Acquiring a second language has its own benefits. From the ease of communication while traveling to impressing clients in your job the list is endless. Moreover, learning a new language sharpens your skills and helps in giving you a better perspective of the surroundings. The brain when challenged works more efficiently and learning a new language can do the same.

Apart from Hindi, the other prevalent languages are French, English, Mandarin, German or Spanish. However, in the Indian subcontinent and in South Asia, Hindi is one of the most widely spoken language. It is the 4th Most spoken language in the world. So, in order to grow both personally and professionally, it is absolutely essential to learn Hindi and be fluent in it. Find out the usefulness of learning Hindi and how it can benefit you in the long run!

A business meeting. Business meetings in India can be conducted in the Hindi language.
Learning Hindi can be great for business purposes. (Image Source: CC0 1.0, rawpixel, Pixabay)

Benefits of Hindi in business

India is rapidly climbing the steps to become one of the strong economic countries of the world. Hindi is one of the official languages of India and is used by the majority of the population as compared to the other regional languages like Gujarati, Marathi, Bengali, Punjabi, etc. So, it is important to learn the Lingua Franca of India if you want to increase your career prospects. Find below the advantages of learning Hindi.

  1. Hindi and English make a strong combination

Though English is used widely in India be it in school or while conducting business, Hindi also plays an integral part. If you can master English speaking as well as excel in the Hindi language you will be a force to reckon with. You can talk in English with the clients from outside India and communicate the same in Hindi to your Indian colleagues. A person who can speak re than one language is always respected and held in high esteem. Moreover, Hindi, Urdu, and Sanskrit are sort of similar languages so if you are well versed in Hindi you can easily understand the other two. This can give you an added advantage and an upper edge.

  1. Hindi helps in career growth

With the rise of Indian professionals working abroad be it in IT, Telecommunications, Research and Development, Manufacturing, etc. the need for learning Hindi is also rising. Another great reason to learn Hindi is to increase your career prospects as a lot of companies be it Google, Microsoft or Apple, want employees who are well conversant in more than one language. In India also knowing Hindi can ease the process of communication as the majority of Indians speak Hindi.

A collection of newspapers, one on the world business page. Learning Hindi can be good for business.
Hindi language can be great for business. (Image Source: CC0 1.0, freeGraphicToday, Pixabay)

Tricks of learning Hindi

To learn and to excel in Hindi you need to refine your vocabulary, grammar, listening skills, writing skills, and reading skills. Learn how to construct a correct sentence by using nouns, pronouns, vowels, adjectives, consonants, tenses, etc.

Watch Bollywood movies, listen to podcasts, use Flashcards, learn Hindi from various Hindi teaching apps and webpages. Take Language lessons or Language courses to increase your Hindi fluency. Learn to speak fluently by practicing daily. Join now to learn Hindi classes or take one-on-one tuitions from tutors to understand the Hindi alphabet or Hindi grammar. Memorize the most commonly used words and phrases, spell loudly and be careful so as to not repeat the same mistakes. You can also download a Hindi learning app and enroll in their courses. It is a fun and relaxing way to learn a new language.

  1. Online classes to learn Hindi

Learning Hindi is a breeze through online tutorials. You can learn in your free time and as per your level of expertise. There are so many Hindi speaking teachers who can guide you. The added advantage of learning Hindi online is that there is no fixed class timings or duration. You do not have to adjust your daily activities in order to learn a new language. Invest your free time to learn how to speak Hindi. There are endless websites and apps which can teach you Hindi or help you understand the intricacies of the language. But some might be for beginners, some might cater to an intermediate level while some websites are for advanced learners. Select the ones which can help you grow and reach the next step. Also, each of them offers something that the other does not and the charges are also not the same. Keep in mind all these parameters and select the aptest one to learn. Make your base strong by listening and following the experienced teachers from these various online pages.

For example, Superprof has tutors who can help you master the Hindi language by offering you classes remotely. You can be in North India, Bihar, Madhya Pradesh or Bengal but still, learn from a tutor situated elsewhere. From courses on Hindi literature to Language and culture of India to classes to aid you to prepare for an exam or a business trip, they can guide you as per your need!

  1. Study Hindi in a class

There are advantages and disadvantages to learning in a group. The pros are you can learn from other mistakes, judge your progress with respect to the group, improve your pronunciation by hearing others and how they speak and spell. A competitive mindset is there is a group that tends to make a person learn faster and there is always a hunger or wanting to learn Hindi. You can also have a good network of friends from a group class. The cons are you might not get individualized attention from the teacher or shy from asking questions which might result in a weak base and you will find it difficult to communicate once you go out into the world. There is also pressure to perform which sometimes can have a negative effect.

There are dedicated Hindi language courses for every need be it to increase your business or aid you in traveling to remote areas. Select the most appropriate one and enjoy the learning!

  1. Study Hindi from a tutor

Language learning has never been easy with the rise of online tutoring. A dedicated teacher can help you learn better and faster. That too while you sit at the comfort of your home! Superprof helps you in finding a tutor as per your wish. It is a platform where skilled teachers help students to learn a language, New words, Grammar rules, Word order and teaches them to Become fluent in Hindi or any other language. Hindi speaking tutors can handhold students until they are confident to ply their trade on their own. You can take a free lesson to check if you are compatible with a tutor before selecting him or her.

A man working on a laptop which shows a screen with the word "e-learning" on it. You can find courses to learn Hindi online.
You can learn Hindi online. (Image Source: CC0 1.0, geralt, Pixabay)

Take some Hindi classes

There are innumerable options to learn Hindi. From Hindi learning centers, in-college courses to correspondence degrees there is no dearth of choices.

A few noteworthy colleges in India teaching Hindi and giving degrees of both Bachelors and Masters are as follows. They have structured and recognized courses in the Hindi language for a fixed duration of time divided into sessions and years.

  1. Hindu College, New Delhi
  2. Miranda house university for women
  3. Kalindi college
  4. Xavier's college
  5. Kamla Nehru college
  6. Fergusson college
  7. Banaras Hindu university
  8. K J Somaiya College of Arts & Commerce
  9. Madras Christian college
  10. Hansraj college

They have full-length courses of 2-3 years duration which is the best option for students. However, if you want to learn Hindi while working the fixed duration of the college hours will be a challenge. Here the world of technology and online platforms come in and provide you a buffet of options to learn on the go!

Be it in a college or an online platform your dedication will define how fast and how well you learn and adapt a new language. There are experienced tutors to help you in the learning journey but in the end it is up to you and how much you practice and absorb the teachings. Start learning today by enrolling in a Language program or download a Hindi Learning software. Reading and writing can help you refine your Hindi. Go through Hindi newspapers, articles and storybooks to boost your vocabulary. Take the help of a dictionary or Google to translate if you are stuck with new words. Ask a question to your teachers to clear your doubts, monitor your progress and take feedback in a positive way.

Hindi lessons can help improve your communication to a great extent, which in turn can boost your confidence to take challenges head-on. Be it job interviews or expanding your business to an unknown territory a stronghold on the Hindi language can work wonders as it is the most commonly spoken language. And what better way to learn than to take guidance from professionals whose job is to help you outshine your competition!

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