Education is said to be the passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today. All the technological advances that leave us in awe today are the result of education. And who else can we give credit to, but teachers? Teachers are valuable members of society as students gain not only knowledge about different subjects but also learn moral values and etiquette from them. A good teacher helps us to have a successful career as well as to become good members of society since they know that the students are the future of a nation. This means the prospect of a country is basically in the hands of a teacher.

Just like teachers in your academies, private tutors also play an essential role in a student’s career. In the case of many schools, the teacher to student ratio is extremely unbalanced, which limits a school teacher from giving their time to all the students equally. Because of this, students are having difficulty in understanding the lesson. It is where the role of a private teacher comes through.

Though they are not the direct source of learning, they act as a supplement to help students understand the coursework in a better way. They are also a great source of help for those students who are lagging behind with their lesson plans. Adding to the new forms of teaching assistant, online tutoring has also emerged as a trending source of learning for the students. It is making its place in every home due to its feasibility and affordability. Well, this helps the tutors as well as it has increased teaching career scope in the form of online teaching jobs.

This article will emphasise on the various alternatives for private teaching.

Teacher and a student
Private Tutor helps the child to understand the topics in an easier way. Source: Wha Tech

Private Teaching - Not The Only Source Of Learning Anymore

Earlier, if the student was weak in studies or needed guidance in a particular subject, the only option was to hire a private teacher. But those days are gone, as the digital age has brought many alternatives to get new teachers via online platforms. Online modes of learning have high demand since it is a cheaper and convenient mode of learning where one can even request more teaching hours. Notably, private tuitions and coaching offer limited hours to the candidates.

Online Tutoring Websites - The Digital Book And Notebook

Education in the digital world is offered via online tutoring websites, which provide an excellent platform for learning. These websites are providing services of one on one chat video chat, chat over the message, doubt posting, and many more such services which are helping students to get the best knowledge out of everything. You can talk to a teacher as you do in case of private teaching, without meeting the teacher physically. You can get the solution of all your doubts on a single click of your smartphone. These websites also offer a variety of subjects, which you can choose as per your requirements. These websites have an expert who can teach and interact by answering your doubts.

Youtube - The Digital Classroom

Youtube is another medium of online tutoring. There are thousands of educational channels present on Youtube, providing an ample amount of knowledge to students. A lot of students prefer youtube to learn a new concept as it is well explained there. These channels are generally made by certified teachers, part-time teachers, experts of subjects, or researchers. You just need to type your doubt on youtube, thousands of videos will appear to help you out. You can select the best one by checking the views, comments, and subscribers. People providing good content generally have a good number of followers. Youtube is a very effective way of learning nowadays.

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Parents are perfect guidance
Parents guidance has got no alternatives as it serves as the best form of learning. Source: Care

Learning Applications - Making Learning Interesting

On your smartphone, you can get hundreds of such applications that can assist you with your homework. They can not only help with homework but can also be considered when it comes to student learning programs. These applications are compacted with many exercises, question banks, written assignments, and lessons to clear the doubts of students. Many applications have pre-recorded video lessons, in which a tutor is explaining like a private teacher to help the students learn in a better way.

Parents - The Best Guide To Everything

Parents are considered as the first teacher of the child. Parents know how to teach their child perfectly. If parents sit even an hour helping the child with homework, it will make the child understand the concept in a better way.

Peer Tutoring - Friends Have Always Got Your Back

Friends understand you better than anyone else. Researchers have proved that peer tutoring serves as a better tutoring medium. A lot of students understand things in a better way when it is taught to them by their friends. The psychology behind this is that you spend most of the time with your friends. Your friend understands your mind and makes you understand things in a way that is the easiest for you. Peer tutoring allows children to grow together and promotes learning at a faster pace.

Best Out Of All The Alternatives Of Private Teaching

Learning is not an outcome; it is a process that continues. A student often faces a lot of problems in grabbing things at the same pace as required. For instance, in private school, the duration of a single is roughly 30-40 minutes during which the teacher has to complete the lesson for the day. As soon as the class gets over, the teacher walks out and another period begins. This is why a revision is necessary, for which parents often choose a private tutor for their child.

As an alternative to a private teacher, many other free tutoring services are emerging as hope for such students. Out of all those services, the learning applications are considered as the best online tutoring medium.

  • The applications are designed in such a way that they rejuvenate the dying interest of the child in the studies.
  • They make homework less stressful for the kids. The exercises are developed in forms of games that challenge the student to learn more.
  • The topics are well-explained in the applications with the help of graphics, videos, and pictures.
  • They act as a virtual classroom for the child.
Use of technology for education
Use your smartphone to check your daily progress with the learning apps. Source:3rd Planet Techies

Online Tutoring As Effective As Private Tutoring?

Though, the Internet has brought every bit of knowledge and learning in a smartphone, but is that all a child needs? The idea of online education may seem very attractive and exciting, but it has its limitations as well. Compared to private teachers, it provides a much more exciting way of learning, but it lacks the psychological connection. Private tutoring asks the private tutor and student to sit together and involve in the process of learning. Whereas in online tutoring, the teacher is not physically present; it acts as a virtual source of knowledge. The Internet-connect of education lacks the emotional connection between teacher and student.

In private tutoring, the tutor understands the mental phase of the student and designs his pedagogy according to that.

Private tutoring develops a discipline within students, as they are supposed to sit for a definite time. It grows like a good habit of studying as it helps in the long run to improve grades. This habit especially helps the student while preparing for competitive exams.

What Should You Choose - Private Teaching Or Alternatives?

For teaching students, it takes time, effort, interaction and understanding and online mode of learning may not seem much satisfying. However, online learning services are compacted with various learning materials which act as the best alternative of private tutors. From calculus to geography, these online tutoring options have adequate chapters and exercises on everything. 

These alternatives are budget-friendly as well. They cost you only a few pennies in the form of data and sometimes subscription.

The best part of online teaching is that it opens the gate for many to become a teacher. A lot of people are entering teaching jobs by the route of online teaching jobs. The platform doesn't require a teaching certification as well. If you are confident, you can teach online.

So, what is the ultimate solution?

The solution to the best learning medium is always a private tutor as it has its advantages. Online tutoring services are equally good, but they lack a physical presence and connect.

Teacher with her student
Learning is never difficult with a good private tutor. Source: Chelsea International Education

The Internet can help you in getting the best private teacher according to your requirements. There are many websites which have mixed the concept of online and offline tutoring as they are providing students with private teachers using an online medium. You can visit Superprof to find the best tutor for you. The website asks you to enter your required subject teacher with your location. It will open a list of all the best teachers in your area from which you can choose. They provide you with a free tutorial to meet your satisfaction.

The best learning can be achieved by mixing online and offline mediums. A private teacher will help you in learning things at a personal space, whereas the alternatives will enhance that learning. Better will be if you learn from both the sources. Do the learning process with the help of a private tutor and practice these things in the exercises and question banks available online.

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