Choosing a career may be the most overwhelming task for young minds. Moreover, the pressure of parents and peers does not make it any easier. Ever since your kid goes into school, you want the very best of education and career opportunities for them. If you are wondering, is career counselling & coaching worth the cost in India, it may be surprising to see the current scenarios? Educational plus career counselling is digital now in the present time to reach everyone in the country.

Is Career Counselling & Coaching Worth the Cost in India?
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It is every parent dream to watch their kids be successful and choose the job they would feel fulfilled within the long run. As per statistics, one in ten students drop out of university in the initial year. There are a lot of factors like regional limitations, finances, lack of interest, and flaws in the education system that may discourage students from pursuing higher education after school.

Getting the best career guidance in the crucial and basic years of education is one of the vital things to success. The professional guidance may serve as a remedy to prevent students from dropping out or choosing a career option that may not work for this. This works in favour of parents, too, as they have added resources along with their life experiences.  

Avoid wasting money: If your child is not sure of the university or course they want to do after high school; then career guidance may be helpful. There is a huge possibility that they may drop out of such courses and not find a career fulfilling in future. Apart from doctors and engineers, there are several professions that are reputable. So, it is better to not push children as per your traditional views and get a professional career counsellor.

This is the main answer if you feel sceptical is career counselling & coaching worth the cost in India. It is worth every penny as the long term benefit will save you from spending on useless courses and pick the one suitable for your child. A professional will help the kids understand the new trends, various career streams and courses. Moreover, they will help them get familiar with application methods, deadlines, formal communications system, and career path down the line.

Different resources: You may read about these career picking techniques and take quizzes online. They will give you a brief idea into the jobs that go hand in hand with the interest and current skill level. Moreover, several institutes, universities, and companies hold job fairs, attending them may be helpful. Are you still wondering Is Career Guidance or Career Counselling & Coaching worth It? Attending these fairs and talking to professionals in the same field will make you see if. 

Is Career Counselling & Coaching Really Worth the Cost in India?

There may be some sceptics wondering if career counselling is a good idea. However, planning the future after keeping everything in mind will be fruitful and more rewarding. Here are some ways career counselling and coaching will prove to be worth it.

Is Career Counselling & Coaching Worth the Cost in India?
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Learn new things: It is better to invest some time to research for all the career options that are suitable for you before wasting years on an unnecessary course. Learning new things for a year or two before settling over a course will get you familiar with potential future jobs.

Educational guidance is almost nil in a country like India, where people follow old school traditional jobs. They may join the family business or take competitive exams that only focus on main professions like doctors and engineers. These are fantastic career choices; however, they may not be for everyone. Both parents and children need to understand their finances and skill set before enrolling in such courses.

Intellectual growth: Educational guidance is the assistance one can get for intellectual growth. It's difficult to keep up with the current trends; therefore, seeking professional advice is a great thing you can do for your kids. Moreover, millennials are complicated to understand, and there is a lot of generation gap. So, you may learn a thing or two in your guidance counselling time over the new competitive trends.

Reasons Why Career Counselling in India is challenging

The foremost challenge for career counselling in India is the current mindset of people who find it hard to pick unconventional careers. Often times, they feel intimidated due to the lack of proper information and resources. Let’s understand in detail.

Lack of Awareness

Parents and their children may be confused about their career choices and take the wrong abrupt decision. This may affect a child’s career and lifestyle forever. They may suffer and work even harder after completing their degree courses. So, the course will be futile, and they may not even pick the same fields to work in future. Learn about career choices for teenagers.

This lack of awareness continues in areas of counselling as well. Because of the lack of right knowledge, people may choose something that is accessible to them but not useful.

Stress and burnout

If parents and teens start career counselling sessions after the application time has closed, then it may get more stressful and time-consuming. Universities have a schedule, and they conduct admissions strictly according to that. 

Moreover, some people may consider career counselling by the end of their course. This results in wastage of money over some unnecessary courses and ill management of time. Therefore, this results in stress and burnout in an individual.

Financial constraints

A lot of educational programs, universities, and colleges have a high cost of admission and studies. It may be a constraint for someone who does not have many financial resources. Moreover, this is one critical aspect of why students opt out of fancy courses that have a promising career. Several brave students choose to back their finances with an education loan, which may work at that time but will put them in debt for years to come.

Lack of recognition

Parents and children are not familiar with the aspect of career counselling and guidance for a better career path. The failure to recognise how investing in a good career counselling career session may open new doors for their future working options. 

In today’s scenario, it is important to acknowledge all the help we can get to pick the best career option. Keep on reading to know where you can find affordable career guidance.

Is Career Counselling & Coaching Worth the Cost in India?

Yes, it is definitely worth your time and money as you receive way more than you initially spend. It is a good investment of your time that results in a fruitful career that will fulfil you all life. You may find some free online sources like websites, books, and articles that may provide some information about new career aspects. However, investing a little on career counsel from a professional may be more vital in assessing all the possibilities.

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Career counselling will be worth it when you become absolutely certain of the college and the course you wish to pursue. It is more than just an additional step between high school and college. Choosing a career wisely will help you see a new perspective with things that you weren’t aware of before. You may spend a lot on career counsellors if you don’t put in the required research.

Career guidance with Superprof

Superprof is one such website that has a community of professional career counsellors to guide you. They will provide complete educational assessments and guidance as per your academic interests. The website is easy to use and free to register. All the career counsellors on the website are professionally trained and have years of experience in their field. Their expertise will guide you with new techniques and motivation.

There are counsellor’s profiles along with reviews, testimonials, and reviews for you to learn before contacting a representative. You may contact them through the inbox feature and get a first free demo class. The prices are affordable and may depend on the area of expertise and field you choose.

For these counsellors, it does not matter if you are a beginner or are already on your current chosen career, they will find a way to assist you. They believe in a new beginning and the fact that it is never too late to start if you want a do-over after a failed career choice. Furthermore, they will nudge you in the right direction and give you more than just self-assessment.

Lastly, you will get a private touch in each session, or you may attend group sessions to learn more. In-person online sessions will give a major boost to your career drive for better results. Also, keep your own goals, budget, and learning capabilities in mind to work alongside a Superprof career counsellor. Staying positive and actively working towards your goals will help you achieve your desired job, along with some professional assistance.

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