The competition in the education sector has grown so virally that many students feel pressured and are not able to cope up with the pressure. The pressure on students is of various types. Some students are pressurized by their parents and some feel pressure seeing the growth of other students. 

Have you ever wondered why it is so that some children learn freely and are able to get good marks, while others struggle in getting the same marks? The answer is quite obvious and will be covered thoroughly in the article. 

Several people believe that the children of this generation face more struggles in the studies as compared to the people of the previous generation. When we look at the statistics of students dropping out of schools and colleges, this theory seems true. 

The problem is people are not able to find out the core reason behind the student’s struggles. When children are not able to get away or cope up with the struggles, many students fall into the trap of drugs. This is the reality of today’s world and nobody can’t deny this. 

In order to take care of the student and make them stay in the right way, there are many techniques that can be used. One of them is hiring a private teacher for your child. A private tutor not only helps them with their studies but also keeps a track of them and guide them to stay on the right path. Know more about private tutoring.

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Top Reasons Why Students Struggle in Studies? 

There are several reasons why students struggle in examination and their studies. The most common ones are stated below:

  • Learning Disabilities

The world is becoming more and more aware of the fact that one of the reasons why students are not able to perform well in public schools and private schools is because of learning disabilities. 

If we talk about 15-20 years back, if a student would say that he is not able to keep interest in the studies to his parents, he would be scolded. But because of widespread awareness of disabilities in the world, now parents understand disabilities more clearly. The impact of learning disabilities on a child’s education is vast. 

Some of the common learning disabilities are ADHD, visual-spatial perceptions, short-term memory problems, executive functioning, or poor organization skills, and auditory processing deficits in which a student is not able to take the information properly through his ears and eyes. 

These disabilities are quite common and if you find your child facing any such problem, it is best to consult a child specialist in that case. 

  • Boredom in School

There are n number of students who are not able to keep them actively engaged in the classroom. Because of it, the student becomes inattentive in class and unmotivated. Boredom is a common problem in children these days. 

In the early 21st century, there weren’t many gadgets and everyone used to pay more attention to what is taught in the classroom. Now a child at the age of 4 knows how to operate a smartphone and get all the information. The problem is that information does not change into knowledge because of a lack of system. 

The children who are above average proficiency and face struggle in keeping their attention in the classroom are always at a risk of becoming underachievers. The best thing to do for them is to always introduce them to challenging environments. This helps inactivity of their brain and they turn out doing great things and knowing themselves better.

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  • Social Problems

Being accepted socially is a crucial part of the learning experience of a child, but every student at some time faces social struggles in their school. A majority of them are easily able to cope up with that. However, some students are not able to overcome this struggle and end up getting into drugs or become mentally depressed.  There are many education programs designed these days by the private teachers that help students overcome this stress and stay more active. See what influence social media can have on the students. 

  • Lack of Attention

If talked about the common struggle of studying faced by the students in India, the very first reason is the lack of attention. Students in India are not able to maintain a good level of attention while studying. They might be physically present in the classroom, but their minds are roaming somewhere else. 

When they go through those topics later, everything seems like a bouncer to them. Attention can be build-up by regularly exercising and doing yoga. 

Another way through which a child can give more attention to his studies is with the help of a private teacher. Tutors are experts in teaching and understanding child psychology. They not only help them in covering their syllabus but also provides them with a clarity of mind. Having a private tutor at home can be highly efficient for your child and his future. 

Going for a Private Tutor for Overcoming the Struggles of your Child

There has been a tremendous change in the way of educating the children. Private tuitions have been very significant for the students to score good marks and get a quality education. Private tuition is a teaching job that has a high amount of responsibility for the teacher and with the experience of tutors, they know how to handle different types of students. In today’s time, online tutoring has also become a way of giving a private lesson to the students. There are many online teachers in the city. 

Not just for academics, but online one can find private teaching through music teachers, sports teachers, spoken English teachers and much more. If one feels comfortable then private coaching can be provided through group lessons and if not, then private classes can be taken. 

Benefits of Studying Through a Home Tutor

  • Student Get One to One Attention 

When studying through by a home tutor that is proficient in his work, expect the best results for your children. When a student is studying in a group of students or the class sizes are more, the chances of losing the focus and concentration are way higher. In this scenario, a child is directly in contact with the teacher, which makes him stay dedicated to his study. That is why a private teacher is able to produce better results. 

  • Individual Experience of Learning  

In a classroom setting, a student is never able to get the same learning experience as with a private tutor. Find private tutor jobs in India. The private teaching technique helps the student to stay focused on work and is able to show more productivity. Some teachers even take master classes through which the students on how to be more productive in any activity they do. 

  • Private Tutoring Encourages Self Directed Learning 

When learning through a private teacher, students are able to grasp more things as they pay more attention to the work and are able to think more creatively on any topic. 

  • Home Schooling Helps the Student to Become More Productive

With the help of a home tutor, a student becomes more interactive over time. In secondary school, the problem with many children is that they are afraid to ask questions to their teacher as they fear other students will make fun of them for asking a stupid question. 

However, in the case of home tuition, there is one to one interaction and a student is able to put up his questions. If a teacher is well versed and intellectual, he not only gives an answer to the questions of children but also guides him in seeing that there should not be any fear of learning and making mistakes. 

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Where to Get the Best Private Teachers for your Child?

To teach is also an art that not many people can do. There are many teaching jobs in India these days and some good tutors help the students in overcoming their struggles. There are multiple teacher jobs online these days. If a tutor has good teaching experience than they very well know how to handle different kinds of students. 

Superprof is a wonderful platform through which one can find the best home tutors in their area and city. There are many school teachers who become private tutors after they retire and are the best in their field. You can check out the profile of all these teachers on the Superprof website. 

There are thousands of teachers on the Superprof that given tuitions on all kinds of subjects. They are professional in teaching English, regional language teaching, English speaking, and making you understand the music theory for music instruments.  You can find private lessons for private music and English teacher. 

Also, they provide online teaching methods that are proven highly significant for the students. In the profiles on Superprof, you can check the teacher certification and teacher education. Also, there are several testimonials of students that are really helpful in picking the right private teacher for the education of your child. 

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