Most of us start planning for our career at a young age. In India, students confront the breakeven point in the 8th standard as their academic life becomes exceedingly inclined towards their career. Some boards offer a specific stream selection option just after this period, and if you too are at this stage, you must start planning for your career prospects. In two years you will appear for your board exams which is a crucial part of your life.

While the profession you choose will depend highly upon your personal decisions, your primary concern must be personality development. Yes, a child should start grooming session in class 8 itself to be able to spare some time beforehand for temperament personality traits. You will not only have to choose between commerce, science and arts but also start preparing self for a particular profession.

Facing a job interview is a whole new for every individual, especially for freshers. Some students wait for the last moment to prepare for this period. But you must not make the same mistake even if it is a common job interview. The earlier you start, the better!

So, your first task is to choose a stream and decide which subject will interest you and suit you the best. Once done, your next task is to avail personality development sessions and training programs. Let us have a look at the job interview patterns and resume-making tips to understand it better.

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How To Answer During Interviews?

The common questions that concern students and interviewees the most, it is - how to answer during interviews? Which is the correct way of giving out information with honesty? What if the interviewers throw random questions? Well, there is no specific pattern or way of answering interview questions. All you have to do is be confident and follow the following tips to look presentable and well-groomed. In class 8, you might find these things a bit difficult, but as you will grow in your career, nothing will feel like rocket science.

Always Start With Formal Greetings

As you must have heard your elders saying, “the first impression is the last impression”! This formula works well in the interview rounds as your interviewer will judge you on your presentation and performance. Formal greetings are one of the most vital soft skills that you need for cracking the jobs.

Therefore, greet all the interviewers and acquaintances with a smile when you enter the room. Carry yourself with grace, be audible and confident.

Make Eye Contact While Answering

Eye contact is the most vital act of expression in interview rounds. If you keep escaping from the gaze of the people sitting in front of you and do not answer the question while looking into their eyes, they can misunderstand you.

Maintain a straight face and eye contact when you speak to them. Do not steal glances or look at your fingers without completing your sentences.

Be Subtle And Confident

Confidence is not in words, it is in the aura that you will carry with yourself while you walk into the room. Do not try to answer differently or extraordinarily. The more subtle you stay with your word choices and answers, the higher will be your chances of cracking the interview.

Remember, the people around you will feel your confidence as they cannot see it! Therefore, you have to be very diligent and careful about the way you present yourself.

Wear A Genuine Smile

Our smile is the outfit of our face! This theory is what we have learnt all our lives and it works really well in our profession. A genuine smile can emphasise your speech and make your answers impactful.

Smiling is one of the most important personal development skills and personality development tips.

Maintain Good Body Language

A good body language is the sign of a confident adult personality. It works as social psychology that the individuals who walk straight, take brisk strides and maintain a good posture are comfortable in their skin. You have to be expressive enough, in this case, and maintain a good body language and personality.

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Be Honest With The Answers

Honesty is the best policy and one of the most efficient job interview tips! You should not use false promises and wrong information to impress the interviewers with your answers. Honest individuals tend to make a stronger stance than the ones who try to build their career foundation on lies.

Common Job Interview Questions And Answers

Once you start preparing for job interviews, you will come across several common job interview questions and answers. They ask questions mainly from your resume. Most of the questions asked are about your degree and personal interests.

  • Tell Us Something About Yourself

This is one of the common interview questions and the interviewers use it to initiate the conversation. You should be brief and to the point in this answer. Do not include any information related to your family or parents.

  • Why Have You Chosen This Profession?

You need to answer this one by explaining the reason behind your career selection. Again, for this kind of interview questions answers should be honest and explain why you wanted to be in that field.

  • What Are Your Strengths?

Your strengths are your qualities that must be rare and unique from others. You cannot rely upon made-up sentences to please the panel. Most of the students lose their chance of getting the job in this question only.

  • How Much Salary Do You Expect?

You do not need to repeat the salary structure that the company is offering if you feel you deserve more. You don’t need to lose your chance if you say anything different. If you feel you deserve better, be confident enough to speak it out.

  • Why Did You Apply In This Company?

Do your research well and learn about the company you are applying for. You do not need to praise the firm, but rather let out statistical information that is valid and true to their knowledge. This personality development contaxt can be a tricky task but if you get your information properly, you can easily get this through!

  • How Will You Contribute To The Field?

Explain how you will use your capabilities and qualities to contribute to their benefit. Give a brief answer but be precise enough to let them understand your intentions.

  • Why Should We Consider Selecting You?

This is among the tricky interview questions. You must not belittle your competitors while answering this question. Instead of explaining why you are better than others, you should explain why you are unique and worth the opportunity!

  • How Will You Overcome Official Blunders?

This question confuses most of the students. You should not say something impractical or uncommon. Be honest, genuine and humble while explaining how you are good at handling difficult situations. You can also use real-life examples and references from your resume to explain your thoughts.

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Ideal Resume Format For Job Interview For Freshers

The ideal resume format for job interview for freshers will be the one that compliments their job profile and work environment. For example, the resume of a fashion designer can be creative with references to pictures and designs. But the same will not work for a chartered accountant.

Therefore, you have to decide the format as per the field you have chosen for yourself. As a class 8 student, you can keep a few formats handy and journal personality social as you might want to change the choices later. Avail personality trait and development course with Google scholar. With self awareness, self esteem and individual differences, you will win the race. Whatever you decide, your resume should be unique and remarkable for interviewers to like it.

Tips For Resume Format For Job Interview?

To prepare job interview, making a resume that is worth it all is one of the most difficult tasks for students across the world. Most of them keep asking for tips for resume format for job interview? Well, it depends on your choices, the field you are applying for, job description and the company too. You can follow a few common tips to keep your resume up-to-date.

  • Do not use complete and long sentences to give information regarding your career and academics.
  • Use proper colours and align the resume well. Do not make it too bright or too colourful. 
  • Use the reverse chronological order to explain all the important details.
  • Do not explain too much about you or give personal information that is not relevant to your job profile.
  • Keep your resume simple yet unique. Take help from the best career coaches online to learn how to do that.
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Class 8 students are always in the state of complex and anxiousness to become successful and accomplished in their future. The Neo Socioanalytic model explains this theory very well. The early origins of personality shower light on the necessity of broadening future prospects and career options. You do not have to think much about the chances that you have and the resources that you need for fulfilling your dreams.

The American psychological association preaches social emotional personality development as well for both grown-ups and children. You can avail classes online with the help of Superprof and become the best in your field. Enhance your personality and develop your skills without waiting for a long period. Pursue your dreams today with the help of well-trained career coaches in town!

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