In the rat race of emerging competition, every parent wants their child to excel. They are providing their kids with the best of the facilities in living and education. In the 21st century, excelling in school is considered as the gateway to success. The biggest headache of parents is to choose the best education service for their child.

After school, the child may be tired or not feeling like revising whatever is being taught at school. Moreover, the school teacher has no access to what the child is doing when he is home. And this is when the role of private tutors is considered.

Other than that, there is a possibility that the child is facing problems in a particular subject for which, a private tutor can be brought as a perfect and permanent solution. But the question is that, is that enough for a kid?

Though a private teacher can help a child learn, revise and memorise things constantly the main problem here is affordability. This is why online teaching has emerged with a free of cost solution for everyone.

This article will look deep into some free tutoring services, which does not cost you a penny but are helpful for your child.

Free Tutoring In India

There are ways of getting a child tutored free of cost. In India, you  have various ways of free tutoring, as discussed below:

Online Resources

The digital world has a solution for every problem. It provides you with a platform where you can get free tutoring as well. The Internet is flooding with study materials that can be accessed by anyone, anytime. They substitute teacher jobs. Many sites provide online resources to study. These resources not only help you with the content knowledge of a subject but also offer test series to check your progress.

For instance, if you are weak in English, then you don’t need a home tutor always. You can access these sites, use their resources, and learn English.

Online teaching
Free Tutoring Services uses a digital platform to connect students with an online tutor. Source: Tavvy

Youtube: The Best Mode Of Learning

Youtube is the favourite among Indians and is used for various purposes. It is a source of infotainment. You can access entertainment as well as information and plenty of knowledge from Youtube.

There are many channels on youtube which teach students free of cost. The benefit of Youtube is that you can access the video anywhere, and you can play it and again, in case of doubt.

From nursery school to training courses, all kinds of tutoring is available on it. The best thing is that for a single topic, there are hundreds of people explaining it. You can choose anyone which matches your understanding level.

Trust Your Friend

No one understands you better than your friends. You spend most of the time with your friends; hence you develop an understanding. A lot of students do not understand a topic which is taught by the teacher but understand it very well when a friend explains. Even researchers have proved that if your friend explains something, you grab it faster. You can take the help of your friend in case if you have a problem with a subject. This free tutoring service also develops communication and is a handy learning tool. You can sit in a library or home and discuss together all your doubts and share your notes.

Get a good home tutor on Superprof.

Peer Tutoring enables you to study in groups and learn in a better way. Source:

Parents Are Ultimate Guidance

Earlier children never needed tuitions because the parents were focused on their children. In the fast going world, parents have become more educated, but they are hardly able to spare time with the child. They think that a private tutor will help the child. But sometimes the child needs the attention of the parents. If you are a parent, ensure that despite how busy you are with your work, you spend some time with your child and help them with their studies. For some children, parents are the best teachers. Children have a connection with their parents. Hence they understand things in a better way. If you are spending daily an hour with your child, you need not pay an ample amount of money to any private tutor.

Teaching Career And Scope Of Online Teaching In India

With the increased educational importance in India, the scope in the teaching sector has also increased. To find a job in teaching is not less than a piece of cake if you have a good degree and knowledge. Various kinds of educational tools have also promoted the increased number of teaching jobs in India.

Following are  some of the ways which have contributed to a teaching career:

School Jobs

Schools are the central place which provides opportunities to people to be a teacher. Teaching in school requires a good degree and sometimes prior experience. For example, if you have a degree in English, you can become an English teacher in a school and teach students. 

Teachers' salaries are mostly good. Public school teachers earn comparatively more than private teachers. 

If you are looking forward to pursuing a career in teaching, get a good degree, and apply in any private school.

A class teacher
Teaching is considered as one of the most reputed jobs in India. Source: Times of India

Online Teaching

Online teaching is a new trend in India. Students are getting tutored online, as well. You can become an online English teacher to teach students English language and earn money. The scope of online teaching in India is increased and those who can teach are getting the maximum benefit out of it. Many courses are taught online by experts.

In India, many websites provide this service. You can visit Superprof to get online teachers for your desired subject. The site has a number of expert teachers ready to help the students with their doubts. The basic advantage of online teaching is that you need not physically meet the teacher, but the learning is the same and, in some cases, even better.

Private Tutoring

If you are a part-time teacher or an expert teacher, private tutoring brings you a career option to earn money by giving private tuition to students. Students nowadays rely on teachings to study lessons after school, prepare for professional courses, or learn a new subject. All these reasons open a gateway to teachers to make their future in teaching and get good money. Private tuitions also work on teaching contracts of a specific time. You can be a home tutor and earn a good amount of money for dedicated hours. You can tutor students for specific subjects as well.

Are These Free Tutoring Effective?

Whenever you read about the free tutoring services, this question may strike your mind. If you draw a comparison between free tutoring services and a private tutor, you will find both have their advantages.

Private tutoring has an advantage that the teacher is manually present and can clear your doubts right there, whereas free tutoring services help you to understand things in a better way. Free tutoring services work in your comfort zone as sometimes your parent or your friend is your teacher. These services can lead to active and faster learning. It takes less time to understand a topic on youtube then by studying it manually or by a teacher.

Free tutoring services provide a variety of options to learn. They increase the understanding capacity of the brain as well. Above all, it makes you happy and active. It challenges you to think more. Online tutoring services have a bunch of exercises to practice questions. They are budget-friendly and need less money as compared to a private tutor.

Teacher with a child
Private Teacher supplements the learning process in a better way. Source: Look local Magazine

In a nutshell, free tutoring allows you to explore your wings into the depth of knowledge. The advanced technologies have made learning more accessible. You do not need to search for tutors anymore as these services provide you with all the learning aids. The smartphone has made learning even better. Homework is no more a stressful job with the help of a smartphone. Every bit of information is just a click away. Students find it interesting to do their homework on their smartphones.

But these online tutoring services do not develop a habit of long term studies. They have somewhat killed the interest of research. When there was no online tutoring, students used to do long hours of study with books. This helped their brain to understand things in a quicker time. A private tutor is physically present, which develops a system of education which these free tutoring services lack.

Overall, as a student, you need to keep a balance between the traditional method of learning and free tutoring as both go hand in hand. Free tutoring can never act as a primary source of education but can enhance it to a great extent.

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