Your physical health has an impact on your mental health, productivity, way of life, and goodness. We look for advice on personal training sessions or fitness programs a lot. However, evaluation of progress or tracking it is the key to the final glory. A constant tracking helps you fine-tune your process and lets you flourish in abundance. If you want to keep doing great work, track your fitness progress. You can go for fitness training at home for better results.

You must be aware of the saying “Well begun is half done”. Just thinking about something or doing a little doesn’t ensure its completion. You need to put in the effort. Sadly, no matter how interesting you find something it is bound to get boring after a certain period. If you have figured out your purpose and aligned a habit to it, you have already won half the battle.

Tracking fitness is more of a constant vigilance of your health. After you get going, you must ensure that you are not heading haywards. This is why you need validations. Fitness tracking apps help you understand your body and workout regime better. In 2022, there are many apps and gadgets to track fitness. In the course of our discussion, the best apps for tracking fitness in 2022 will be covered in detail.

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Fitness Program

There will be a separate segment on tracking apps and gadgets. First, let us understand why a fitness program is so essential.

The perks of corporate jobs come with cons. Negligence of health is one of the main concerns of desk jobs. The lack of physical movements ends up in various ailments including obesity. The dependence of the current way of life on the virtual world of computers has made health a secondary concern. We used to play different sports outside with mates, but today we play online games with artificial intelligence.

The fact that most of us don't practice good eating habits just serves to aggravate the situation. When all of these factors are considered, a terrible picture of our gradually declining physical health is painted. The tragedy is that we cannot get rid of certain things even though we know they are harmful. To maintain our fitness, we cannot just stop working or cut off computers from our lives. That is why we need to implement a sound fitness program in our life to stay happy and healthy.

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Workout Exercises

When you hear the term workout, what comes to your mind? Before you think that workout sessions are all about chiseling your body to show some abs to the world or adding a few muscles to look hulky, let’s concentrate on the basics of workout exercises.

What are workout exercises?

Most of us will keep talking about various techniques and processes. Some will talk about intense workout sessions, some will talk about cardio and HIIT, and some will brag about weight training. However, these are all different techniques of workout exercise. If you want to define workout exercise, it is the technique to lose extra calories to stay toned and flexible.

In easier words, if you intake 400 calories on day 1, you would like to lose a bit of that which is unnecessary. Now, let’s say, from 400 calories, 200 calories are useful for your well-being and 200 calories are extra that you may have earned with the cheese topping on the continental pizza!

So, scientifically, if you want to stay ‘balanced’, you must get rid of the extra 200 calories. Workout exercises help you achieve that goal. There are different ways of exercising. If you want to use some modern equipment, you can enroll at a gym. A modern gym is well-equipped with a range of different weights, carling and toning instruments, and basic gadgets such as a walker, treadmill, inclined benches, and chilling bars.

However, if you like to train yourself at home, a freehand workout routine is the best option for you. Please remember to train every part of your body. Ideally, start with flexing your muscles and then do a full-body workout. You can opt for HIIT training that requires no equipment. These feats are often referred to as cardio since it is heavily reliant on breathing.

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What Is In A Fitness Training Program for You?

Whichever mode of fitness training you choose, you must remember the basics. Firstly, set up a goal for yourself. Often you will come across terms such as legs day, chest day, biceps and triceps day, and many more from those who hit a gym daily. This implies specific exercises allotted for specific days.

Mondays, for example, could be a full-body warm-up day, then Tuesdays could be the chest day. Typically, legs day is the last working out day of the week. If your last day of workout is Saturday, you will perform various leg exercises on this day. Above all, do not forget to take a rest. Do not work out each day. Make a routine for yourself with workout days and rest days mixed to bring balance.

Any form of practice takes time to integrate into our system and start giving benefits. Just like an embryo needs to spend enough time in the womb to become a child, the food we intake takes some time to digest and gives us energy, etc. As per neuroscientists, the ability of the brain to rewire itself takes around 48 days which is also called ‘Mandala’ in the Indian yogic system. If you are to perform an activity repeatedly for these many days, your body and mind are supposed to be tuned to that action.

You need to keep on pushing yourself to do a little more every day. You need to remain motivated if you want to keep on going. External factors can only motivate you to a limit, your inspiration and motivation have to come from within. This entire stage is an intrinsic activity.

The other two factors of fitness training are muscle-mind connection and proper breathing. Every cycle you do during a workout session affects your muscles. Make a connection between your mind and your body. By doing this, you can achieve greater objectives while staying focused. Breathing, on the other hand, lets you get replenished and do better. For instance, breathing is the key to all sorts of fitness training. You rapidly become exhausted when you breathe incorrectly. Muscle cramps can be the result of the worst-case situation. Controlled breathing, however, could boost your output.

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Best Apps for Tracking Fitness in 2022

Technology has done wonders in the past and it will keep enthralling the upcoming generations with newer inventions. No one would have imagined a decade ago that there would be an app that could tell your fitness progress. However, we have a bunch of the best apps for tracking fitness in 2022. Some of these apps are free!

Here is a brief guide to the best apps for tracking fitness in 2022.

Google Fit

Google Fit might become your new favorite fitness monitoring app if you're a Google fan and have an Android device. Simply carry your phone along! you can easily log your daily activities (and for free! ), create goals, and link the application to your Android Wear device. You can even link Google Fit to other apps you use, such as Noom, Runtastic, Withings, Runkeeper, Coach, and Strava, to keep all of your data in one place.


Nike, as the brand proudly presents you with some fine running shoes, also offers you a running tracker for free! Simply download the app and install it on your device. You can track the distance you cover every day during running or jogging. It also shares audio message feedback on your daily progress.


BodySpace is for weightlifters and another app that comes for free. BodySpace logs your daily measurements and allows you to track your progress. It enables you to fine-tune your daily workout routine by sharing a detailed report.


Do you frequently stop working out in the middle of a session? That issue will be resolved if you use Fitnet. It evaluates how effectively you're following along with personal trainer videos using the camera on your phone. This program will detect when you pause to catch your breath. It's like working out along with your coach.


This is an indigenous Indian fitness app that allows you to track calories gained and lost per day. The app also has a detailed list of diets and supplements to be used. This app helps you track your calories and helps you fix issues if there are any.

Hire A Personal Trainer at Home

A fitness trainer at home keeps a tight eye on the physical training sessions. Every muscle in our body is used throughout the intensive training sessions which needs proper guidance. You must ask a trainer for advice if you are a newbie. The best individual to help you along the way is an experienced fitness instructor.

You can claim to have a tonne of YouTube videos where you can find tricks and techniques. What then is an instructor's job description?

The issue is that these YouTube videos are created with broad strokes in mind. But you are a special individual with special requirements. Your body is not built the same way as others. If you collaborate with a fitness trainer at home, he or she will be able to guide you thoroughly.

Let’s say you have a history of broken elbow or ligament injury of the ankle. These are sensitive parts of our body and when it comes down to physical exercise, these are vital joints where pressure is exerted. Now, if you are unaware of the outcomes and start lifting weights, you will end up hurting your injuries again.

A fitness trainer at home can guide you through all these. If you are willing to join a gym, look for a trainer. It is the gym trainer and not the gym equipment that will bring absolute change to your health.


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