Hindi is one of the most widely spoken languages in India. It is also widely used in South Asian countries and also finds a prominent place among the European languages. Hence it is important to learn to speak the Hindi language fluently to excel in your professional and personal growth. It will also help you enjoy the Bollywood movies, understand more about the language and culture of India, ease your travel and communication as it is the most common of the spoken languages in India. To enjoy the various historical wonders of India built over the ages, be it during the Mughal time or British era you need to understand Hindi in detail.

Learn a new language to boost your career or to make your daily life easier. There are numerous online platforms like websites, apps, podcasts, etc. which can help you start learning Hindi. You can learn to speak, improve your writing skills and pronunciation by taking a language course or language classes from an online tutor. Hindi lessons can help improve your communication which in turn can boost your confidence to take challenges head-on. Be it job interviews or expanding your business to an unknown territory you can excel in anything if you have a strong foundation.

An image of a business meeting. Learning Hindi can be great for business purposes.
The Hindi language is great for business. (Image Source: CC0 1.0, rawpixel, Pixabay)

Why it is essential to learn Hindi

The benefits if learning Hindi are endless. It is the 4th most spoken language of the world and the most spoken in the Indian subcontinent. Being a master of this language can help you in a lot of ways. From holding a conversation to excelling in your job there are a lot of opportunities. Learning a second language can help you refine your thinking process and sharpen your brain, as well as give you a better outlook.

Moreover, if you can grasp the Hindi language then you can also understand Urdu fairly as these two languages are more or less similar. Hindi and Urdu have a lot in common so that is an added advantage. It is a phonetic language so reading and writing or speaking also become easier. India is a country with many regional dialects from Punjabi, Marathi to Kannada or Bengali there are a lot of languages spoken in India, but since Hindi is the most common of all the regional languages, learning to converse in Hindi will help you in reaping the benefits.

Reading books
Extensive reading practice, not only of the prescribed textbooks but also other materials, is a great source of enriching your English language skills | Source: Sincerely Media on Unsplash


Nowadays with the advent of technology learning a new language has become much easier. Register yourself for Hindi classes online. There are tutors who can guide you on how to learn hindi without disrupting your daily schedule. Hindi Language learning is a breeze if you get the correct guidance. These teachers can aid you in learning different Hindi words, Hindi alphabet as well as the current Devanagari script used, the relation of Hindi and Sanskrit and so on. They can also teach you about Hindi grammar, improve your vocabulary, tell you how to form a sentence correctly by proper use of nouns, vowels, verbs, pronouns, adjectives, consonants, tenses, etc. Take a spoken hindi class or improve your writing skills as per your need. A lot of schools have Hindi as their first language and also a lot of competitive exams are conducted in Hindi, so to excel in them you need to learn it. Then only you can express and write better answers and get good marks and qualify for further studies or get into a job in a reputed company.

Online tutors who can teach Hindi are in great demand, not only in India but all over the world. The people of the Western countries are also interested to learn Hindi in order to communicate effectively while traveling to India or to know about Indian culture. If you master the language you can then help others as well!

An image of a plane in the air. The Hindi language can be useful when travelling.
Learning Hindi can have huge benefits if you want to travel to India. (Image Source: CC0 1.0, tranmautritam, Pixabay)

Learn Hindi to boost your career

Learning a second language can be a great asset and can give your career a boost. With multi-national companies setting up offices in India, a person who can speak both English and Hindi will have a tremendous advantage while applying for a job. Other popular languages like French, German, Mandarin can also be learned but if you plan to pursue a career in India learning Hindi is the best option. Along with Hindi if you are proficient in English as well then, the sky is the limit. Indians even speak a language that is a mix of Hindi and English, which is also becoming popular. India is growing in power and establishing herself amongst the top economically powerful countries. With the influx of international companies, you also need to be above the other applicants in order to secure a good job. Being conversant in Hindi is a big plus in these circumstances.

Take online classes in a group setting or opt for one-to-one classes with a private tutor. There are websites who can help you select a tutor as per your wish. They offer free tuition so that you can feel if you are compatible with the teacher before you pay a small fee to start learning. For example, Superprof has tutors who can help you master the Hindi language. You can be in North India, Bihar, Madhya Pradesh or Bengal but still, learn from a tutor situated elsewhere through their web page. Read Hindi newspapers, articles and storybooks to boost your vocabulary. Take the help of a Hindi dictionary or Google to translate to learn new words. Ask questions to your teachers to clear your doubts, monitor your progress and take feedback in a positive way. A tutor can help you make a strong foundation on which you can build up your language proficiency. You can even start teaching students online after mastering the language or apply for language teaching jobs in various schools across India.

An image of the globe. The Hindi language is spoken by hundreds of millions of people.
The Hindi language is widely spoken by millions of people across the world. (Image Source: CC0 1.0, jeffjacobs1990, Pixabay)

Read, speak and Write Hindi

Hindi is the language for communication in many states in India like New Delhi, Rajasthan, Bihar, Uttar Pradesh, etc. It is essential to understand how Hindi evolved from Apabhramsa, the different dialects currently used in India, the Indo Aryan scripts. This will provide you with a strong base and you can scale up your learnings from thereon. Learning Hindi can really help you to better understand and appreciate Indian culture. You may speak different dialects like Gujarati, Marathi, Bengali, Punjabi, Kannada, Malayalam as per your mother tongue but you must be proficient in Hindi.

If you are living in India. Whether you are giving exams, doing business or traveling, learning this language will help to make your life a lot easier. Moreover, a well-read and educated person is always respected. If you are proficient in this language, then you will be able to enjoy Bollywood and you can also refine your Hindi by mimicking the dialogues of famous movie stars of Bollywood. Learning will be fun this way! The advantage of sitting at home or learning while traveling is unparalleled. You can discuss and reschedule your classes with your tutor or do extra classes whenever you are free or have less work. You can structure the entire course and decide on the areas that you need to work on and focus on them accordingly. These benefits are only available when you take online tuition as physical language classes have fixed timings and set course material.

Online tutors can help you excel in learning Hindi at your own pace. They can help with custom made courses and guide you to learn the Lingua Franca of India. You can advance from a beginner’s level to an Intermediate level much faster under a proper directive. Download Hindi learning apps, podcasts to listen to Hindi news, songs, talks, etc. or enroll in free and paid classes through numerous web pages to learn Hindi. Practice daily and rectify your mistakes to become more proficient and confident in reading, writing and speaking one of the most spoken languages of India. Numerous language support programs are available from where you can learn new words and phrases, loanwords, how to be grammatically correct when writing, etc.

You need to have the willingness to learn and try to narrow down on the areas you need to focus on. This will help you to progress at a much faster rate. Along with that take help from your peers, parents and online tutors. You can go through their profile, read reviews by other fellow students and take a free tutorial to self-assess before registering to learn Hindi from them. Refine your listening skills, basic grammar, language skills, learn about the Hindi vernacular, word order, commonly spoken words to increase your fluency.

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