“Education is the birthright of every child”. The Department of education in India ensures that every child between 6 to 14 years of age gets basic education through government or private schools. But every child is not the same. Despite all the education facilities in the school, many children are not able to educate themselves properly.

There are multiple reasons behind that. Sometimes the child feels shy to ask things, sometimes the curriculum does not fit his IQ, or the teaching pattern is not understood by the child. Whatever the reason is, the child is at a loss.

The low grades and poor performance of the child put the parents in tension. They invest a huge amount of money to ensure the proper schooling of their child, despite that the child is not able to learn anything.

Well, there is a solution to everything. Back in ancient times, when there were no schools, parents were the teachers of the child. Whatever knowledge the child acquired that was through parents only. That education did not provide any degree but the knowledge was vast.

The same concept was followed by Mahatma Gandhi and Rabindranath Tagore, where they schooled multiple students without providing them with a degree. But knowledge and education helped them in the long run.

The same concept is being implemented nowadays by the parents - Home Schooling. Home Schooling in India is used by many people to educate their children without sending them to school. The major element of homeschooling is to provide the child with private classes. The Indian parenthood is welcoming homeschooling with open arms.

A mother with her children
Homeschooling helps the kids in making learning a better experience. Source: Slices From Life

Private Classes Are Helpful

Here, we have described a short opinion about how private classes will be beneficial for a child.

To Enhance New Talent

It is never necessary that a child needs to be good in studies to ensure a bright future. Many a time the child is blessed with a different talent which can be a route for a bright future. With the help of private classes, parents can enhance the special talent of their kid.

It is not any more important that your child should sit in 6 hours of school classes and gain nothing but a piece of paper authenticating his presence in the school. Homeschooling with the help of private lessons, you can ensure that your child utilizes his energy in the required place.

Find a good home tutor for your kids.

Homeschooling focuses at the child's interest
Homeschooling has gained momentum especially for enhancing new talent. Source: India Today

Helping Hands For Homework

When it comes to homeschooling, it does not mean that the child does not get any homework. If you are homeschooling your child by any home education organization, your child gets homework there as well. Private classes help the child to finish the homework efficiently.

To Learn A New Language

Apart from the regular schooling your child is doing, he can learn a new language with the help of private classes. You can provide your child with private lessons in a new language. You can visit Superprof and find a language teacher for your child in your locality.

What Is Home Schooling In India?

Home Schooling in India refers to the schooling of the child without getting him registered in any authorized school or academic institute.

The current school system in India guarantees a degree to the student that he has attended the school for this period. Most of the time the child is not able to grasp a bit of knowledge in all those schooling times. Home Schooling is an alternative to private schools education.

A child who is homeschooled has equal knowledge and sometimes more knowledge than a regular school-going kid.

Parents prefer to home school their child as they have realized that their child education is more important than the authentication. Back then, in India, it was believed that a child can only get educated in a school and nowhere else but now the things are changing. With the involvement of technology, parents are becoming more broadminded. They are looking for alternatives if a child is not able to learn in school. They are even providing online courses to their children for better outcomes.

In India, for higher education, the child needs a 10+2 degree from an authorized institute. Home Schooling does not stop them from getting higher education as the child can opt to take the IGCSE exam as private candidates or sit for the grade 10 and grade 12 exams of NIOS.

Mother with her child
Parents act as the primary source of education in homeschooling. Source: The better Andhra

Who Needs Homeschooling?

Out of all the kids out there, let us look who needs homeschooling-

 For Children Below 5-

Generally, the most popular form of homeschooling which is widely followed in India is homeschooling a kid up to 5 or 6 years of age. Many parents prefer to teach their child at home. This clears the basic of the kid and opens the mind to grab other things. If you send your child to school at 2 or 3 years of age, then in the crowd of students he will not be able to learn anything.

For Weak Students-

Many children are not blessed with a high IQ in studies. They take a lot of time to understand even simple things. In school, the teacher does not have the time to focus only on one student. This results in poor performance of the child. Parents of such students are preferring homeschooling as it provides a personal space to their child to learn and educate himself. The child is free to ask any question.

For Disadvantaged Students-

Unfortunately, many children in India are physically disabled. Although many institutes are running for such students to ensure their proper education, parents prefer to school them at home. This helps them by giving them proper attention and time. The parent or a private teacher whoever is schooling designs lesson plans such that they learn in a better way.

The Methodology Of Homeschooling In India

In India, there are many methods of homeschooling such as-

Montessori Method Of Home Schooling In India

Montessori is a method of education that is based on self-directed activity, hands-on learning and collaborative play. This type of education is a method of homeschooling being practices where children of the same age group are taught together as per their interest. The children are asked to do activities such that they creatively learn things. Many homeschooling organisations and parents at home use this methodology to educate their child.

Unschooling - An Informal Learning

Unschooling is informal learning that advocates learner-chosen activities as a primary means for learning. This asks the child to learn things from their lifestyle, parents, surrounding, work experience etc. this is useful for a child who has got a special talent such as music, dance, acting, singing etc. such kids can keep participating in competitions, reality shows, theatres etc. and learn from practical experience without getting any theoretical knowledge in school.

A father assisting his child with online learning
Homeschooling designs a whole new creative curriculum for the kids. Source: The Hindu

Radical Unschooling

This methodology of unschooling requires high attention from the parents’ side. Parents act as guides and facilitators, helping children to connect with that inner wisdom. They do not make any strict rules for children but make them believe in principles.

Waldorf Education

Waldorf education is also known as Steiner education. It is based on the educational philosophy of Rudolf Steiner who is the founder of Anthroposophy. It tends to develop well- rounded children. It focuses on all the genres of education whether it is academics or music. The stated goal of the Waldorf Method is to produce individuals able to create meaning in their own lives. Children are taught many extracurricular things as well.

Traditional School-at-home

This involves schooling a child at home with the same process as it is done in school. This provides the child with a desk, books, study slots and sometimes a tutor. This also includes field trips and practical on-hand experiences similar to school.

The home school programmes save the child from daily tension of attendance and grades. It provides a broad vision of the word education. Homeschoolers get to learn from the practical things in life. They learn from their everyday lifestyle.

Homeschooling is not only an alternative for schools but it is also a new option for education. With time, parents are realizing the fact that education is no more restricted to four walls. Many times it is seen that parents are themselves becoming the teachers in homeschooling. If the child is homeschooled by the parents, then it is the best kind of education the child can get.

Homeschooling requires high attention of parents on the child as there is no certain discipline in homeschooling as compare to schooling. This increases the chances of a child getting spoiled if not taken care properly. but if the child is under control he can expand his wings and explore the heights of education in a true form.

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