With every new year come New Year’s resolutions and a wave of new gym memberships.

But we at Superprof believe that you are motivated to attain your goals even beyond the end of January - whether you want to lose weight or get fit. You have clicked on the right page!

Rather than get lost in the anonymity of fitness clubs, try instead a personal trainer to achieve your fitness goals faster. Week after week, you will notice the changes in your body. You will be proud of yourself and so will your trainer.

Just the right thing for keeping up your motivation!

There are different ways to measure your progress and get tips from personal coaches, some more traditional, others state-of-the-art digital.

This article will give you some tips on how to progress more rapidly and measure your achievements together with your personal fitness trainer.

Why Have Personal Training Sessions with a Certified Personal Trainer?

Training with a personal instructor means trusting him or her to help you attain your goals.

There are several reasons for deciding on personal coaching sessions:

  • Weight loss
  • Muscle gain
  • To intensify your physical exercise
  • To prepare for a competition or a sports test

Whatever the reason, a personal training program with certified trainers is the best solution.

New Years’ resolutions are good - but a home or online personal trainer will help you keep up the motivation you felt on January 1st until it rolls around again - and again.

So why not get a referral from a friend or even book now with a Superprof coach to set up your very first session?

Starting a new sport with a personal trainer means trusting your coach.

What will your first one on one with your new trainer be like?

The first lesson will be more of a consultation. To create a customized training plan, your coach will need to know what you want and, perhaps more importantly, what you need. Your personal trainer will do a one on one fitness assessment to see what your strengths and weaknesses are and at what level to set your custom-tailored exercise program for you.

You will need to discuss your exercise goals: fat loss, recreation, body sculpting…

After this first, often free consultation, your coach will set up a training schedule just for you, taking into account your working hours, lifestyle and daily routine. No more missing classes with your local recreation center fitness group - with a personal trainer, it's easy to reschedule rather than cancel so you won’t miss a session.

Lose weight and track your progress
Tracking your weight loss progress will sometimes be difficult - these tips can help. Photo credit: ~Twon~ on VisualHunt

He or she will determine your objectives and set up personalized training sessions to address each of them.

Another advantage of personal training sessions is that you will be sure to be training safely. Your coach will give you exercises to do but will be right next to you to make sure you do them correctly, without risk of injuries.

Your Body: A Testament to Your Fitness Progress

If you listen to your personal trainer’s instruction, you will see the changes in your body as you slowly work towards your fitness goals.

Whether you want to lose a pound or two, reduce your body fat, train for a marathon or simply increase personal wellness, we at Superprof know you want quick results!

This is perfectly human. However, sometimes the results aren’t immediately evident. Or maybe you saw a big difference at first but now everything seems to plateau off and you’re not losing the weight you thought you would.

Tracking Your Fitness Progress Through Traditional Methods

Don’t panic: just because your scale or mirror isn’t cooperating doesn’t mean your workout routine isn’t working out. So before you run off to start the next fad diets, take out your phone and tape measure.

There are several ways of tracking your progress from personal training:

  • Take your measurements before starting your new fitness program and regularly every few weeks afterwards. Even if the scale isn’t moving - for example, if you are losing fat but gaining muscle to compensate - your measurements will tell you what your body weight won’t: whether you burn fat or gain in muscle mass.
  • Take pictures. The mirror is a horrible liar, and you look into it too often. Pictures - taken, say, every month - can be put side-by-side with older pics so you can see what your workout plan is achieving.
  • Ask your personal coach how you are doing. It’s his job to track your gains, he or she can tell you how you are progressing toward your goals. His certification makes him qualified to know if you are progressing beyond what the scale and tape measure say - in endurance, for example.
Measure yourself to measure your fitness progress
Frequently measuring yourself with help you visualise the progress you make in your fitness training. Photo credit: nikkorsnapper on Visualhunt.com

Your body will be the best proof of the progress you are making in your health and fitness objectives. Whether you are seeking to lose weight with better nutrition and Pilates, improve your conditioning with aerobic exercises or interval training, prepare for a boxing match or improve your weight lifting stats, your personal trainer is there to evaluate your workouts. This is one of the many advantages of personal fitness training over group training.

And the more you progress, the more confident you will become - paving the way for further progress as you learn to look forward to burning those calories rather than dreading the next interval session.

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The 5 Best Apps to Track Your Fitness Progress

Training with fitness apps is a good way to supplement your one-on-one training program.

20 kilometres, 24,000 steps, heart rate a 99 per minute, 1,298 calories a day… All data and statistics that your phone can calculate for you!

These days, more and more people own a step-counter bracelet, fitness watch or other gadgets that collect data on their fitness.

