A different language is a whole different vision of our life. Well, whoever said this was right. Studying a new language can offer you a lot of new things to learn. Moreover, studying a new language can also open up an ocean of new opportunities for you. There are a plethora of languages in the world that you can study, but here in this article, we will focus on the English language.

Those who haven’t learned English as their first language will be benefited the most by this article. We will discuss the various courses you can take to learn English and the pricing of those courses. Moreover, we will also study some of the web learning platforms that students can harness to learn English via a course.

What is the price of a spoken English class or course?

Well, if you are opting for spoken English lessons or courses near yourself, you must consider all the necessary factors before making your final choice. The pricing of an English course can vary based on multiple factors.

Just like foreign cities of London, Cambridge, Washington, California, and others, the price of an English course in India is also based on an hourly basis. Each tutor's price per hour is different and can also vary with respect to classes per week. Other than this, the price can also vary if you are opting for an online English language course. These are some of the important factors that affect the price of the English course. Let us take a detailed look at them!

Factors affecting the price of spoken English classes

The various parameters that affect the price of the English courses are:

  • The time period of the English course

The very first and crucial thing that affects the overall value of the English learning courses is the time period of the course. Most of the English speaking courses are 4-6 months (25 weeks) long if someone is really interested in learning it properly. As the course duration is close to 25 weeks, the fee for this course varies based on the institute you are opting for. The fee range is estimated to be around 10-45k.

On the other hand, if one has opted for IELTS, then the course duration is less. IELTS is basically for those who want to immigrate to another country from India. The IELTS score plays a crucial role in the immigration process. The IELTS courses can vary between 4-6 weeks and have a fee range of Rs. 15-20k.

The time period for the courses can be based on classes or hours per week. These factors make the time period of the course a deciding factor for the private English course price.

  • Type of tutoring

Maybe the students are not aware, but the charges of the English learning courses also vary based on the type of tutoring. First off, let us take a look at the type of tutoring.

Online English tutoring: This is the most common type of tutoring these days, and due to the impact of COVID-19, it has become more prevalent. No matter if it is reading, writing, speaking, listening, grammar, or anything else, you can easily learn on a live online learning platform.

English course
Tutor teaching the child, Source: Pexels

If we talk about the fees, the fees of the live online learning courses could be less as compared to offline services. But, in offline tutoring, students can get personal attention. This helps in enhancing a student's academic results and language skills.

Live or recorded online classes also have their own benefits like you don’t need to travel to another location for pre-sessional courses, sessional English courses, exam preparation, etc. Online tutoring lets you study as well as save a lot of time.

  • Experience and qualification

This is one of the pillar factors for you to acknowledge while going for a tutor. Yeah, this factor also affects the fees, but the major focus should be on the qualification and experience of the tutor.

Make sure that the tutor you opt for has relevant experience in English, and you will surely get a good idea about this by seeing their fees. Most of the teachers who have high educational qualifications charge based on the number of hours. The prices of teachers can range from RS 400/hour to 1000/ hour. Though the lessons week may vary based on the tutor.

Moreover, most of these teachers will provide you with offline and online tutoring services when you opt for them. Hiring a professional tutor to study English will be highly advantageous.

  • Class Standard

English course
Classroom with desks, Source: Freepik

The price of a private English course can also vary based on the class level of the students. Students can have various English academic purposes to join the coaching lessons like for exam preparation, speaking listening lessons, intermediate level English, advanced level English (for parents), vocabulary, business level English, etc.

It is pretty simple to understand that the higher your level of learning, the more will be the charges of the course. Moreover, it is also essential to make sure that you need to go to a professional university if you are planning on taking a higher-level course to improve your English language skills. While picking the university, keep a check on the maximum class size as it will play a pillar role.

If the maximum class size is less, it will be better as you can grab on concepts faster with the personal attention of the tutor.

  • Location

India is a vast country with many types of areas rural, urban, metropolitan, etc. Tutors are everywhere, but all of them are not professionals who can provide you quality knowledge. Hence, the price of the private English course also somehow varies with location.

For instance, developed and modern cities like Bangalore, Mumbai, Kolkata, and others have a professional university for a private English course. So, the pricing of the course in these cities will be high. On the other hand, the rural area tutors may not have that much proficiency in teaching, so the prices are low.

So, these are the factors that somehow determine the price of a private English course. It is essential for you to check them out before making your choice if you are a student.

What are the various online platforms for a private English course?

Well, to study English via a private programme, there are many web platforms in India. Just like other cities of the world like London, Cambridge, and more, they also offer you a number of free and paid courses full of relevant information and concepts.

Here are the names of those platforms that offer you a chance to improve your English skills like reading, grammar, writing, speaking, etc.

  • Vedantu
  • BYJU
  • Educomp
  • NIIT
  • Edukart

And the list goes on! There are many other web learning platforms that teach English at every level. No matter if it is for school, for a degree course, for business academics, for international PR, or for college or university level.

One of those web platforms is Superprof, and it can support you in learning English in a better way.

How can Superprof support you?

Looking for spoken English classes near me? Opt for Superprof!

Superprof is a great online platform that will help you take the English course without any hassle. No matter if it is the entry-level English or advanced English, you will surely get an experienced tutor on the Superprof platform. On the other hand, it is also a good job as well as a business opportunity for teachers.

There are an array of reasons for which you can choose the Superprof platform. Here are some of them:

No charges for registration: This is the best thing about the Superprof platform. No matter if someone is a tutor or a tutee, they can easily register on the Superprof platform at no charge. Although if you are opting for a tutor, you all have to pay them based on the number of hours or lessons per week.

A lot of options for tutees: Now, as Superprof is a wide platform, it offers the tutees a number of options in the case of tutors. The platform will not only help you find tutors for the English course but also for various other subjects. Moreover, you can also find tutors for specific subject requirements, including literature, grammar, and others. The levels of the subjects are also not a problem; you can get tutors for any level of the subject like school, college, etc. You need to do a lot of research work to find and choose the best tutor.

Get your first class free: Superprof understands that one needs to be comfortable with the tutor before taking up the full course. So, to help the tutees get an idea about the teaching style and verify their requirements, all the tutors on the platform provide their first lecture free of cost. This will help you to choose the best one.

Verify the authenticity of the tutor: While looking for the tutor, you can read their bio on the platform to know about their year or years experience and qualifications. Check if they have earned any special certificate for tutoring or any other achievement in the field.

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