Hindi is a historic language, it is widely spoken all over India, specifically in the northern part of India. Hindi is one of India’s official languages and is mostly spoken in the northern half of India. Hindi is also spoken countries such as Mauritius, Fiji, Guyana, Suriname, Trinidad & Tobago and Nepal.

"Hindi is a standardised from of Hindustani, along with Urdu. Hindi is derived directly from Hindustani in North India and was standardised in the 19th century. Hindi and Urdu share significant similarities, and they are still linguistically considered to be two variants of Hindustani."

Quick facts about Hindi | Why One Must Learn Hindi

Hindi is spoken by almost 330 million people all over the world. Making it one of the most spoken languages in the world, historically it is among the oldest languages around, and has a rich connection to almost all languages that exist at the moment.

  1. English has a lot of words taken from Hindi. For example, words like jungle, nirvana, yoga have originated from Hindi.
  2. Each letter and alphabet has its own distinct sound, therefore most words are spoken the same way they are written.
  3. Hindi Day commemorates the adoption of Hindi as an official language by the Indian Constituent Assembly in 1965.
  4. Hindi uses the Devanagari script, which is patterned on the Brāhmī script, an ancient script that developed between the 1st and 4th centuries CE. It contains 11 vowels and 33 consonants. The alphabetical table of Hindi is called Varnmala or the garland of letters.

In this competitive world learning a second language has its own advantages. From job interviews to cracking board exams it is essential to master this language as it is the most common language of India and South Asia as well. Find here why it is a great option is to learn Hindi.

With the steady progress of technology, it has become easier to learn any language as per your need and time. There are innumerable options for you to start from a Beginner Language course and progress to an Intermediate level before mastering Advanced levels of the Lingua franca of India. It is almost essential to learn Hindi if you want to apply for a job in some other state or if you want to rise up the ladder of success both professionally and personally. Hindi is one of the most widely used languages in the world and being able to converse and understand it has its own benefits. Nowadays there are dedicated apps that can teach you Hindi as well as websites offering tuition or podcasts from where you can adapt the language quickly.

Benefits of learning to speak in Hindi

The most widely spoken Indian language is Hindi and there are many ways to learn the most commonly spoken language of India. Online Language Learning tools, Language courses, and Language programs can teach you How to Speak, How to learn to write and how to Become fluent in Hindi. It is important to make the right choice from the multiple options available, and then dedicate at least some time every day to learn the Hindi language.

Find why it is beneficial to learn Hindi as a second language.

An image of the world. The Hindi language is spoken by millions of people.
The Hindi language is widely spoken across the globe. (Image Source: CC0 1.0, DasWortgewand, Pixabay)
  1. A vast majority of the population speaks it

About 260 million people speak Hindi around the world while about half that number has adapted it as a second language. It is the 4th Most spoken language of the world. So, it is a very big advantage if you are well conversant in Hindi as the demand and need are huge not only in India but all over the world. A lot of people from outside India have started learning Hindi- so much is the influence of this language! You can Learn Spanish or any other European languages, but Hindi is far more prevalent than these due to the huge percentage of people speaking it all over the world.

  1. Hindi and Urdu are pretty similar

The Urdu language has a lot of resemblance to the Hindi language. So, if you excel in Hindi you can also understand Urdu to a large extent. This can help you to ply your trade in the neighboring countries. Even Sanskrit is closely linked to Hindi so the advantages of learning Hindi are manifold. You can be a teacher in a Language school or you can be a translator in a foreign embassy. If you gain the required expertise you can write your own stories in Hindi or publish articles in Hindi newspapers or journals. The scope is huge, but for that, there is a need to learn the language, practice so as not to repeat the mistakes and gain experience from the options available.

  1. Benefits of Hindi as a phonetic language

Hindi being a phonetic language makes it easier to learn. The pronunciation and writing match each other thus making the Hindi alphabet learning experience smooth. Reading and writing, Memorization of Common words also become easier. Utilize this advantage to learn Hindi faster. Take the help of numerous apps and web pages where they teach you in a step-wise manner so that you can have a strong base before progressing to the advanced levels.

