates pay attention to their appearances but sadly, it is not the only thing to get you hired. You will need the necessary skill to chase your dream job. Despite having everything, if you are still stuck at how to improve interview skills, then this article is for you. Just read through the points below-

Know The Fact

Guessing the right answer changes your fortune but only in a quiz, where you are losing nothing for being wrong. In case of an interview, it is the worst thing you would want to do. Most of the interviewers are exactly looking for your intelligence in the shape of an answer. So, never play with it. You will need to realise that they are never going to ask you about the rocket-science but something relevant to your profile only. So, think before answering and know the facts.

Practice Before It Is Too Late

As the proverb says, “practice makes perfect”, indeed it does! No matter if you are doing for even half an hour, if you are consistent and dedicated, you can expect a lot of good results. So, practice until you feel you are flawless at it.

Go through the most common questions that are likely to come in all the interviews. Prepare your answer well and memorise the same but make sure you are answering genuinely.

Mock Interviews Are a Great Friend

Mock interviews are one of the best ways to practice for an interview. A mock interview can be considered as an emulation of a job interview which is used for practising and training purposes. In addition to that, it also provides the candidates with feedback based on their skill, so that they can improve further.

Mock interview
Mock tests have helped many candidates to click a job interview in the first go. Source: Sallie Mae

Inner Traits Of An Individual

From the moment you enter the room to the time you finally take your seat, you are already judged by the interviewers. So, do not take these things likely, not even the style of walking. There are some points to remember when you finally show up-

  • Always take permission to walk into the room
  • Don’t sit without asking them
  • Do not panic. It is just an interview for which you have been preparing for so long
  • Keep your belongings outside
  • If you are carrying your bag in, make sure to not put them on the desk
  • Organise your documents along with the CV
  • Be attentive to every question
  • Wear a slight smile. Do not laugh

In addition to the above points, make sure to give an accurate answer to all their questions. The interviewers are not sitting to listen to a story!

Body Posture

Your physical presentation plays a vital role in an interview. The interviewer looks after everything, from your face to your toes. In addition to dressing up correctly for the interview, you will also have to take care of your body postures. Here are a few points you should never miss-

Sit straight facing the interviewer and wearing a slight smile to avoid looking nervous. Source: FlexJobs
  1. Sitting: Sit straight facing them. If there is more than one interviewer, your eyes meet all of them serially.
  2. Hand positioning: Control your hands and pay attention to what you are doing with them. Do not make unnecessary movements with your hands or fingers. Place your arms on the desk. Also, make sure your nails are trimmed and cleaned properly.
  3. Legs: There is a defined posture in the way you sit for an interview. Never sit cross-legged with one mounted on the other. Tapping feet and making unnecessary sounds should not be done. Make sure your legs are straight with both knees enclosed.

Eye Contact

Your eyes convey more than your mouth can ever do. So, knowing where to look is a matter of concern. Looking directly into the eyes of the interviewer or stealing site, both can be dangerous. If the interviewer is talking, you will need to instigate direct eye contact which conveys that you are listening. However, too long of direct eye-contact can be a negative move and hence, practice to move the head and blink naturally.

Monitoring Voice Delivery

There is no denying that speaking in a controlled yet clear voice conveys confidence. So, practising the volume of your voice is a crucial part. Do not speak too loud to reveal excitement or too low which would make it difficult for the others to listen. Maintain a normal tone which is clearly audible to all. Control the sound of breathing as well.

How to Improve Confidence During Interviews?

Wherever you go, your confidence should be there. Without it, you will fail in each and every step. Sometimes, the interviewers are impressed by the confidence of the candidates and hiring them becomes obvious. Are you considered over how to improve confidence during interviews? Read below-

Job interview and nervousness
You cannot get rid of nervousness during an interview and so, the best way is to hide it. Source: Career Sidekick

Follow Breathing Techniques

At the core of confidence lies the feeling of relaxation and breathing can be the best way to achieve that. You should take a long breath which will help you calm your nerves. It can also help you cope with difficult questions during an interview. Just take a long breath if you feel like you are losing everything.

Imagine Success

Dreams, hope and imagination keep us going through all the uncertainties in our lives. In our worst days, we promise ourselves that this is not going to last forever only because we are already preparing for our dreams. Just imagine how the time will flip if you really get selected for your dream job, and keep working on it!

Think Positively

Negative thinking can be the most dangerous enemy of your confidence, so make sure you are ignoring those in all ways possible. Although anxiety is a common thing if you are preparing for an interview, do not let it get on your nerves.

Practice With a Tutor

Practising can be one of the best things to boost your confidence. The number of rehearsals will help you be better at it. While you practice, it would be a great idea to take the help of a tutor. You can find many online tutors on Superprof who can guide you to prepare for the most important days of your life.

It is very important to realise the role of personality development which depends on the inner and outer traits of the individual. In addition to that, consistency is also one of the crucial parts whether you are searching for a job or practising for an interview. So, taking all the above into consideration, chasing your dream shall become way easier than you thought.

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