English is a language that can help you break the language barrier no matter where you go in the world. Over 1.27 billion people in the world speak the English language. These figures clearly depict the relevance and popularity of the language. This does not mean that other global languages are not relevant, but if you have a good hand on English, you can get various benefits both in your life and career.

Now, if you are thinking of learning the language, it is best to do it via quality means. There are many online platforms and offline teachers that can assist you in mastering the language in a term period. Obviously, it will depend on how quickly you learn.

Here in this article, we will study about the time in which you can learn the language via a course. Moreover, we will also study why it is better to take a private English course.

What are the pros of learning ESOL through a course?

Well, the use of the language is wide, so learning it will always yield benefits for you. Here are some of the best benefits that you can get by learning English through the course.

Planned approach

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The very first benefit of an ESOL course is that it is planned in a systematic way. As there are various parts in the course like grammar, speaking, vocabulary, etc. it is essential to learn these parts in order. As a student, it will support you in grasping and relating things faster. In the end, you will feel more confident in pronunciation and writing.

Professional tutor

A professional teacher is a person who can teach you well about the subject. No matter from where you are taking the English course, it will always have a professional tutor. And this will provide you a great advantage. A professional tutor aids you in building and improving your communication skills faster and efficiently. As he or she knows the language better, he or she will guide you in a seamless way towards understanding every aspect of the language.

Fixed Duration

It is also imperative to note that a professional English course has a fixed term period. This means that if you are a slow learner, you may need to grab things faster. If this does not fit you, you can choose to hire a private tutor for your English lessons. Contrastingly, if you have the required speed of learning, you will be better in the course.

Why learn English from private offline or online tutors?

Well, the course from a professional institute will surely help you a lot. But, if you want to learn quickly, it is better to opt for a private tutor. Now, private teachers also offer courses in English; the difference is that you will not see that crowd of students in their institute as in a professional university in your and other countries.

If you choose a private tutor, you will benefit from them in the following ways:

Personal attention

The key advantage of learning from a private tutor is that you get personal attention. This helps you in learning more new things than in a group lecture. Moreover, in a private tutoring class, you get to clear your doubts faster. You can also improve the concepts of language as in word formation, vocabulary, grammar, phrases, pronunciation, and more.

Hassle-free experience

The best advantage of learning English from a private tutor is that you get a hassle-free experience. For example, if you are taking online private tutoring on an app or PC, you don’t have to travel to the institute or tutoring center to attend the class. You can learn from anywhere; all you need is an active internet connection.

Moreover, if you have opted for in-home private tutoring, the tutor will travel to your home for teaching. Most of the students opt for online app tutoring as it is more convenient than going to the institute.

Pricing factor

The third advantage that you may get by learning English from a private teacher is the pricing, which in this case, is less. However, it can vary based on the type of private tutoring. For example, if you have opted for an online private teacher, the prices, in that case, will be less. On the other hand, if you have opted for the offline/in-home private tutoring, it may be a bit costly for you. Refer here to know about the pricing of an ESOL course!


Time is money, right! If you are opting for a private English course with a tutor, it will help you save a lot of time. As you don’t have to travel and sit in a class of multiple students, you will save a lot of time while attending a personal tutoring class. This will also allow you to practice more, work on your English speaking skills, understand various concepts such as verbs, adjectives, etc. Learn about English courses with your parents!

How much time will it take to learn English via an ESOL course?

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Well, let’s arrive at the most expensive question. To be clear, this question does not have a perfect answer. As there are many of us who could be just starters in the language, whereas some of us might have some previous knowledge.

So, in short, the term period required to learn the language can depend on various factors. Those of us who are native English speakers may not take much time, but those who have to start from scratch may take more time.

Moreover, the term period required for learning English can also depend on the learning speed of the person. As there are many concepts such as grammar that include verbs, phrases, the formation of words and sentences, etc. it can take a more term period for an amateur to learn all these subjects.

Apart from this, the level of the language can also affect the term period required to learn it. For example, if someone is interested in learning IELTS English, it will take just a month’s term period. The courses for IELTS are of 30-45 days only.

Moreover, if you plan on studying it for your school test or exam, you will not get immediate results. You have to get into a longer duration course. The level of English also includes the accent you want to learn. For example, the British accent is different from others. So, it may take some extra days to master.

Lastly, if you are taking a professional or intermediate level English course, you may need more than six months to do that. As such, there is no perfect term period in which you can master English speaking or writing. After all, It is a language, not a subject.

So, in the end, we can say that the term period for mastering English is not fixed. It can depend on various factors, as described above. And most of all, you will need a tutor for teaching you the language, and Superprof can help you with it.

Learn English via Superprof

English speaking can help in various purposes like business dealing, teaching, extending the social networks, etc. Hence, it is preferable to take professional English lessons from good teachers.

How to improve English via Superprof?

There are many web-based platforms on the web that can be used to read, speak, and write English, and one of them is Superprof.

Superprof is an online tutoring platform that offers you a seamless process for learning English. There are multiple benefits of using the Superprof platform like:

Free first lesson: The very best thing about the Superprof platform is that you get your first lesson free of cost. No matter if you take online courses in India or in other countries, most of the tutors deliver their first lesson free of cost.

A plethora of choices: How to learn English online in India? Now, whether you want to learn the British accent, intermediate level English, enhance the vocabulary, or whatnot, you will definitely get the required teacher for yourself. Superprof is a platform that has a number of choices for tutors of all types. You can choose the one you are comfortable with, and if not, you can research for a new tutor.

No-cost for registration: Unlike other platforms, Superprof does not charge people for registration or for its use. Students and tutors can register themselves on it at zero cost.

Now, these are some of the factors that make Superprof one of the best platforms for learning English. And not only English, but you can also harness the platform for learning various other subjects. You can find tutors of varying experiences and varying prices that they charge per hour or per lecture. In short, Superprof is your one-stop for everything related to tutoring.

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