  1. Bollywood and Indian culture

Bollywood movies and Indian culture are two things the entire world is crazy about. It also generates a lot of revenue. If you are fluent in Hindi, you can enjoy the countless movies and serials.  The Film industry is huge in India and is also making waves outside India as well. It is also a fun relaxing way to learn Hindi. Listening is the best way to learn a new language or to increase your vocabulary. Improve your listening skills by watching the movies and practice the dialogues to excel in learning the Hindi language. Learn about India’s culture, read books by famous authors to acquire valuable knowledge of your country. A person with in-depth knowledge of his own country and its literature is well respected in social gatherings, debates, jobs, etc. Reading different genres of books will give you a broader outlook and a different perspective of this language. Your Hindi will be more refined if you have a varied learning experience.

  1. Other advantages

India is a diverse country with many regional Dialects. From Punjabi, Marathi to Kannada or Bengali there are a lot of different languages in India, but since Hindi is the most common of all Regional languages if you learn To converse in Hindi you will reap the benefits. Be it while traveling when you need to ask for necessities or while doing business all over India, the majority of the People Speak Hindi. There are some English words that are used in the Hindi language as well as cricket, bus. The mix of these two languages is known as Hinglish and is widely prevalent in the Indian subcontinent. Moreover, learning a new language sharpens the brain and helps in the improvement of your skillset in general. You will be able to appreciate a good talk or a discussion and can also play an active role by showcasing your talent and understanding of the Hindi language!

A Bollywood bride. Bollywood movies can help improve your understanding of the Hindi language.
Bollywood can be a wonderful gateway to the Hindi language. (Image Source: CC0 1.0, Talia Felix, PublicDomainPictures)

Take a class in Hindi from an Online tutor

Learn Hindi by taking Hindi lessons or spoken Hindi classes from Online Tutors. They can guide you in developing Language skills and how to write a correct sentence from a Grammatical context, when and how to use Vowels, Adjectives, Nouns, Tenses, Consonants, Pronouns correctly. Learn about the Indian culture, Devanagari script, Loanwords, Indo Aryan language, and its progress. Correct your Pronunciation and Grammar, learn new words and phrases and increase your Vocabulary with the help of the tutors. Use Google translate or a dictionary to level up your game!

Take a Hindi language course on Superprof or find a Hindi teacher for online Hindi classes here. They will help you understand the tricks of the trade-in order for you to outshine others!

A silhouette of a head with a yellow light bulb in the middle. Learning Hindi as a second language could have many benefits.
Learning Hindi, or any second language can be highly beneficial. (Image Source: CC0 1.0, Tumisu, Pixabay)

Teachers can help you Start learning Hindi as per your current level of understanding and capability.  There is a big basket of tutors on numerous websites and apps you can reach out to. Most of them offer a free class or tuition for you to check the compatibility before you zero down on 1 or 2 of them to guide you in learning Hindi. With the help of technology, you do not need to go physically to a class in a fixed time. You can sit at the comfort of your home and learn Hindi at your own pace and time. Parents should encourage their children to learn Hindi at an early age as young people tend to absorb and master any language at a faster pace than older ones. They should see that the learning is fun and not an added load, as then the learning process will be slow.

Learning a new language requires commitment, practice, and perseverance. It also requires proper guidance from experienced tutors. In a lot of schools, Hindi is the First language so to excel in the different subjects you need to have a grasp of the language. Then only you can express and write crisp answers.

Devanagari hindi script
Hindi is written in the Devanagari script, the script of the gods | Source: VisualHunt

There is a huge demand for online tutors who can teach Hindi not only in India but all over the world. The people of Western countries are also interested to learn Hindi. Be it the basics to communicate effectively while traveling to India or advanced courses to know about Indian culture, the demand is huge. We should ourselves learn the intricacies of this language as then only we can teach others or communicate among ourselves more effectively.

Language lessons from online tutors can help you master a second language without disrupting your schedule- be it your job or school. You can take the classes whenever you are free as there is no fixed time or duration. This flexibility is why online teaching is so well appreciated. A lot of professional teachers are there to help out eager students. You can go through their profile, experience, rates, and reviews and take a free lesson before selecting a tutor from whom you want to learn Hindi.

Learn, memorize, practice every day in order to master the Hindi language and reap the benefits throughout your life!

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