There are various moments in a teenager’s life that turn out to be the turning points in the end. One of those critical moments is when he or she chooses a career. And believe me, it is not at all easy. The 20th century has seen a lot of development in almost every industry sector so far. Hence, when you look out to pick a professional career, there will be a bit of confusion as there are many of them.

But, you need to understand that you are not alone. You can seek help from your parents, friends, and relatives to make a good choice and land a great job in the future. If you are one of those young teenagers who are facing difficulty in opting for a career in your life, then this article is for you.

In the coming segments, we will drill down every aspect related to making a good career choice. So, without any further ado, let’s get started!!

How to Help Your Child Choose The Right Career

Now, as a parent or tutor, it is your utmost responsibility to provide your teenage child with career counseling. It can be really difficult for them to handle this big decision as they do not have enough experience and knowledge about how jobs and careers work. Here are some ways by which you can educate and support them:

Communicate: It is always best to communicate with your kids or students if you want to offer them some support and advice about their career or education. Talk to them about what they like and dislike. Many people out there face issues in their careers just because of this. They haven’t had communication with those who know better. And don’t just talk to your kids about what they like. It is better to talk on a regular basis for everything else. It will improve your bonding with your young child.

What Is Career Guidance?
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Educate them about bad career decisions: Communication with your teenage child or students should also include an insight into bad career decisions. In this, you should make sure that your child does not go with the flow. Support and encourage them to try something new and find out what they want to do. Research and inform them about the future employment market and scope.

Find a mentor: At some point, your child would need professional assistance from someone. So, you need to find a good mentor for him or her. Finding a good mentor will aid your child in various ways, such as:

  • Brush up their skills
  • Provide them with a better life perspective
  • Support them in what they want to learn.

Help your child plan their career

To be honest, career guidance is not a limited-time job; it takes a lot of time and effort to align your child towards a successful career path. The development of the mind in that direction is necessary. And it starts with the senior secondary grade level (11-12th).

After clearing the 12th standard, students have to choose a course for higher education. And this is the foundation step in their career ahead. Here, it is necessary for you to talk with your child about their preferences before they choose from a variety of professional courses.

Make sure you help them correlate their situation with your own. Tell them about what you felt while you were at the same moment in your life. Share your education as well as work experience to help them understand better.

In the way of providing career guidance to your child, make sure that you are not forceful with your child. It may lead to bad decisions and hence a bad career in the future.

Career Counseling Programs

Get them to join career counselling programs. The career counselling program will help your young child identify various career paths and the related courses that they can opt for. Moreover, career counseling sessions will also help in learning about your strengths and weaknesses. They also assist in the development of the personality of your child.

What Is Career Guidance?
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Is Career Counselling & Coaching Worth the Cost in India?

If we look at today’s scenario, there are many students who drop out of college or university in the first year of their higher education course. There are many reasons for this, but the crucial one is the lack of career counselling.

Now, if you are a parent or a tutor, never feel reluctant to opt for career counselling. Yes, it will cost you some extra bucks, but they will be way better than paying high fees for different courses that your child may not be interested in. There are a plethora of benefits of taking career counseling from a professional like:

Explore before choosing: The career counselling sessions are not just limited to aligning you towards a career path. Their guidance will help you explore all the opportunities no matter if they are national or international. As the Indian culture is somehow limited to doctors and engineers only, it is better if you take career counseling sessions. And yes, they are worth the cost.

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Intellectual growth: One another key benefit of counseling is that you get to learn various new things. As there are a number of new trends in careers today, it is almost impossible to keep track of all of them at one time. This is where the need for counseling arises. You get to know all the latest job markets and trends, whether national or international. You get information about the educational aspect, such as popular courses, training, etc. In short, you get a clear picture of what you want to do in your life.

So, long story short, if you are a student, it is best for you to invest in career counseling services. They will pay your back more than you can think of.

How to Provide Effective Career Counselling to Your Teenagers

Well, the process of providing career counselling should be planned way back from the past. You should focus on it when your child is in schools. Schools are of various levels, and one should never miss the opportunity to send their child to a good school. This is where the foundation of a child’s career is made. There are many higher Level international schools in India where you can send your child for studying.

No matter how sharp a child or a student's brain is, he or she should be provided information about the various careers. Working at a corporate is way different than being at the top in class. Moreover, there are various professional skills that he or she will never get to learn from school, college or university.

Other than this, never unsee the hidden skill or talent in your child or student. He or she may be interested in dance, art, music or any specific game like football. Help them shape those skills if they are interested. Research and study about the future of those skills and provide guidance and support to further enhancement. It is not necessary that every student has to be a doctor, engineer or a lawyer. Learn more about effective career guidance for teens!

Who can benefit from Career Guidance?

Career Selection & Planning is a very critical part of a teenager’s life. And it needs to be taken very seriously. One needs to understand that learning in school is way different than learning by working. The job experience is held only by a professional counsellor or your parents. Hence, it is necessary to check with them.

Career Guidance is basically for all of those students who are past their educational phase, or they are about to complete their professional education from a college or university.

Where to get professional career guidance services?

If you go offline looking for information related to career guidance, you may not find any luck in that. Hence, it is best to use online channels to know better. Superprof is one of those online channels that can help you get the best services from an experienced counsellor. The platform has a range of providers on it. You can choose as per your requirement and preference. Here are some of the features that the Superprof platform caters:

Wide range of services for students: Superprof provides you with countless counsellors to choose from. This aids them to get employment and start working on the spot. On the other hand, students get to choose from a wide range of professional counsellors to support them in making a good career choice.

Demo class: Now, the market of career counselling providers is really wide. Hence, you have to make sure that you opt for the right one. When you choose a course or a tutor, research properly as all of them may not offer you the correct advice. If you want, you can make a choice and sit for a demo class which is free of cost.

This is how you can use Superprof and get the best people to assist you to choose a good career for your future and in the development of your mind towards it.

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