Maths has never been a popular subject among most students. This encompasses fractions, algebra, geometry, trigonometry, or maybe just basic maths. Maths is one of the biggest obstacles that almost all students face at school or college.

It is a subject that makes students pull their hair out of anxiety. There is a very slight chance that you will pass by a group of students getting all excited for their math classes in the next period. Students usually let out a sigh or a groan when thinking or talking about mathematics classes. There is a distinct lack of excitement and eagerness for maths. Most students dislike this subject from the core of their heart.

Maths is a subject where different formulas are required to solve a single problem. A student may choose to mindlessly apply the formulas and values to arrive at the correct answer. This is an exhilarating task for most students which can trigger a negative feeling towards the subject.

The report also revealed that the brightest students in a class were also not being able to live up to the school's expectations from them. This applied even to the overachievers of the school. Many schools let their students enter for ICSE and ISC maths in advance. Thus not giving them sufficient time to receive a higher rank in school.

This is the reason why private math tutors are high in demand. Several students themselves unmotivated to learn maths simply because they find it difficult, and it is not always taught in a manner that is preferable to them personally.

It is important that teachers make maths fun for students.

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Think outside the box when you tutor maths!
Maths doesn't have to be black and white. Source: Visualhunt

This is a concern not only for the students and their parents but it is also a concern for the Indian schools. Having a personal tutor for mathematics means that the student can learn and grasp the knowledge in a supportive and favourable environment without having the constant pressure to keep up with the rest of the students. In the end, people of all ages want to learn things that are applicable and interesting. If you can teach mathematics in a way that the students will understand and acknowledge and will find it interesting, you are almost there.

While trying to motivate your students to learn maths, there are a few things you as a tutor should keep in mind. They are as follows:

  • How to make maths more enjoyable for my students?
  • How can I, as an online private tutor, alleviate the mental block that the students face while studying maths?
  • What are the various methods that I can apply to help my students learn?
  • What kind of games can we play while learning math?
  • What resources are available online that can help a private tutor with tutoring maths?

As a math tutor who teaches at home, it is your job to make your students feel that they are capable and clever enough. Help them diminish their mental block, which in turn will help them achieve academic success. But most importantly, what a student can learn the most from maths tuition near me is that they can have fun while learning math by resolving maths problems.

Maths tutors could help you with maths revision.
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Strategies That Will Help Your Students in Mathematics

The troublesome aspect of mathematics is not being able to understand basic maths before moving onto the more complex problems of the subject. This could make almost all students feel stunned and perplexed, which could lead to maths becoming a chore for them. The first step that one must accomplish in motivating their students to learn maths is by re-contextualizing the subject. What I mean by re-contextualizing is that try teaching maths to your students in an approachable and applicable manner to make it more comfortable to understand and engaging.

There are many ways in which you, as a private tutor, can make mathematics more fun and appeal for your students at any level. It may be primary school level or ICSE or ISC or CBSE or even in university level. As a private tutor, you should spend time with your students to help them out with their problems. Your student might struggle in the beginning, particularly with mental maths, but once he or she understands the problem, it will be easier to teach them. Once you know the issues, you can start thinking of a way on how to make maths more fun.

Alleviate Mental Blocks with Maths Strategies

Maths is a bit of a headache for most people. It often happens that students are not able to visualize the problems which can be challenging for them to learn. As a private tutor, you can help alleviate their mental maths block by teaching them math in a more approachable manner by showing them a physical representation of the problem. This will allow your students to visualize the problems and will make it easy for them to understand and apply this to other problems in the future.

Connecting math with language will make it more digestible and doable for students who do not like maths. As soon as the student realizes that maths is easy and enjoyable, their mental block and resentment will slowly decline, which leaves room for exciting new challenges.

Learn maths the fun way!
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Different Approaches for Learning Maths

A tutor may choose to adopt several approaches in order to introduce mathematical problems to your students in a more creative manner. Think about utilizing new methods which can stimulate the interests of your student. Things that have a stimulating effect on the brain, such as music, art, pictures, etc., try incorporating these methods while teaching maths. The critical part of teaching math is to find a structure that works with your students. Numbers is a universal language try learning it in a way you love doing it.

Students often lack confidence while studying maths. With the use of games, you can teach your students to get the correct answer in a fun manner. Sometimes your student may prefer another language which gathers their interest, or they might have a fun hobby or talent. Try creating an environment that imitates what they enjoy. It is essential to find a system that works for your students to learn. As an online private tutor, it is more challenging to try to motivate your students. It is harder to create an atmosphere that is fun through a screen.

How to Have Fun with Maths via Games

The students of primary schools have a more extensive range of scope. Students of this age are playful, and you can use this to your advantage. The most important part of playing these games is so that your student can understand how maths can be fun as well, and how can it be applied to their everyday life. Maths games are all about seeing the problems physically. You can use games such as puzzles, board games, or card games.

There are many types of games that are accessible online that can make math more fun and exciting. By including a game into their extracurricular work, you can encourage them and alleviate the feeling that maths is a chore or a tedious challenge.

Explore what the internet has to offer!
There are loads of games and apps to help teach and learn maths. Source: Visualhunt

Online Websites for Mathematics

To mix up your lessons as a private tutor, you can use online maths resources to make it more fun for your students. Let the internet help you as a teacher to plan out your lessons to make it more engaging and help them change the way they approach problem-solving and calculations. An excellent website for both the students and the teachers in India is BYJU's. This site is available all over India for the education system. The content of this site is made according to a student's requirements and curriculum. Explore different ways to learn mathematics, its essential to enjoy the subject.

YouTube is another online platform that you, as a private online tutor, can use, which has a whole lot of videos that provide enjoyable lessons. You can get inspiration from such videos to create your own for your students. Ted talk is an excellent idea for older students. Ted talk records lectures given by experts in various fields. Take a look at the maths audio, which might spark an interest with your student or show them how fun and enjoyable maths can be.

The possibilities and practicality are countless when it comes to making maths fun and enjoyable. Explore all of the options available, especially the ones online, and you will be able to make your students like and understand math in no time.

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