Every one of us goes through a roller coaster of emotions and expectations since the day we start our primary school journey. While our parents expect us to be a superior and disciplined student, we desire to become everything we begin to understand.

From an astronaut to a doctor, every profession crosses our minds until we grow up and realise what it takes to do so. Choosing the right and appropriate career path can be difficult and troublesome if you do not take accountable decisions. But how to be accurate with your career choices and judgements? Well, seeking career guidance can help you to some extent. Yes, planning your career well ahead of time is always helpful!

All you have to do is take guidance in identifying your strengths, evaluating the available options, scrutinising the pros and cons of the line of work and come to a decision. You must also take your personality into account while ending up with a profession. Curious, timid, self-governing, extroverted, affable, or ambitious, whatever may be the definition of your nature, you must identify career opportunities according to the same. Let us start by classifying the most desirable career choices in India so that you can narrow your thought process effectively.

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High-Paying Job Opportunities In India

The primary concern that we all have while choosing a profession is the remuneration. How much will you receive at the end of the month? This question will start bothering you as soon as you complete your schooling, and the final journey to success will start.

While there are a lot of factors that you must consider before making up your mind, the basic knowledge about job opportunities in India will allow you to make an analytical decision. If any of these professions interest you, start preparing yourself for the same without any second thoughts!

Surgeons And Doctors

In India, the demand for doctors and surgeons is as high as the craze for it among the aspirants. Although there are a lot of fields in the arena that will give you the white coat and stethoscope, becoming a surgeon is a different story altogether. If you are a science student, you must work hard to become an M.B.B.S. (Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery). Yes, that is the minimum that you have to do to become a certified doctor or surgeon in the country. The average monthly salary of an M.B.B.S. graduate is 70-80 thousand per month in India.

Data Scientists

Yes, Data Science is a new addition that has topped the list of high-paying professions. There has been a significant rise in the demand for data scientists by 300% within the past couple of years. The annual salary of freshers in this field ranges between 8 and 12 lakhs and can hike up to 50-60 lakhs after five years of industrial training and experience. If you are into numbers and science, this will be a perfect career choice for you. You can check the details online to get further information regarding the same.

Machine Learning Professionals And Experts

Have you ever thought of learning AI (Artificial Intelligence) for your higher studies? Well, if you have, you might want to be a machine learning professional to secure a high-end job. The individuals in this field earn as much as 7-8 lakhs per annum during the initial years of their career. You can increase this payscale if you learn some additional skills and languages. Given the rising demand for AI experts in the country, you would not have to struggle much. Seek help from careers guidance practitioners to get a clear picture beforehand!

Fullstack And Blockchain Developers

Computer programming and web development have become a reigning and mainstream career field in India. Fullstack and blockchain developers are high in demand these days with the world revolving around computers and their usage. Several MNCs (Multinational Companies) are making huge investments in creating a work environment that can cater to blockchain professionals. If you want to do B.Tech (Bachelors of Technology), you can engage yourself in this field. The package for these professional start from 1.5 lakh annually.

Idea, Plan and Action
Develop an idea, build a plan and act on it with a strong determination and mindset. Source: pixabay.com

Product Manager

If you want to indulge yourself in a qualification career development program that is challenging and exciting too, becoming a product manager might be a perfect choice! This field is for commerce students with specialisation in economics, business administration or management, advertisement, public relations, communications, etc. Work in large corporations and takeaway a decent paycheck at the end of the month. The package starts from 15 lakhs annually in India.

Management Guide And Consultant

Corporate management fields and consultancies hire professionals with appreciable skills and intellect. The average salary is 6 lakhs. If you are good at teamwork and management skills, this field will suit you the best! This arena is for commerce students with certification and degrees in a specific line like economics, accounting or finance.

Chartered Accountant

Most of the commerce students aspire to be a CA (Chartered Accountant) or CS (Company Secretary) given these prestigious professions are pretty desirable in India. Becoming a CA will require five-six years of dedication and commitment after which you can expect a secured future. You will have to start preparing for this profession right after completing your higher secondary education. The salary for the freshers can be anything around 6 lakhs annually.

Investment Banker

The professional life and job profile of an investment banker are worth everything you can contribute to it! After acquiring specialisation in finance or accounting, you can work as an investment banker with a specific skill set and interpersonal abilities. If CA is not something you wish to do, working as a banker will be a better option. However, this field will require hard work and dedication and the pay starts from 8 lakhs annually.

Marketing Consultant And Manager

Marketing jobs are one of the most challenging and engaging work profiles, apt for students who do not want to work in stagnant work culture. With a disclosure barring service, you can get all the major and minor details regarding this one and develop a reliable career option for yourself. The average salary is 15 lakhs annually.

Career planning
Build your professional bubble with the right elements to succeed at whatever you do in life. Source: pixabay.com

Identify The Best Job Opportunity

What if you come to realise that the best job opportunity was in your way, but you missed it out of misrecognition? Yes, more often than not, students face trouble in shaping their career because they turn to the wrong options at the right time. This situation calls for children and young people to opt for a national careers service. Yes, you should know how to utilise your precious time during the peak years of your career and channelise your energy into doing something productive. Therefore, you should take career counselling sessions about the right time to secure your chances in the future.

The Need For A Career Guide

A lot of students keep evaluating the need for a career guide when they feel confident about their choices and decisions. Well, the education training providers are not in the business to influence your decisions but to guide you in how to take them in the right way! If you want to be a doctor and you have always known it, you need the appropriate field and institute to nurture this dream. The job of a career guide is to help you with the same. Also, a degree is not enough to work in the best environment and organisation. So, you need to learn from your career guide about the skills you need and the attributes that you have to acquire apart from the academic certificates.

How to get more job opportunities in India?

One of the many benefits of availing career counselling services is getting the answer to - “How to get more job opportunities in India?”. Yes, if you end up making the right choices, this common question is not that difficult to crack. Your efficiency and skill set will decide the number of job opportunities that will fall your way. An all-rounder will get more chances than you given the employers will find him more productive even if you hold the same degree. We live in a competitive world that has a limited number of platforms catering to the job requirements of double its capacity! Therefore, it is your responsibility to enhance yourself and transform into a professional who is capable enough of leaving others behind in the race.

Water your career tree with the right amount of all the ingredients to get the sweetest fruits. Source: pixabay.com

With the right education information, advice and career development QCD, you can mould your profession in the right direction.

The biggest benefit of availing career support guidance is that it will help you develop a different perspective. The wide range of development institute CDI is enough for every aspirant to gain knowledge and experience too.

After paying future tuition fees and a successful completion course in the field you want, you should also pay attention to your employability. The guidance development course with labour market information is also helpful in enhancing on-field skills of professionals. Do your best in the career that interests you and enjoy the privilege of being a well-informed professional!

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