To be the best, you have to opt for the best. And for learning English the best way, it is essential for you to get a professional tutor for yourself. Gone are the days when it was really tough to find someone who was professional in English, but now the scenario has changed a lot. The Internet has transformed the way we look for tutors and tutors look for jobs.

Today you can just go online and find teachers with relevant experience and knowledge that can help you learn the language way better. But, is that enough? Well, actually not! For a tutor, it will just a new job but for you, it can be a life-changing opportunity. So, you need to choose wisely.

This article will explore some of the benefits of having a private English tutor. Moreover, we will also talk about the qualities that a private tutor should possess. So, let’s jump into the article and find you a new best tutor!

Why choose a private English teacher for English classes?

Well, there are many benefits to choosing a private teacher. Here in this section, we are going to explore those benefits:

Personalized attention

Now, first off, if you are doing something new, it is best to do it the right way. And for learning English, it is necessary for you to apply for lessons with a private tutor, why? Well, you get a lot of personal attention in the lessons or classes. This is beneficial for you as it will help you capture more about the language as compared to that in a group teaching class. 

Moreover, personal attention will also let you clear your doubts about the language in a less term period and enhance your learning.

Instant solution to your mistakes

English teacher
Mistakes are the part of learning, Source: Freepik

There are a lot of differences between getting tutored from a teacher and teaching yourself. You may never know where you have made the mistake unless it is pointed by someone. So one more benefit of learning English from a private teacher is this. They can help you view your mistakes faster. If you are learning from a qualified and experienced teacher or someone who has his native language as English, they will surely improve your English in a short time.

Now, there is no fixed term period for learning English, it may take you a year, days, or months. It all depends on your hard work, level of language, and various other factors.

Coverage of special topics

Ok, so we all know that there is some part of the language we know already. And we seek classes or lessons for just those parts that we don’t know. There are many teachers out there that can teach you specific parts of the language like grammar, vocabulary, etc. moreover, the topics can also vary based on the level or degree of the subjects. So, the point here is that you can also get tutors for covering those special topics for you.

Dedicated availability

Now, no matter if you want to start secondary school English, English for running your business (for communication), or just for knowledge of the language, you are required to find the best and dedicated tutor for that. And if you will start looking online, you will find a lot of tutors that are experienced and are ready to take the job of teaching you the English language for any purpose or degree. They will not only help you learn the language but also improve your other skills.

What qualities should a private English teacher have?

Before you apply for your English course with a tutor, it is important to make sure that the teacher possesses all the necessary qualities, experience, and education qualification. Moreover, it is also essential to check if the teaching style of the English teacher is good. Here are some of the qualities of a good tutor:


English teacher
Knowledge is power, Source: Freepik

The perfect teacher is the one that has a thorough knowledge of the subject or language. Now, no matter if you want to learn the school level English, degree level English or TEFL certification, you need to check if the person has the required knowledge to teach you. You can know about this by taking a view of their bio that includes his or her prior experience and education qualification. You can also check if the tutor has taken any type of professional training for teaching or not. Here is why to take an ESOL course!

Patience and Punctuality

These are some great qualities of a teacher. No matter how qualified a teacher is or how many years of experience he or she has. It is of no use if the teacher does not has patience and punctuality. Time is money so no one wants to get late, hence one should be always punctual about time and deadlines. For example, if a topic is required to be covered in certain days or a month, there should be no delay in that. Moreover, if you are required to reach a certain job location at a given time, there should be no question of being late.

It will not be easy to handle some school students, hence you need to be extremely patient while teaching them. And if you are teaching someone online, be patient if students do not understand you well. Online teaching can be a bit difficult and may take some time to get the message.

Teaching skills of an English teacher

Having knowledge about the subject is not enough. Teachers should also possess a certain style to deliver the lesson. If your students understand your lessons well, your teaching skills are good and if not, there is always room for improvement. Teaching skills basically mean how you make the students understand you well and quickly. And believe me, the right teaching skills will help you cover up all the concepts in the minimum time frame.


One can never be a good teacher if he or she is not a constant learner. No matter how big your degree is or how much qualified and experienced you are, your scope or view should always be wide and focus on learning new things from everyone.

What type of English tutor will be best for you?

If you are looking for a professional ESOL teacher, it is better to consider all of the choices. Here is the type of English teachers you can opt for.

Online private teacher: Online tuitions are the most prevalent these days. Moreover, when you start looking online, you will get a lot of choices based on the salary, years of experience, education qualification, and skills of the teacher. Hence, you can choose anyone. The benefit of an online English tutor is that you don’t have to travel and you can learn either personally or with other students. The prices of online teachers are also less. Ans is one of the most convenient ways.

English teacher
Online tutor, Source: Freepik

Offline private tutor: Offline private tutor jobs were prevalent a few years ago and right now also in some parts of the country, they exist. To be honest, there is nothing better than an offline private teacher as there are many benefits to this practice. You get personal attention and can get your doubts and mistakes rectified instantly. This method also has cons like you have to travel to the teaching location and this will take time and effort. Learn English with your parents!

Find English teaching lessons with Superprof?

Schools will teach you limited things but a private tutor can teach you a bit more than that. Hence, based on your location, find a tutor that is professional and able to teach you new things every day. Superprof can help you find such a teacher. Here are some pros of Superprof:

More choices: Whether you want to learn English for secondary school level, work level, or advanced level, you will get a plethora of choices on Superprof. Not only this, but based on location also you will get a lot of choices, no matter if you are in London, California, or any other part of the world. The choices of tutors will include both native and non-native, it is preferred to go for native ones.

Free registration and first lesson: The best thing about Superprof is that you get your first lecture free of cost. Moreover, registration on the platform is also free for both tutors and students.

These factors make Superprof the best. There are many other platforms that offer jobs to tutors and opportunities of tutees. But these good tutors come at some cost. Like, they charge you per lecture/day. And according to your budget, you can choose the one that suits you. If not satisfied, you can go for a new tutor.

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