These apps can help you during fitness training by providing you with a lot of data on your performance and state of health as you work out. Here are five of the best apps for tracking your burn during your cardio workout, circuit training or the nutritional value of your meals:

  • Endomondo: This is one of the most precise apps in terms of data collection during high-intensity training programs. During a session, the screen will tell you how far you have gone, your average rhythm during a run as well as the number of calories you are burning. At the end of a run, Endomondo automatically generates a report with your itinerary, counting each and every kilometre, as well as an overview of your session in terms of distance, rhythm, speed… This app is specialised in running, though.
  • 7-minute workout: This sports app offers nine different training programs accompanied by videos demonstrating the exercises. There are various programs aimed at fitness or getting back into shape, including an app to track your sleep or another for collecting your cycling or jogging data. Pricing is generally around 2.99 €
  • Fiit has a series of 25- and 40-minute workouts to choose from. You can choose your workouts according to type (Pilates, cardio, strength, yoga…), body parts you want to exercise and difficulty level. It monitors your heart rate and counts your reps. The truly excellent workout videos are worth the £20 a month you will have to shell out for this app.
  • Strava is more for running but will monitor general activity as well. It is extremely user-friendly and has a whole range of analyser tools to track your performance and goals.
  • Superhero Workout. Programming this app must have been fun. Instead of doing sports in-home or in a fitness studio atmosphere (which many apps attempt to recreate), this sports app lets you do sports - while trying to escape aliens! This game has a science-fiction scenario in which you have to defend yourself against aliens. For example, doing crunches recharges the battery of your armour. The app offers 20 stories, each about 20 minutes long, that challenge you to do sports while having fun - away from the bootcamp atmosphere you sometimes find in group fitness activities.
Track your progress in building muscle mass.
The Superhero Workout app may not make you look like this - but it will help you achieve your fitness goals and build muscle mass. Photo credit: feastoffun.com on Visualhunt

3 Smart Technologies to Track Your Fitness Progress With Your Coach

Smart technologies allow your personal trainer to track information on your health in real time.

In addition to fitness apps, you can download onto your phone, there are other smart technologies you can use during your training sessions. They can help your personal coach track your performance - a simple way of getting to know your body a little bit better and to help your private or gym personal trainer get you fit fast, whether at a fitness centre or in the comfort of your own home.

Here are 3 smart products that can accompany your journey to greater fitness and a healthier body:

  • The Polar M400 watch. This GPS-enabled running watch measures in real time the distance you have run, your speed and rhythm. During your normal workday, it also tracks the number of steps you take and the calories you burn. Thanks to Bluetooth, it can speak with your smartphone, sending the collected data to the PolarFlow app to be analysed. A great way to compare your performance with your personal trainer.
  • Actiwell One - smart headphones. They measure the wearer’s heart rate. The data is then used to automatically choose music in synch with your heartbeat (compare it with our very own Superprof fitness playlist). This function is very useful when doing sports: the more effort you put in, the more rapid and motivating the music.
  • Move it: this functional gizmo is a trainer in itself. Made for fitness training, it is particularly well adapted to cardio and weight training. Move It tracks your movements and prevents you from cheating when doing exercises, making sure you are focusing on what you are doing without getting sloppy. Once you are done with your fitness session, it folds up compactly and is easy to store.

These smart technologies shouldn’t be used alone, but rather in addition to proper training sessions with your personal trainer. They give a little extra push, enough to motivate you and have you look forward to your next exercise session.

Talk to Your Trainer: the Best Way To Track Your Fitness Progress

Though the best witness to your progress is your body, it pays to take advantage of your personal trainer - listen to his advice, ask him questions. Don’t know when the proper time for stretching is? Ask! Don’t know if you should invest in some professional weights for your home? Ask! You can talk about your fears or the anxieties that are preventing you from giving your best, as well as what motivates (or de-motivates) you.

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Personal trainers track all progress
Not all progress can be crunched into numbers. Your personal trainer can tell you if he sees progress in your endurance and strength that the scale can't track. Photo on VisualHunt.com

You will find as time progresses that your personal trainer is becoming something of a therapist - an important development since mental health has an effect on your body.

Don’t try and hide it. She will notice if you are tired or seem anxious and are not giving your all. Discussing it is the best way to progress because it’s the only way to find out exactly what is preventing you from progressing. Are you not pushing yourself because you are afraid of failing? Is the physical pain of straining muscles de-motivating? Are you thinking of your work day and can’t focus properly? Your trainer will know tricks to help you push past these hurdles. This isn’t a boot camp. You are allowed to show weakness because your trainer is there to help you find ways to overcome it.

Did you know music can be highly motivational when working out?

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