“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.”. This quote by Nelson Mandela suits the significance of education entirely. Education eradicates all the evils from society by making people more accepting and less argumental. It is as essential as food, sleep, house or clothing, which humans need in their daily life. It is through education only that people know the basics of living and forming a society.

By looking at the substantial importance of education, the Government of India has made education compulsory for every child. Despite all the services provided by the Government, many children are untouched by the word education. But the ray of hope is still alive as the youth of India has taken the responsibility to teach the future of India.

Apart from these unprivileged children, many students are given a source of education but are not naturally blessed to grab it in its raw form. This kind of disadvantaged students needs dedicated work from the teachers and parents. For such types of students, a new way of education has emerged, which is called online tutoring.

A child in empty classroom
Education is the birthright of every child. Source: Swarajya

The online tutoring resources helps the student to understand concepts quickly and excitingly. Not only online courses benefit the students, but it also comes with a lot of advantages to all the teachers out there as it opens the door of online teaching jobs, which guarantee good income.

This article will provide you with an in-depth insight into online tutoring resources for disadvantaged students and ways of education for the unprivileged ones.

Education For Disadvantaged Students

Article 21-A in the Constitution of India guarantees free and compulsory education of all children in the age group of six to fourteen years as a Fundamental Right. This has led to the emergence of various education services led by the Government and Volunteers to ensure proper educated India.

Government Schools

In India, there are more than 90,000 academies that function under the Indian Government, unlike a private school. These schools offer free education to children who fall under the BPL category. Not only education but these schools also provide a proper meal for the children. All the students who cannot afford high fees of private schools can educate themselves in these schools. The schools run in the form of primary and secondary schools having well-qualified teachers.

The Government make sure that out of all the teachers, the best one educates these children. To ensure the entry of best teachers in school, the teachers have to pass the Government TET examination. These Government schools are teaching more than 65.2% (113 million) of children in India.

A classroom full of students
Government schools ensure, ‘Education for all’. Source: Livemint

Night Schools - Beating Darkness In Dark

In India, many children cannot get the education privilege of these government schools. There are many reasons behind this; one is that the child is working in the day time as there is no one to earn for him. For such children, many volunteers have come forward with the concept of night school. There, children are taught at night time.

These schools are not only applicable to children; they welcome people from all generation who lacks education. These night schools help the young and adults who did not get the opportunity to educate themselves at a young age. Indeed, night schools are the best way to get educated in the dark and create a brighter morning.

Non-Government Organisations

India is blessed with the most significant number of youth in the nation. These youth have taken the responsibility to educate the future of India.

Many non-government organizations are running in the country, which is providing free education to children. These schools are generally roadside pathshala, slum area schools, or village schools.

Students, teachers, office goers, etc come together as volunteers and provide these children with primary education. You can check the list of such NGO schools running in India.

Free Online Tutoring Resources

There are various free online tutoring resources in India which ensure creative learning to students of all age groups. Some of the online tutoring sources are:

Education Blogs

Educational blogs offer lessons on various topics. It includes a detailed explanation of a topic which a student often does not find in books. The best part is, these educational blogs are available on the internet 24*7, which means that a student has a flexible schedule to follow it. Educational blogs improve the answer writing techniques of students as it has answered questions in a proper format. These educational blogs have promoted teaching opportunities for freshers.

Learning Applications

The smartphone has got the back of almost everything, work, entertainment and education. However, it is in the hands of the user to make the best use of it. There are many applications designed to help students with their homework. They do not ask a person for teaching you; it educates you by using graphics, pre-recorded videos of lectures, and sometimes animated videos. Kids find these applications very interesting. Most of the kids learn poems and find maths solutions interesting and easy to understand with the help of these applications. This kind of application promotes E-learning in India.

YouTube As An Education Platform

From maths tutor to language tutor, YouTube is yet another platform dedicated to entertainment as well as learning and experiment. The best thing about Youtube is that it does not ask for a degree to be a teacher. Anyone can become a teacher by sharing his knowledge on his channel. A student can access multiple videos on the same topic and learn in a whole different way. Many youtube teachers create an online classroom by using a whiteboard. Some teachers also use graphics videos to make learning more enjoyable.

Education Websites

Many websites are functioning in the present, which offers free tutoring services to students. These websites have lesson plans for students. It also provides options to subscribe so that students can get everything relevant to their requirements. These websites are adding online teaching experiences to many online tutors. To be an online tutor, a person needs to have a bachelor’s degree. The tutor is highly paid if he has a doctorate. Many websites mix online and offline modes of education to ensure proper learning. You can visit Superprof if you need a private tutor in your locality.

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Free Tutoring Vs. Online Tutoring

Teacher and a student's bond
Private Tutor makes learning a two-way process as it is conversational in nature. Source: The Education Insider

Now, let’s come to the other section of students who have the service of education, but their brain is not smart enough to capture all those things taught in school. For this kind of child, private tutoring came into function. Private tutoring provides students with a personal pace where the children learn alone under the guidance of a private teacher for a dedicated time. But private tutoring sometimes becomes tough for children as it adds more homework pressure on the students.

To eradicate the homework pressure and to intend to make learning a fun process, the concept of online education came into function. The digital age ensures that the kids belonging to all the sections of society and IQ level get equal opportunity to learn. Online tutoring makes learning more accessible and creative. It brings knowledge to the fingertip of students on their smartphones.

Homework In A Library Or A Smartphone?

After reviewing all the free tutoring resources, the question remains, “What should you opt for?” The smartphone comes with plenty of free resources to education which you can access anytime.

The best thing with online tutoring is that you can make your own schedule and learn into it. It provides you with more creative explanations with the help of graphics, animations, and videos, which cannot be done by a private tutor.

But the limitation with an online teacher is that it lacks one on one conversation. The private teacher helps you to clear your doubts instantly in no time. Learning with a private tutor is conversational, and it keeps your mind involved. It develops a habit of studying, which helps you in the long run.

A student at a library
A student should mix both the form of learning to get better results. Source: Dissolve

The private teacher has plenty of experience in teaching in private tutoring, you and your tutor sit for a dedicated frame of time which creates a learning environment. Your smartphone brings knowledge in your platter, but the private tutor serves it correctly.

Private teachers correct you instantly in case of your mistakes, whereas your smartphone can only let you know that you have made a mistake. You should prefer doing your homework in libraries or at home with the help of books and teachers instead of a smartphone. A smartphone can be used to increase your speed by solving more questions on the ceratin chapter. It can be used to learn a topic in detail.

Education is no more limited to a single source. There are many volunteers out there in the country who ensures proper education to people of all category, students of all IQs and backgrounds. With the enhancement of the digital age, education has become more accessible. The modern form of education is gradually overtaking the traditional way of teaching. But the conventional style of schooling always serves the purpose in the best shape. Free tutoring services can be used as add-ons to get better grades.

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