Health is wealth, or as the Italians say ‘Men Sana in Corpore Sano’ (a sound mind in a sound body), is a universal truth.

Your physical health has an impact on your mental health, productivity, way of life, and goodness. We look for advice on personal training sessions a lot. While you can find an online fitness trainer, let's first take a very brief look at why exercising is so important before moving on to the advice.

Suppose, you are 25 and you are overweight. Being a part of the corporate culture comes with a lot of perks and a few curses as well. Obesity among the younger generation is an exponential health issue. Now, if you are overweight and get exhausted easily, you won’t be able to enjoy your weekends. Although it may sound trivial, the truth is that you could have gone for a weekend drive or a short hiking trip to rejuvenate yourself. However, if you are not physically fit enough, you will miss the exciting opportunities to do diverse things in life. You will perhaps be sleeping your weekends away.

On the contrary, if you maintain a daily workout routine, it will do wonders for you. First of all, let’s get rid of the myth that personal fitness trainer will help you to grow some muscle or carb some abs. A fitness regimen is totally meant to keep one fit, flexible, and healthy. Regular exercise keeps health issues like arthritis, gout, spondylitis, obesity, and backbone pain away. You will be reinvigorated with energy. This in turn keeps you happy and satisfied.

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Tips for Your Personal Training Sessions

There is a common saying that “God helps those who help themselves”. Modern-day with its abundant technology and astonishing accomplishments in various fields of study has made life easier for us, or at least that was the rudimental motive behind it. However, almost like a paradox, humanity is wreaked with various complications, mostly self-inflicted.

We have prioritized the world outside, the world of technology and technicality so much that we have diverged a long way from the simple way of being. Life becomes simpler when we stop being influenced by external factors and regroup from within. Self-help is not a herculean task but it requires rigorous tenacity to train our minds in a certain way so that we can regulate it and not vice versa.

Personal training is more of a habit.

There are some tips that will definitely help you with personal fitness regimes. However, personal training, first and foremost, is setting a goal and working continuously on that. Since childhood, we have been told again and again that good habits are tough to form and bad habits are tough to break. But how do you form habits? How do you decide whether they are beneficial for you or not? Most importantly, how do you form habits that you contribute to your wellness?

Creating a habit is like training yourself to prepare for something exciting that you crave for. But there are many slips between the lip and the cup! Overcoming the tantrums of the first few days is the toughest part of creating a habit. Once you get through the initial hiccups, you are ready to embrace your goal. Why is it the beginning which seems to be the toughest one?

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Case Study

Let’s say, you work at an IT company, a ten to five desk job, which unwittingly leads to obesity with age. One fine morning, you decide to put an end to this. You gear yourself up, buy yourself a pair of new running shoes, or get admission to a gym.

Despite your earnest wishes, you will find various other reasons to spend five more minutes in bed in the morning. These are called vamps which lure you to think otherwise. The vamps tempt you to grab a chocolate bar in the middle of the night or a hearty meal at a restaurant on the weekend. When you want to get started and create the right habit, the vamping habits like smoking, drinking, and overeating pull you back because, over a course of time, those bad habits became normal to you.

Hence, when you try to start the right habit, it equalizes breaking the normalcy that you set for yourself for quite some time. This is one of the key aspects of the initial hardships of forming a new habit.

Therefore, before you go to the section on tips for your personal training sessions, ensure that you are making a habit of it. A couple of days in the gym is merely an infatuation, and certainly not perpetual love. Be in love with your health because that is the biggest wealth you have. So now, let us go to the much-anticipated segment on personal fitness tips.

How to Start Your Personal Fitness Regime at Home?

Your daily workout routine depends largely on your goal. If you are up for a chiseled physique, you need a specific regime along with a diet and supplements. If you are skinny and want to gain some weight, you have to follow another set of personal fitness tips. Similarly, you need a different routine to lose a few kilos. Here are some tips for you before you hit the gym.

