For the industry of private tuitions, maths is one of the most in-demand subjects.

You children learning maths often get stuck while trying to solve maths problems. This can leave a very negative mark on them. The feeling of being left behind or being sub-standard creeps up, which in turn greatly lowers their level of confidence. 

Some students find trigonometry difficult, while some find complex numbers to be extremely complicated. 

However, this does not mean that these set of students are in any way less intelligent than their classmates. They are able to complete their daily day-to-day tasks, which shows that they are bright students and are capable enough to find out the maths scholar hidden inside them. Motivating students is important for students to like the subject.

For example, looking at youtube videos to complete a level in a video game when they get stuck in it or travelling to their school or college from their home on time and deciding which bus or cab to take.

Also, when picking up a new hobby like playing the guitar, they know that they will need to practice in order to get good at it.

You minds often have no problem showing their determination while solving problems outside their education system. However, a lot of times mental blocks cause them to have fear for the subject.

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What is the reason behind the struggle and mental blocks of young learners?

Mental blockage in maths can be caused by a lot of different reasons. It may be the inability of a student to understand a certain maths concept or maths to them is just another subject they need to be good at in order to excel at their academic career.

A lot of things can be the reason behind this.

Mathematical vocabulary can feel overwhelming

In schools or tuitions, students are taught the language of maths. A lot of words that make up the maths vocabulary are regular words that have been redefined. For example, the term ‘square root’ has a different meaning. It simply does not mean the root of a tree. Maths can be overwhelming, but maths can be made fun.

Students find it very surprising when asked to find the points on a line. Here, a ‘line’ can even mean a parabola, which changes the whole meaning of the world. In maths, a line is not always straight, it can be a curve too. 

Students, a lot times see maths as a foreign language as teachers often do not pay much heed to the lexical ambiguities faced by the students.

A weak base

Students who have a weak base in maths will struggle with the subject forever. Having a strong foundation is one of the most important aspects when it comes to being good at maths. Not having a good grasp of the basic of maths like not knowing the various symbols used can have a very negative impact on the student.

For example, not understanding the information conveyed by terms such as ‘integer’, ‘real number’, ‘decimals’  creates a lot of confusion.

Here are some of the most common misunderstandings

  • = means ‘is equal to’, however, ≠ means ‘is not equal to’
  • you change the direction of an inequality if it is multiplied by -2, but not bu multiplying by 2
  • why -x can be a positive value
  • why x(y+z)=xy+xz but x(y+z)≠xy+z

If you are being expected to be proficient in the use of these, it can be a very daunting task. It can even lead to anxiety attacks and mental blockage.

The feeling of being unsure is not something that most of the students accept

Forgetting the concepts that you knew about already can be very frustrating. I might force you to move on to the next topic without even fully understanding the previous one.

When it comes to asking questions in front of a class having 50 students, it becomes very difficult for students as they feel shy and awkward. This is not a very good practice as in order to be good at maths, you always need to clear your doubts and only then move on to the next chapter. Re-thinking your approach is step one to doing better.

Take your time and learn the language of maths by practising maths word problems
It's hard to understand what you're being taught if you feel overwhelmed with jargon! ¦ source: Pixabay

How does one’s self-esteem grow by taking individualised maths tuitions?

Taking maths tuition from private tutors is one of the best ways of learning maths. A good maths teacher can really boost the confidence of students who feel low and doubt their own capabilities. They study the strength and weaknesses of their students and teach them accordingly.

The role of private tuition does not only involve teaching his or her students about the subject but also coaching and mentoring students about the subject they are most passionate about.

This whole process involves making students go beyond their insecurities and making them believe in themselves. Before a teacher starts with his lessons and giving homework, this is one of the most important aspects of teaching.

Making sure that the students are well equipped with personalised study skills suited to teach the students keeping in mind their strengths and weaknesses is something that every teacher should strive to achieve.

Being optimistic and being confident in one’s self is one of the most important aspects when one wants to be good at maths at school or even at their tuitions.

Personal maths teachers provide their students with environments which are calm and often have resources like worksheets and games which students can use in order to learn maths while having fun too. Students can also ask questions directly to their teachers without getting judged by any third person, no matter how silly their question is.

The way the concepts of maths are taught at school, it becomes very difficult for students to learn. The way the course of the maths syllabus is set up, teachers have to rush most of the time in order to complete it. This causes a lot of students to lag behind and things become very difficult. Therefore, private tuitions come very handy when it comes to students learning the concepts of maths in a calm and composed environment.

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Help your child find their inner mathematician and give them the confidence to speak up in class
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How can you overcome mental blockages with the help of maths games?

One of the most effective ways of learning maths is learning the subject while having fun at the same time. 

The huge availability of maths games online acts as a boon when it comes to students having fun and at the same time learning the important lessons of maths. 

Here are some of the games that you enjoy:


  • Anti-Virus


Anti-Virus is a ‘bio-logical’ single player reasoning game that make the player move the pieces in such a way that removes the virus. The ultimate aim is to clear the path for the virus by arranging pieces on the board according to one selected card out of the 60 cards available in game.

This game improves the reasoning scale of its players by making the players follow a set of rules and achieve a certain objective. 

In order to win the game, you need to move the other pieces out of the virus’s way. In order to do this, you need to complete the sub objective of removing obstacles before you complete the ultimate objective of removing the virus. This, in turn, represents a lot of problems you face when solving a lot of different types of equations. 

The availability of various difficulty level makes sure that over time your level of patience and perseverance also increases. 


  • Set: The Family Game of Visual Perception


Set is a card game that has a lot of different pictures, colour, shape, shading and number of shapes. Even though each card is different, all of them have one common feature.

The objective of the game is to find out 3 cards out of the twelve cards that have either some common feature or nothing common at all.

The player who identifies the set for the first time wins the game. 


  • 24 Game: Single Digit/Double Digits


The main aim of the game is to use the methods of addition, subtraction, division or multiplication is order derive the number 24 by using a number once.

For example, if a card has the numbers 1,2,3 and 4, you can do:

  • 12 x 2 = 24
  • 4 x 3 = 12
  • 24 x 1 = 24



Explore the internet for resources, online resources and apps can make the subject interesting. Maths is one such subject, which requires a lot of persistence and focus both by the teacher as well as the student. However, especially for young students, learning maths can be a very daunting experience. This can easily be overcome by hiring private tuition teachers. Not only do they make you good at maths, but also help you with completing your school syllabus for your half-yearlies or final examinations. And if you are stuck at some point, the best way to go forward is by learning the concepts of maths while having fun. 


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