Since ancient times, teaching has been an indispensable part of every subject whether it is cooking, painting, archery, studying, or anything else. And with time, it has evolved in a lot of different ways. As compared to olden days when finding a professional teacher was a tiresome job, the time of today has offered a lot of simple solutions while transforming the education sector.

The teaching has not only affected the education sector only, but it has also affected the job market. And the term job market means the tutoring job market. The Internet these days is flooded with various types of tutoring jobs and especially in India. The populous South Asian nation is a hub of tutoring jobs. With more and more aspirants adding up every day to the education sector, the scope of online tutoring jobs has become wide.

Here in this article, we will take a comprehensive look at the various types of disciples for which tutors are available, online channels where one can find experienced tutors along with the types of tutoring jobs in India. Home based jobs and part time jobs are also a part of the tutoring job market. Let’s begin!!!

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Now if you are a student and looking for a professional tutor for any academic subject, there is no need for you to roam around out of your house to get one. There are many tutoring companies that have online channels where you can go and get a variety of choices for online and offline private tutors. Know more about private tuitions. Along with choices, the channels also offer various other features like offers and packages of reduced prices. There are many channels online that offer tutoring services related to many subjects. Some of the prominent ones in India are,

  • Vedantu
  • Embibe
  • Meritnation
  • BYJU
  • Genext Students
  • Unacademy

And many more like these, they offer state of the art coaching services to students around the country. Moreover, these channels have a variety of subjects that they’ve proficiency. 

On the other hand, if you are a tutor looking for ways to make money from home, these platforms are the best for you. You can register on these platforms free of cost and can work from anywhere, anytime. Also, the process of accepting payment is also easy, you can accept payment via PayPal, direct deposit. You can also get paid per hour while teaching students at your home or tutor’s home.

What are the different types of online tutoring jobs India?

Tutoring services are also of various types by which you can earn money while doing nothing but sharing your knowledge. Let’s take a quick look at some of the tutoring jobs:

Home tutor jobs

The first in the list of tutoring services is the home tutoring services. Home tutoring is best for students who struggle in their studies. These are the tutoring services offered by tutors at their tutoring centers or at the student’s home. On the positive side, the home-based business of tutoring has various benefits for both tutors and students. The tutors and students can interact face to face which leads to quality study time for the student. In addition to this, the tutor also gets an opportunity to show their best work. It doesn’t matter if you teach English, maths,  music, dance or are a life coach, the real-time face to face interaction always ends in a fruitful result.

Online tutoring jobs

The second in the list of tutoring jobs is the online tutoring job. Online tutoring has become a primary source of tutoring for many tutors around the globe including India. Today if you want to learn something, you can easily get courses about that online. Whether it is a musical instrument, an intellectual subject, a dance form or any other thing, just go online and learn while staying in the comfort of your home. One big advantage of this is that the need to travel to the tutor’s house is eliminated. Same is the case if you are a tutor, you can work remotely from any location and make extra money. The con of an online tutoring job is that you lose the element of personal talk which enhances the learning and teaching experience.

Group tutoring

This type of tutoring service is taken up by those who teach by podcasts or at their coaching centers. The group tutoring business is a lot advantageous as compared to online and personal tutoring provided you are the best at what you teach. For example, if you teach a group of students a particular subject like Maths, it is easy for you to cover up a single topic for all the students in one lecture. On the other hand, the concept of online tutoring and home tutoring may not be of that much benefit as it includes less number of candidates.

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Hence, there are many opportunities for showcasing your intellectual skills, all you need to do id master the art of teaching. To become a tutor, you need to have a certain skill set apart from just being knowledgeable. The important skills that a tutor must possess are: 

Intellectually strong

Whether you are in one of the online tutoring jobs or offline tutoring jobs, you definitely need to be intellectually strong for being a professional tutor. If you will have the proper knowledge of the subject then only you can teach someone else in a better way. 


The utmost quality that every tutor must possess is patience. You are a professional but the candidate you are tutoring is not, hence, you should answer the question patiently and correctly every time the student asks you.


Everyone does not have the same way of understanding, all of us comprehend things differently.  Being a tutor, one should be creative enough to figure out a way to make the student understand what you are telling them. It can through physical activity, game or something else. You can even consider taking your classes outdoor if it enhances the learning experience.


Time is money, everybody knows that. If you want to be a tutor, you need to be very punctual in the case of time. The online tutoring is all about punctuality, no one wants to wait, everyone wants to do their work on time. Hence, it is very important for you to conduct timely teaching sessions.


If you don’t love what you do, you cannot succeed in that field. This is not only about teaching, but it is about everything else. In the case of teaching, no matter what level of knowledge you have, if you are not passionate about what you are doing, you cannot succeed as a tutor. You might make a lot of money but that also won’t work for long. 

Check out how private tutors are helpful in the growth of the children.

A class full of students
Students who take private tuition are more confident and aware in the exams. Source: Hindustan Times

Undeclared Work

The term elaborates as the work which is not declared as done. This implies that some of the tutors accept payment by cash in hand. And if they don’t declare this as an earning, they need to do it. Or they can face serious consequences including fine and imprisonment. In India, some tutors don’t declare their earning as they try to save taxes. This might result in serious scenarios if audited by the income tax department. The tutor not declaring their earning is of no harm to the candidate but they should, to avoid serious circumstances in the future.

Superprof and private online tutoring jobs

If you are a tutor and looking for an opportunity to explore the share your knowledge with young minds, Superporf is a great place to get started. The various tutoring services that are offered by the Superprof platform are online tutoring services and home tutoring services. In the case of home tutoring services, you can get one on one tutoring for subjects like:

  • Sciences like Physics, Chemistry, Physics, Biology, Social Science, etc.
  • Mathematics includes algebra, trigonometry, mensuration, statistics, calculus, etc.
  • Languages include English, French, Spanish, German, Italian, etc.
  • Life coaches
  • Music and Dance
  • Academic tutoring for the preparation of exams like SSC, IAS, IPS, Banking, etc.

The benefits of Superprof are as follows:

Plethora of choices

The Superprof platform offers you countless choices in the case of professional tutors irrespective of the subject. All you need to do is go on the website and search for the private tutor you want in your city. Post this, you can choose from numerous search results as per your preference.


The Superprof platform also offers you a lot of choices in the case of pricing set by the tutors on an hourly basis. Obviously, the teachers who have more experience are going to charge more but it will be worth if someone hires them. On the other hand, if you want to spend less, there will also be choices at less rate per hour. You can choose them as per your preference.

Free class

This feature of the Superprof platform allows you to make the best choice as all the tutors on the platform offer their first class as a free class. This helps you to judge the teaching skills of the teacher and see if you are comfortable with it.

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