Ancient Gym

You will be amazed to know that in ancient Greece, there were many gymnasiums (the originator of the word gym) where people used to go to boost their physical fitness. However, along with physical fitness, these ancient gymnasiums were famous for intellectual exercises as well. Great scholars like Socrates, Plato, Aristotle, Pythagoras, and Aristophanes used to gather in these gymnasiums to discuss new ideas.

Modern Gym

Today, what we understand by the gym, is a commercial fitness center. In fact, modern gyms are equipped with various instruments which help you tone your body. There are different equipment for the chest, lats, abdomen, bicep, tricep, deltoid, and many more. At least one physical fitness trainer is always available in these gyms to help beginners with the equipment.

Weight Training

You can go for weight training (i.e. training with different weights) and that more significantly requires a personal trainer. First, let us go through a few general tips for personal fitness. Please note that these tips are not for any specific workout session but a general approach to personal training.

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Fitness training at home can offer you better convenience than visiting the gym. Source: Pixabay

The general approach is an overall attitude you should possess during workout sessions. Be it at a gym or a freehand workout session at home, you should remember these points. Once you are clear with your immediate goals regarding fitness, make a detailed routine keeping the following approach in mind.

So, how to start your personal fitness regime at home? Find here-

  • Establish Goals Before You Start

Each day, you should begin with a fresh set of objectives. For instance, if you completed 30 pushups the day before, attempt to complete 35 the following day. Establish more manageable objectives.

  • Having Thorough Knowledge Helps You

Knowing everything about something is helpful. For example, there are exercises for the chest, shoulders, biceps, triceps, etc. You must understand both your actions and, most importantly, their purpose.

  • Accurate Breathing Is Important

Using the incorrect breathing method quickly wears you out. In worst-case scenarios, it causes muscle cramps. However, controlled breathing might increase your productivity.

  • Make A Muscle-Mind Connection

Your muscles are affected by every set you perform during a workout. Create a link between your thoughts and your muscles. You can accomplish bigger goals and maintain focus by doing this.

  • Set Music to Boost the Session

Music has the incredibly unusual potential to increase your exercise routine. To perform better when working out, put on fast-paced, upbeat music.

  • Wear Appropriate Gear

Each trade has its own conventions. Wear athletic clothing that won't limit your range of motion as you exercise.

  • Remain Hydrated

Exercising is the equivalent of sitting down. You must, however, take precautions to prevent dehydration while exercising. Take occasional little sips while rinsing your mouth.

  • Put Distractions Aside

During workouts, smartphones may be a major distraction. Your workout will be less productive if you are texting or conversing since you will be distracted.

  • Take the Right Supplements

A healthy diet and exercise go hand in hand. Hire a professional to create a scientific diet plan depending on your exercise schedule.

  • Perform HIIT workouts

HIIT, or High-Intensity Interval Training, consists of sets of exercises that call for maximal effort with brief rests in between. HIIT burns fat quickly and produces benefits quickly.

  • Exercise Variety

Repeating the same exercises week after week could become monotonous. You can therefore combine two to three distinct sets of workouts and perform them in various weeks.

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Many people think that gym is for building muscles, which is not true. Source: Pixabay

Why Do You Need a Fitness Trainer?

Physical training sessions call for close observation from a fitness trainer. Training sessions engage our body, every muscle takes part in the intense sessions. If you are a beginner, you must seek guidance from a trainer. A veteran physical instructor is a right person who can assist you along the process.

You may say that you have bunches of youtube videos where you would stumble upon tips and techniques. Then, what is the role of an instructor?

The thing is that these youtube videos are made keeping things generalized. However, you are a unique person with unique needs. Your health is not built the same way as others. You may have a past health history which should be taken into the account before setting a fitness routine for you.

Fitness Trainer at Home

Now, the question is that why do you need a fitness trainer at home? Let’s say you have a history of broken elbow or ligament injury of the ankle. These are sensitive parts of our body and when it comes down to physical exercise, these are vital joints where pressure is exerted. Now, if you are unaware of the outcomes and start lifting weights, you will end up hurting your injuries again.

A fitness trainer at home can guide you through all these. If you are willing to join a gym, look for a trainer. It is the gym trainer and not the gym equipment that will bring absolute change to your health.

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