India is a populous country and teaching is one of the most favored professions chosen by people in the country. The education system of the country is like they are more focused on making students remember things than enhancing their knowledge. This is one of the reasons for unemployment in the country as people don’t possess those skills required for the job. 

On the other hand, tutoring has also become popular because of the busy lifestyle of people. Every parent in India tries to spend the maximum amount of money on their children’s education but never think of spending quality time with them. This is the reason why they need private teachers is required. Parents don’t have enough time for teaching their children by themselves so they undertake teacher recruitment for their children.

As far as the tutors are concerned if you are a professional tutor whether a music teacher, art teacher, mathematics teacher, science teacher or of any other subject. There are countless possibilities for you both in offline and online teaching. Here, in this article, we will take a look into the need and growth of academic support along with various resources on the internet that offer academic support.

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What is the need for academic support?

The education system in India is a bit different than in other countries. Though India has produced various incredible minds of the world, the education system of the country needs little improvement. Due to this education system, students struggle a lot to perform well in their academics. Check out why student struggles in studies? Some of the challenges that students face are:

Social issues

One of the major issues with students these days is the addiction to drugs and overthinking due to the thinking of the society about them. This hampers the thinking capability of the students and hence affects the overall performance. Some of the students even go into depression due to this and obviously drugs affect the health. Check out what influence social media can have on students. 

Attention loss

It is a common thing that when a student is sitting in the class, his or her attention gets lost. This is a common thing but in some cases, students are not able to concentrate on what is being taught at all. This is one of the struggles that students face and can be rendered by performing exercises like Yoga.


This is a factor for which a student cannot be blamed as it is completely natural. There are scenarios in which students can have mental disabilities that stop them from performing well in academics. Some of them are ADHD, visual-spatial perceptions, short-term memory problems, executive functioning, or poor organization skills.


Last but not least is boredom. Some students also struggle because they are too bored either from the subject or from the teacher that teaches them. If a person is in a teaching job, he or she should make sure that the teaching experience should be good and engaging. This will make the learning experience of the students also good.

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What is the role of online tutoring jobs in Academic support?

Online teaching jobs play a huge role in providing academic support to students. It is the presence of online tutoring jobs that so many students appear for competitive exams every year. For tutors, there are many teaching opportunities in various teaching positions that they can apply for. Private Tutoring is one of them. The importance of online tutoring jobs in academic support a.k.a tutoring is as follows:

The rise in the number of students

The rise in vacancies in the teaching jobs is due to the fact that more number of students are appearing in the exams year after year. In India, students tend to get attracted more towards government sector jobs than private jobs, which is the reason why both the number of coaching institutes and teaching post has increased.

Quality of school education

The education system of the government sector in India is not that good as compared to the private sector. Hence, there is a need for a special education teacher for each and every subject in the tutoring center. Whether it is a kindergarten teacher, school finance teacher, English teachers, Science teachers, primary teacher, middle school science teacher or any other teacher.

Lack of Time

This factor is actually already touched above, it explains how parents and guardian are busy with their own work-life that they are unable to give some quality time to their children. Due to this, the demand for teaching jobs has also elevated. There is a need for a professional education teacher for each subject in your institute if you are running a business.

Top sites for Academic support

For offering academic support to the students and job openings to the teachers, there are many online sites that conduct online lectures. Some of the prominent ones are:


This online tutoring platform was incepted by Byju Raveendran. It has a brilliant structure that offers you world-class content on every subject in the most interacting way. The video and learning content of the BYJU’s learning app is designed by a specific content production team which is highly attractive and creative. The tutors that teach on the platform are experts from prestigious institutes and the content delivered by these teachers is copyright protected and specifically designed for learning. Keeping the content quality attractive, BYJU is one of the best online tutoring sites in the country.


This online tutoring platform has various teachers that offer live tutoring classes in the most attractive and engaging way. The platform uses state of the art technology for tutoring students like audio-visual aids that enhance both the learning and teaching experience. You as a student can search for specific courses and teachers that offer special online classes related to various subjects of all boards in India whether it is CBSE, ICSE or ant State board. The platform offers one-on-one tutoring and 1 to a few coaching services to the tutors from which they can choose any. Also, the platform eases the process of choosing the tutor for a student by displaying their info like profile, qualification, previous ratings, total hours taught and their hourly rate. The platform also has an insta-learn feature that allows the students to ask their doubts on the spot from the teacher that is online. On the other way, they are reserved for the time any teacher comes online.


Embibe is a great online platform that offers resources to prepare for various examinations like medical and engineering entrance examinations. The platform also offers you various sections on their platform where students can interact differently based on the sections. The sections included on the platform are learn, ask, test, revision, and practice. 

In the learn section, you will get details about the subject and its various topics. The practice section will allow you to practice question-related to the topic. The test section will offer you test whatever you have learned so far through designed tests. The ask section allows you to ask doubts and queries related to the topic. Get in touch and get access to all the study material on the website.


If you are looking for one of the professional teaching jobs, go and make your free account on the Superfprof platform. The platform has various features that not only get you the best tutor but also offer the tutors a chance to start afresh teaching career. The platform has various other ingenious features that make it one of the best for academic support. One can get many private tutors with the help of this website. See the importance of private tutors. 

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How can Superprof helps you in a better way than other online teaching sites 

Let’s wrap it up and see what is the end abstract of this article. Now, there are many tutoring platforms online that offer you tutoring services but those platforms lack some features that Superprof does not. Some of the best features of the Superprof platform are:


The best thing about the Superprof platform is that it has a vast diversity of private tutors in every location in India. Check out the private tutoring jobs in India. This makes the process easy for students as they can easily go and learn from the teachers and is also easy for tutors if they offer home tuitions. The platform eases the process of hiring teachers for the students.


The process of payout is also really simple on the Superprof platform. Students can choose from the choices of tutors based on the prices of their classes. One can easily make a good choice by checking the qualification and experience of the tutors on their profile. The students of all levels whether it is a private school student, college student, etc. can get the benefit from the Superprof platform. 

Decision Making

Making a firm decision regarding a tutor on the Superprof platform is pretty easy as you get one complimentary lecture before final joining. By this, one can make a clear choice about the tutor by getting an idea about the teaching style of the tutor.

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