Hindi was originally derived from Sanskrit. Over time it got evolved from Apabhramsa to the now current script which is written in Devanagari. Due to its rich history, anyone looking to learn Hindi can go through millions of Hindi writing, poetry and literature to understand the language in a more refined way. From understanding the basics to having an in-depth knowledge of the language, there are a lot of learning options available as per the need of a person. Not everyone is at the same level of proficiency but they can quickly scale up under the guidance of experienced Hindi online tutors.

Evolution of Hindi and its impact on Indian culture

Hindi language and Indian culture are intertwined. It is one of the most widely used of all the Indian languages. There are close to 300 million Native speakers and almost 150 million people who speak Hindi. The numbers are increasing every minute as people have started to understand the importance of this language, be it in India, South Asia or the western world. If you are living in India it is almost a necessity to learn Hindi. This will also help you understand Indo Aryan languages, Brahmi script, how Hindi words were made or modified from Sanskrit words, etc. This, in turn, will give you a more clear picture of the Indian culture and how the Hindi language progressed in the Indian subcontinent. Learn about the different dialects, manuscripts of Hindi literature to learn more about the Language and culture associated with it.

Hindi is the language for communication in the majority of the states in India like New Delhi, Rajasthan, Bihar, etc. You need to learn it to understand the history behind the cultural attractions of India, be it The Red Fort, Gateway of India, Charminar and so on. It will help you appreciate the beauty more and also make it easier for you to hold a conversation with others. Hindi is the common language of communication even if it is influenced by the mother tongue of different regions or states of India. It might not be the National language of India but it is the most widely spoken language nonetheless.

The Red Fort in India. Learning Hindi can provide cultural insight when travelling around India.
The Red Fort in India. Learning Hindi can really help if you plan on traveling to India. (Image Source: CC0 1.0, Pi6el, Pixabay)

Why learning Hindi is important

The dialect is different in different states of India. You may speak Gujarati, Marathi, Bengali, Punjabi, Kannada, Malayalam as per your mother tongue but you must be proficient in Hindi as it is the most commonly spoken language of India. Whether you are giving exams, doing business or traveling, learning this language will give you lots of benefits and make your life a lot easier. Moreover, a well-read and educated person is always respected in society as well as in the workplace. With the influx of large multi-national companies and foreign agencies, it is becoming increasingly important to be fluent in Hindi. These organizations will always favor individuals who can communicate in the native language as well as in English. Learning Hindi and at the same time being fluent in English can help your career growth in leaps and bounds. Practice writing, take a Language course or a Typing test to check how much you have progressed.

There are more than 23 official languages in India, but Hindi is the most used amongst them. It is essential to learn Hindi to understand and communicate with the majority as well as to get an in-depth knowledge of the rich Indian culture. If you are proficient in this language, then you will be able to enjoy Bollywood and its movies which are renowned the world over. You can also refine your Hindi by mimicking the dialogues of famous movie stars of Bollywood! That is a fun way to learn Hindi. Watching Bollywood movies is a good way to learn is listening to a language helps in better pronunciation of Hindi words. You can always take the help of your peers and parents when you fail to understand a word or feel confused about how to use it correctly in a sentence. It is very important to learn correct Hindi by blocking the loopholes.

The Taj Mahal. Learning Hindi can help when travelling to major sights in India.
The Hindi language is widely spoken across India. (Image Source: CC0 1.0, wiganparky0, Pixabay)

The Hindi spoken in Northern India or Himachal Pradesh might be different from the Hindi spoken in Madhya Pradesh or Uttar Pradesh, due to the influence of the regional languages, but the basics remain the same. Learn to write, memorize common words, take Hindi online courses or Writing skills workshops to increase your fluency. Multilingual people get a lot more advantages than a single language speaking person.

Hindi lessons online by tutors

To make your life easier while conducting the day-to-day activities it is a requirement to have a basic understanding of the Hindi language. The best way to learn Hindi without disrupting your daily schedule is through online classes and tutorials. You can also learn the similarity between Hindi and Urdu from the tutors and how India became the most predominant Indian language. Technology can provide you with a simple one-stop solution. With the rise of Hindi learning apps, podcasts to listen to Hindi songs, talks, etc. or free and paid classes through numerous web pages learning Hindi is a breeze. Dedicate some amount of your free time to learn this language and you will be reaping the benefits throughout your life.

The online tutors can also help you learn the Hindi alphabet or Hindi letters along with how to form a correct sentence. From Basic grammar classes to how to use vowels, consonants, nouns there are Language courses for everything. The advantages of having a private tutor are enormous. They can help with custom made courses as per the need of the student to help them learn the Lingua Franca of India. You can Lean to write without making any grammatical errors under their guidance and advance from a beginner’s level to an Intermediate level much faster. Understand about loanwords, word order and become fluent in the most spoken South Asian language. Use a Hindi dictionary to learn new words every day! You can also take the help of Google translate or subscribe to websites or apps. For a small fee, you can get the gift of being fluent in another language. Watching Hindi news, serials can also help you understand the current trend and make you fluent in the prevalent lingo.

A laptop with "e-learning" written on the screen with images of books behind it. You can learn Hindi online.

You can learn Hindi online if you'd prefer to have lessons remotely. (Image Source: CC0 1.0, kalhh, Pixabay)

Find here Hindi language courses for beginners to up your game! Once you master these you can start advanced learning under proper guidance from the online tutors. There are numerous web pages like Superprof who can help you by providing teachers as per your needs. Take a free lesson to understand the compatibility between you and the tutor before zeroing on one to teach you spoken Hindi. You can pay for an entire course, a specific Language program or on a class to class basis. Improve your Vernacular, reading writing skills, speaking fluency with the help of these tutors. Have your queries resolved, rectify your mistakes so that they are not repeated and practice whatever they teach you in your free time. A lot of competitive exams in India are in Hindi medium, be it board exams, qualifying exams or job entry tests. If you are a master of Hindi language you can express yourself better and more accurately which will reflect on your score.

The advantage of sitting at your home or learning while traveling is unparalleled. You can discuss and reschedule your classes with your tutor or do extra classes as per the availability of your teacher. If you do not want to do a one-to-one class, you can join numerous group coaching classes or workshops and start learning.  There are advantages and disadvantages of both group classes and one-to-one tutoring, but it is up to you how you can benefit from the positives. A Hindi teacher or tutor can help you make a strong foundation on which you can build up your language proficiency. You can even start teaching students after mastering the language. Hindi is in huge demand not only in India or Asia but all over the world. People of the Western world want to learn the basics of Hindi to ease their travel to India and to communicate in a better manner. They are interested to learn about the Indian culture and the Hindi language is an integral part of it. There are multiple websites offering tutors to people who want to learn Hindi for work or for pleasure. You can join them and teach and earn! In order to do that you need to master the language by taking advanced classes.

From understanding the intricate details of our rich culture to becoming the ace of your workplace, learning Hindi can open many avenues! It is important to learn it from authorized sources so as to have a strong grasp on the language.

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