Every child deserves an equal opportunity to learn and grow. But the fact cannot be discarded that every child has got different talents and ability to understand things. Whatever problems a child is facing, it may be poor grades, disinterest in studies, understanding problems etc., all roots to a single cause - the present education system which educates and evaluates every child on the same meter.

Most of the time parents take this as the negligence of the child. But they need to understand that this is not the negligence of a child but it shows parent’s as well as the school's negligence towards it.

No one can expect a child having an interest in music to excel in physics but the child is forced to do so.

So, what is the solution?

This is a high time when parents need to steal some time from their busy clock and look around the changing world. The changing world has brought numerous other options for schooling rather than private schools. The only condition is that these alternatives ask for your time to your child.

The best alternative to schooling is considered as homeschooling where the child is no longer bound to the four walls. The child is free to learn from life experiences, practical exposures, parents, etc.

The digital age has added ‘sugar to the pie’, it provides the child with an opportunity of online teaching where the traditional pedagogy steps back.

This article will look deep into the prospectus of home tutors and online teaching for the betterment of your child.

Teacher and a child
Many parents in India are turning towards home tutoring for their child. Source: Education world

What Is Home Education?

Home education, commonly known as homeschooling is an alternative to traditional schools. In-home education the child does not require to attend any classes, the child is tutored at home only. This way of education does not provide any verification in the form of degree a school does but works on the interest of the child. In the home tutoring, the child's interest is observed and lesson plans are made according to that. It mainly comprises practical knowledge than a theoretical one. 

In India, there are multiple ways of home educating a child such as:

Homeschooling By Parents

This is one of the most common ways of home education, where parents act as the primary source of education for the child. Most of the time, a home tutor, which is parents can become a teacher for their child, or start tutoring services for the children. Parents who are well educated and want a proper education for their child prefer this method of schooling. This method of education requires high attention in the form of one-on-one tutoring by parents as the child is learning through them. Being a medium they should be highly attentive toward the child’s mental state and interest of study.

Homeschooling By Homeschoolers

In India, many groups are working as homeschoolers. They are running a type of homeschooling variety where the child does not need to go to school. These organizations work only in the area of interest of the child with other basic knowledge. In most of the cases, they provide the child with a certification of homeschooling. These organizations generally home school the child up to a senior secondary level before he enters higher education. You can check the list of such homeschooling organizations in India and find one for your child.

Private Tutor

Private home tutor mostly serves as the secondary source of education. But in the concept of homeschooling then can serve your child as a primary source of education as well. You can understand this by an example:

Suppose your child is interested in music and he is not learning anything in school. Then instead of forcing him to sit in the classroom, you can hire a music tutor to homeschool your child. This will help your child develop professional skill in his expertise.

In another way, if your child is learning music under expertise by doing practical or live shows but you also want your child to have the basic primary or secondary level education. In this case, also, you can get private tutoring for your child to teach him the basic subjects. 

If you are finding a problem in getting a good private teacher in your locality, you can search for them on Superprof where you only need to enter your required subjects and locality. You can choose the best out of many private tutors in your locality. The ‘tutors near me’ service help students a lot in getting the best personal tutor.

Thus, finding a teacher to educate your child about school Math or a foreign language is not a big deal anymore with websites like Superprof.

A private tutor helps the child to understand things in a creative and better way. Source: Talentnook

Teacher and a student
A private tutor helps the child to understand things in a creative and better way. Source: Talentnook

Online Teaching

The digital world has created a worldwide revolution in every sector. Education is also not left untouched. With the enhancement of technologies and digitalisation, traditional education has got to be a creative alternative in the form of online education. From online tutor to learning applications, online tutoring services are another way of homeschooling your child with the help of various online teaching resources available on the Internet. A child can learn creatively and easily using online teaching-learning style.

Online Homeschooling In India

Homeschooling was an ancient concept which got spiced up with the new age that is the digital age. Homeschooling nowadays has got a more variety known as online homeschooling. In this kind of homeschooling, the child neither requires to go to school or sit with books with a private tutor. Everything has got replaced by a small smartphone. The smartphone contains even more dense knowledge than you can think of. This is somewhat similar to online tutoring but is slightly different as well.

Online tutoring acts as a secondary source of education for a child whereas online homeschooling is the primary source of education of the child. Whatever the child is learning in his duration of homeschooling is all through the internet only. It has got both advantages and disadvantages which needs to be kept in mind. The major disadvantage of online homeschooling includes the unfixed curriculum of study which develops no study habits in the child which might affect him in the long run.

Find a good home tutor for your kids.

A private class session
The introduction of technology in education has made it easier. Source: The tutor team

How To Start Homeschooling In India?

To start homeschooling in India, you can follow the following guidelines.

Be Ready To Be A Teacher

The foremost step to start homeschooling in India is to be mentally prepared about the same. It is not easy to convince your child for homeschooling, whereas he can see other children having fun together in school. As a parent, you should not only prepare yourself but prepare your child for the same. You should be ready to devote a good time to your child. You need to keep his other interest in mind as well. 

Do A SWOT Analysis Of Your Child

SWOT analysis refers to identifying strength, weakness, opportunities and threats of an individual thing. You need to perform the same exercise with your child. This will help you in identifying the area of interest of your child. It will also help you find deciding the subject in which you have to homeschool your child. You need to be prepared for the upcoming threats as well.

Every child is different and parents need to design a curriculum which suits them. Source: First Cry Parenting

Do Not Force, Let Him Explore

This refers to the fact that even in homeschooling you do not force your child to learn a thing of your interest or something which is in trend. Ask your kid about his interest and let your child explore his wings and find the best thing for him. Do not force him to get into a study habit, develop a game plan for him with his favourite subjects.

Find The Best

Out of many tutoring programs available in India, you need to select the best option. There are varieties in homeschooling ranging from private tutor to online teaching, choose one which suits your child's mind and interest.

Is It Important?

Last but not the least, ask yourself whether it is important. Homeschooling is in trend, but it does not mean that trend needs to be followed. If your child can learn in school then do not force him to undergo homeschooling. A school not only educates a child but makes him/her social. Do not snatch this opportunity of getting nurtured together from your child. Homeschool him only if he is interested and ready for it. But above everything, if your child needs it.

Online homeschooling has become a readymade education source for children but parents need to understand the requirements of their child. Most of the students are not able to perform well because of underlying pressure.

Ensure that as a parent you do not subject your kid to any kind of pressure. As a parent, you have the right to decide the best thing for your kid but ask yourself are you providing him with the best? Because in the end, we get the life once and every child deserves to live it to the fullest.

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