Learning is an evergoing process. It is something you can do in your entire lifespan. School education is considered as the primary source of learning. Though there is not a definite time to educate yourself, at a younger age your mind is active enough to grasp all the new things. Thus, the whole education system is designed in such that by the time you are 30, you already possess required education certification with you.

Parents are looking for the best source for educating their child. There was a time when schools were considered the best academic support for a child. But over time, many new alternatives have appeared in the form of tutoring, home tutors, private tutoring, etc. These may not be considered as mainstream education but the fact that it is growing at the fastest rate, with the help of online tutors and websites, it may replace the traditional school and campus learning.

Study with family help
HomeTutoring constitutes parents as well for tutoring the child. Source: Lumen Learning Center

The Need For Online Tutoring And Homeschooling

The classes in both primary and secondary schools are packed with students. There is only one teacher available for 50 students to be tutored in just 30-50 minutes. Technically, the teacher cannot provide personal supplement instructions to every child.

Like it is said, ‘every child is not the same’. Many children are able to grasp things and get a good score. On the other hand, some pupils face difficulty while learning and need private lessons to reach passing grade. This scenario disappoints parents the most.

Online tutoring and homeschooling came into functioning as a ray of hope for such parents and children. With the help of these mediums of schooling, the tutee can get utmost attention and learn in a different creative way.

Apart from these things, many children are mended for something else. Some kids are gifted with some special talents that cannot be nurtured with the degree of school. Such talents need practice, time, attention and homeschooling or online tutoring and one-on-one tutoring serve the purpose.

What Is Homeschooling In India?

Home schooling India is a relaunched ancient form of schooling in the country. Earlier, in India, there were many parents, teachers who used to tutor children at home without providing them with any authorized degree. Such schooling lacked recognition but was rich in learning and education. Homeschooling uses different methodologies to teach the children.

In homeschooling, most of the time, the parents act as a teacher and school their children. Sometimes the children are sent to some homeschooling organizations. Children having talents such as music, dance or acting learn from working on a practical basis. They often go under functional training with an expert.

Advantages Of Homeschooling In India

Home tutoring India benefits are high in number. Some of them are:

Rich In Variety

Homeschooling is very flexible. It does not follow a curriculum of subjects. A child can learn anything he wants. Parents or homeschoolers first identify the interest of the student and then design a curriculum which suits it. It includes practical exposure to more than theoretical knowledge. It allows the child to get expertise learning in his subject area.

Flexible Time-Schedule

Homeschooling is not bounded within a time free. A child is free to study at any time he wishes to. More often the study window is open for 24 hours as the child is learning something from his experiences each second. In school, the study is bound to a certain period which prohibits the children from expanding their wings, whereas in homeschooling there is no such boundary.

No Equipment Required

Homeschooling does not ask you for any types of equipment. Anything you want can be used to educate the child. Books are beneficial but are not essential in home education. Generally, the parents or homeschoolers create a learning environment with the things present in the surroundings. Children can be taken to field trips, live projects, working experience or training under professionals for education. If you are looking for a tutor to improve the academic performance of your child, you can search tutors with good teaching experience on Superprof.

Cons Of Homeschooling

With all these above-mentioned advantages it has some dark sides as well:

Reduces Socializing

Schools not only educate children, but they also socialize them. When a child is homeschooled, he learns alone which makes him unfamiliar with society. The child might feel alone as he might not get friends as much as he can get in schools.

Inhibits New Learning Sources

Schools keep updating their learning technologies. In the case of homeschooling, a child lacks it. The lack of equipment in homeschooling is a disadvantage which can sometimes make the study pattern monotonous.

Restricts Extracurricular Activities

In a school, the child is opened for n numbers of extracurricular activities. From dancing to karate and music, a child can explore every aspect of life with his groups of friends. Homeschooling lacks this feature as the child does not get enough extracurricular activities to perform with friends.

What Is Online Learning?

Online learning is the newly launched concept of learning. This involves the usage of the online platform to educate children. It is widely used by students to improve their grades, complete homework, prepare for professional exams, learn a new language etc. it is really helpful as it provides creative ways of education. It decreases the monotonous study routines and makes it easier and enjoyable.

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Online learning
Online learning involves the usage of digital technology for education. Source: Business cloud

Benefits Of Online Education

There are a number of advantages attached to online education  such as:

Flexibility of Timings

As like private classes, online learning has no time boundary. Your learning window is opened as long as you have the internet. You can study things while relaxing on your couch while travelling in a car or bus. You just need an active internet connection and learning can be done all-around your routines.

The Highly Engaging Learning Environment

The multimedia resources used in online learning are highly engaging. They offer a  wide variety to students to educate the child. This also makes the studying style more creative, engaging and easier than the traditional learning methods.

Everything In The Smartphone

The major benefit of using online learning is that it offers knowledge of the entire world in your smartphone. Imagine, before smartphones entered our lives, getting study resources was a very difficult job. People used to spend hours in libraries, bookstores but most often they did not find anything relevant. Smartphones have increased the reach to knowledge. You can access every bit of information on a single click.

The Best Supplement For Learning

Online schooling can act as the best supplement to regular school-going children to increase the learning outcome. Students can come home and research the topic taught in school to get a deep insight into the subject. Online education provides a wide variety of learning resources. You can practice a lot of questions to clear your concepts.

Self-discipline And Responsibility

When online tutoring acts as the primary source of education, it develops a habit of self-education since there is no teacher to guide you. In such a case you develop a habit of good study habits which create self-discipline and sense of responsibility. Unlike school, in online tutoring, you will not get any homework pressure but you have to set your daily homework to help yourself in studies.

Cons Of Online Education

It has got several disadvantages such as:

High-speed Internet Connection On The Fingertip

The major drawback of online learning is that you need to have a device that can give you access to the internet. You must have access to high-speed internet since online learning is all dependent on the internet only. Whatever source of online learning you prefer, youtube to smart applications, everything requires a regular high-speed internet connection. If you are taking online live tutorials from an online tutor you must have a webcam and microphone.

Harmful To Kids

The online learning can be harmful to younger kids in the long run, as it asks for continuous exposure to the mobile phone or computer's screen. This can damage the child’s eye and life pattern. Hence, online learning is not at all a good option for kids.

Little Or No Face-to-face Interaction.

Online learning provides little or in some case no face to face interaction. This might create a problem in learning as a teacher with whom you can interact face to face, providing a much better learning experience. Face to face learning allows instant doubt clarification which is rarely found in online learning.

Online tutoring provides face to face interaction only through video calls. Source: FranchiseIndia

Online interaction
Online tutoring provides face to face interaction only through video calls. Source: FranchiseIndia

Main Differences Between Online Learning And Home Tutoring

The major difference between homeschooling and online tutoring is of the medium. Moreover, homeschooling is completely based on face to face interactions, live experiences, practicals which is very rare or not at all found in online tutoring. Homeschooling involves the physical presence of a teacher in the form of tutor, parent or expert but in online tutoring everything is virtual.

Home tutoring
Home Tutor provides a personalized learning space to children. Source: Tutorhub blog

In a nutshell, both methods are alternative to regular study options. Both of them have pros and cons. Homeschooling can be a good source of education when it comes to educating the child in extracurricular subjects like music, dance or acting. On the other hand, online tutoring can be best used to enhance grades in exams and increase the overall learning outcome.

Both provide a wider perspective on education. In between both, you should go for a medium which suits your needs. If you are looking for a primary source of education, you must go for homeschooling but if you are looking for a secondary source, nothing can beat the wide variety of online education.

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