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Learn To Speak Hindi And Boost Your Career Prospects

By Yann, published on 21/09/2018 We Love Prof - IN > Languages > Hindi > Expand Your Professional Reach By Learning Hindi

Learning another language can be so rewarding, not least because it can help you progress in your career.

So if you’re interested in learning more about another language for business purposes, there are a few key contenders in mind – whether that’s:

  • Mandarin;
  • German; or
  • Spanish.

However, one often overlooked language that can be a great advantage in the business arena is Hindi.

One of the official languages of India, Hindi is the fourth most-spoken language in the world, and so naturally, is spoken by many in India. India is considered to be the sixth-largest economy in the world, and may even surpass the UK to become the fifth-largest by the end of this year. With that in mind, there’s a lot of incentive to learn more about this language if you’re serious about improving your job prospects in south-east Asia.

A business meeting. Business meetings in India can be conducted in the Hindi language. Learning Hindi can be great for business purposes. (Image Source: CC0 1.0, rawpixel, Pixabay)

Why Is The Hindi Language So Good For Business?

Put simply, if you envisage your career having anything to do with India (and given India’s growing presence as an economic powerhouse that likelihood is only increasing) then Hindi is a fantastic language to learn to help you get ahead in your career.

It Compliments Your Knowledge of English

Although there is a widely-held idea that English is the lingua franca used in most Indian businesses, the truth is that Hindi also plays a vital role when it comes to how businesses communicate with each other, both internally and externally to other businesses. While speaking English is a great asset to have, it’s even better if you are able to communicate with colleagues in Hindi.

It may be easier to grasp when put this way – English is one of the official Indian languages, alongside Hindi. However, when it comes to the number of English speakers in India, their number (estimated to be around 10% of the population) pales in comparison to the estimated speakers of Hindi – which, combined with native speakers and those who speak Hindi as a second language – totals around 380 million.

Hindi Recognises India’s Growing Importance In Business

Another great reason to learn Hindi for your career is the fact that Indian outsourcing is on the rise. Anyone with experience, or wanting to learn more about, the world of international business should quickly see that a lot of outsourcing has gone to India over the past few decades, whether that’s in relation to:

  • Information technology;
  • Telecommunications;
  • Business processes; or
  • Manufacturing.

As a result, there are a wide number of internationally known businesses that have established links in India, from companies such as Microsoft and Dell to Tata Motors, among others. So if you’re looking to get your foot in a door of a major corporation, it may be worth seeing whether they have existing links with India, or are in fact an Indian business.

If they do have those links, then chances are that depending on the role you apply for, your Hindi language skills could put you in a favourable light.

Additionally, once you’ve mastered Hindi then you’ll also have an easy time learning Urdu – Pakistan’s national language – as they are widely considered to be the same language to a degree, but are simply written in different scripts. While this means that, as a Hindi speaker, you would not be able to write in Urdu, you should still be able to communicate proficiently with an Urdu speaker, even if you’re speaking Hindi to them.

In business, having two extra languages to your name can really expand the reach of the number of people you can communicate with, which is always a bonus.

A collection of newspapers, one on the world business page. Learning Hindi can be good for business. The Hindi language can be great for business. (Image Source: CC0 1.0, freeGraphicToday, Pixabay)

Stay Ahead Of The Competition

What’s more, the fact is that Hindi is often not taught as a second language in schools in the west, as often different languages such as French, German, Spanish, or even Mandarin are made more widely available to students.

As a result, if you do decide to learn Hindi for work purposes, then you could have a head start on a number of people who simply would not have thought to learn Hindi for their career, despite its growing importance.

How To Learn Hindi Effectively

Whether you’re a beginner or fluent, it’s never too late to start learning and improving your comprehension of Hindi.

As with any language, it’s crucial that you develop four key skills during your language journey:

  • Listening skills;
  • Reading skills;
  • Writing skills; and
  • Speaking skills.

Often, reading and listening skills will develop the quickest. While actually speaking a language such as Hindi to a proficient degree may take some time, it’s very achievable with some commitment and dedication.

There are a number of ways that you can develop these core skills, such as through the use of flashcards,  by watching popular Bollywood films in Hindi to improve your understanding of the language, or by trying to commit to learning new adjectives or Hindi phrases and expressions each day.

If you want to learn more about the grammar of Hindi, improve your pronunciation, learn more about how to have an effective conversation in Hindi, or have a good grammatical understanding of the language, there are specific exercises you can undertake as a learner of Hindi. For example, buying a Hindi dictionary is just one way to help learn the Hindi script and boost your vocabulary.

Further, when it comes to learning Hindi, there are a few different learning routes you could consider if you want to learn this language, and hopefully develop your skills to the point where your Hindi is almost as good as your native language!

Learn Hindi Online

There are so many online language courses and learning materials out on the internet that it’s very easy to find a course and teach yourself a language, including Hindi, in your free time.

Some people really enjoy learning a new language online because it gives them the freedom to study when they are able to, and often they can learn at a pace that suits them. So if, for example, you struggle initially learning the Hindi alphabet, then you can take longer getting comfortable with it than you may otherwise have time to if you were on a paid, in-person course.

However, not all online courses were created equal, and some really do offer more value than offers. So if you are considering going down this route to learn Hindi it’s important to do your research and choose a course that suits your budget, provides measurable learning outcomes and has a good reputation.

Further, as you would likely be learning Hindi to advance your career, it’s worthwhile trying to select courses that cater to the business world, which teach you important words and phrases and items of vocabulary that you would likely encounter in a working environment in India.

As an official language of India, there are likely to be many courses out there that offer business-specific courses, which may cover things such as common sentence structure, whether there is a popular idiom used at work, as well as key skills such as knowing Hindi numbers.

Superprof has a range of tutors that can teach you Hindi in a remote, online setting. Simply let your prospective tutor know that you’re interested in learning Hindi for business purposes and they can help tailor your lesson plans to help you achieve this aim.

A man working on a laptop which shows a screen with the word "e-learning" on it. You can find courses to learn Hindi online. You can learn Hindi online. (Image Source: CC0 1.0, geralt, Pixabay)

Learn Hindi By Attending A Class

Alternatively, if you’d rather learn Hindi with a group, there are a number of places where you can attend Hindi language lessons. The great thing about group lessons is that you can hear others speak the language – including the teacher – which will help develop your listening and speaking skills that little bit quicker and help you to pick up new Hindi words and common words along the way.

It’s also a great way to make friends, as you’ll all have a common interest in wanting to learn Hindi, whether you are a group of beginners to learning the language, or your proficiency of Hindi is intermediate or you speak it fluently.

There are also a number of dedicated Hindi language courses that focus on Hindi for business, so once you’re comfortable with the fundamentals of the language, attending such a course can really help you get your foot forward in the business world and give you the language tools to succeed.

If you are struggling to find a course that’s right for you, or if you and a group of friends want to find somewhere that caters for group language lessons, then you can also use Superprof to help. By searching for Hindi language tutors in your area, you should be able to find a tutor that’s willing to introduce you to the world of Hindi lessons either on a one to one or group workshop basis.


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