Technology has affected every aspect of life. With time, to save time and money, a lot of awesome facilities have come into existence without which our life would have been a bit tough. The same is the case with the tutoring sector. Technology has changed this sector in a brilliant way. Unlike the olden days or the time 10-20 years back when the internet was a baby, tutors around the country would conduct tutoring classes at their homes. We as students used to travel to the tutor’s house to get all the training or test prep we want.

This is not the case in the modern world, today there are many ways to get all the knowledge you want. Being a student, you can opt for home tutoring, online tutoring, private tutoring, etc. whether you want to learn English, maths, or any other subject, go online and search for the tutor you want.

On the other hand, if you are a tutor, the same applies to you. No matter if you are an English tutor, math tutor or specialize in some specific kind of art like music. On the internet, you will find a countless number of students for tutoring and earn money online. Also, online tuitions acts as great academic support for the children. If you are planning on becoming a tutor and starting your online tutoring services, you have to make a proper plan for that. Or you can also opt for registering yourself on the online tutoring platforms that will be discussed later in the article.

A Proper Plan!

A good planning can lead to excellent results. Source: Pexels Credits: Stock Photos

Starting your own private tutoring services is not an easy job whether it is offline or online.  Find more about private tutoring. You need to have a step by step planning for the whole process. The probability of your business success is more in India as there are many students who are either preparing for a government exam or for their regular school exams. The various steps that need close attention are:


The first and foremost in the line of a business startup is the capital or investment. Though, every tutoring business is a home-based business initially, if one is planning on expanding it. He or she should have enough capital to open up a learning center or a tutoring center. The presence of a tutoring center helps to build your brand name.

Skills in teaching jobs

The major crux of your business or one of your online tuition jobs is your skills. The word skill implies many things like the skill of teaching, how much knowledge you possess, the way of communication with the tutee and many more. After all, these crucial skills are the ones that will act as an attractor of students to you. 


Giant tutoring firms run a lot of ads and marketing videos over the internet for getting students. To become a tutor and start your own business, it is not essential for you to run ads. All you need to do is focus on quality teaching even if you are in one of the online tuition jobs. Your marketing will be in the form of affiliate marketing, i.e. through the students, you teach. The word of mouth marketing method is the best method for marketing your tutoring business.

Marketing for the right thing is always valuable for everyone. Source: Pexels Credits: Lukas

Organization and Management

This step includes the way you manage everything. The management of time in your own schedule i.e. how you take classes, whether it is on an hourly basis, alternate days, part time basis, etc. the management of money is also included in this. This includes the pay rate involved in tutoring, i.e. are they on a per hour basis, are they received via PayPal, direct deposit or in hand. 

Mode of tutoring

One of the prime factors to consider is the way you tute, the mode for tutoring. It can be online tutoring or home tutoring, depend upon the type of investment and resources you have. If someone hires you for home tutoring and you have an online channel, you should consider taking the offer. One can also do both online and offline tutoring.

Prominent private tutoring and home tutor jobs sites in India

India is a populous country, millions of students sit in all kinds of examination annually. Most of the students who live in remote areas cannot afford to come to high profile coaching centers for studies which is why they choose to learn things online. For tutors also working remotely is a good option if they are in one of the online tuition jobs. To work remotely, you need to have excellent communication services in your area. Here are some of the widely popular channels on the internet that offer online tutoring services in India.


This awesome online tutoring platform was started by Byju Raveendran. The platform has a brilliant structure that offers you world-class content on every subject in the most interacting way. The tutors on the platform are professionals from prestigious institutes and the content delivered by these tutors is copyrighted and specifically designed for learning purposes. The video and learning content of the BYJU’s learning app is designed by a specific content production team which is highly attractive and creative. Keeping the content quality attractive, BYJU is one of the finest online tutoring sites in the country and helps in turning the student's struggles into strength. 


Vedantu is a brainchild of a former IITian of India. The online tutoring platform has various teachers that offer live tutoring classes in the most attractive and engaging way. The platform uses state of the art technology for tutoring students like audio-visual aids that enhance both the learning and teaching experience. You as a student can search for specific courses and teachers that offer special online classes related to various subjects of all boards in India whether it is CBSE, ICSE or ant State board. The platform offers one-on-one tutoring and 1 to a few coaching services to the tutors from which they can choose any. Also, the platform eases the process of choosing the tutor for a student by displaying their info like profile, qualification, previous ratings, total hours taught and their hourly rate.

The platform also has an insta-learn feature that allows the students to ask their doubts on the spot from the teacher that is online. On the other way, they are reserved for the time any teacher comes online.


Unacademy was founded by two young minds named Dr. Roman Saini and Gaurav Munjal. They had a vision of providing a free learning experience to the students and adults around the country. The platform offers free courses and study material to all the students including those who can not afford that expensive coaching classes. The platform offers study material and tutor training for subjects like government exam preparation, competitive exams like CLAT, CAT, IIT, etc. Along with this, it also offers training and learning courses related to various languages like English, Spanish, French, and many others.

The website also has a youtube channel where many subject-related videos are uploaded and are very popular among the candidates. 


Embibe is the best online site when it comes to the preparation of the college level entrance examination of India like Medical and Engineering. Founded by Aditi Avasthi, the platform helps the students to tackle the exam pressure by offering them analytics about their work. The parameters that sum up the analytics part are:

Exam techniques

Behavior variation

Academic variation

The various sections of the platform learn, ask, test, revision, and practice. In the learn section, you will get details about the subject and its various topics. The practice section will allow you to practice question-related to the topic and in the test section, you can test what you have learned so far. The ask section allows you to ask doubts and queries related to the topic. Apply now if you want to gain access to all these resources.

Superprof: Why choose Superprof India?

Another brilliant platform that has a lot of awesome features for both tutors and students. While a tutor is in one of the online tuition jobs, it is tough to get students at first as you don’t have any intel about the market. But the Superprof platform offers you a way to get students and make money from home. Along with this, there are many other great features of the platform. 

It takes less than a minute to find the best teachers on Superprof. Source: Startup Stock Photos


The Superprof platform offers the tutors and the candidates a lot of choices. As a tutor, one can upload their teaching experience to get students ad students can filter down the searches based on their city and subject.


The tutors in the online tuition jobs on Superprof have varying teaching experience which is the reason you will notice a difference in the pricing of the tutors. One can take a comprehensive look at all the tutors available on the platform and make a choice based on their preferences and budget.


The best choice is only made if the person knows a bit about the tutor. Most of the tutors in the online tuition jobs on Superprof offer their first class as a free class. This enables the students to make a better choice as they get to know a lot of things about the tutor from that class.

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