Education is considered as the most important tool to excel in the present world. Parents are leaving no stones unturned to ensure proper education to their child. To help parents in educating their child, there is mainly government and private school functioning in the entire country.

The school system guarantees verified education to the children. But most of the time parents are not satisfied with the curriculum of these schools. From low grades to disinterest in studies are some of the very common problems amongst the kids going to school. To help them with their homework and to let them score better grade level, parents assign the kids with home tutors but still, they do not reach the satisfaction.

Finally, many parents are deciding to change the source of primary education. Earlier, schools were considered as the primary source of education but with not every child being able to understand things the same way, parents have opted homeschooling as an alternative source of education to their child.

Homeschooling ensures that the child is developing interest in studies as he has not to forcefully solve calculus or learn languages he is not interested in. This type of education ensures that the child learns in a way he can understand and retain things. Home schooling trains the child in his particular area of interest, with the convenient lesson plans and self directed schedule.

This article will look deep into the top benefits of home schooling in India.

Student learning with parents
The concept of homeschooling makes learning a better experience for the child as he enjoys it. Source: Market Update

What Is Homeschooling?

To understand the benefits of home schooling, it is important to know what it stands for.

Homeschooling is home-based learning where the child does not require to go to school. This type of home education does not provide any verified degree as the school does but is very helpful in terms of learning styles and the outcomes. It is an ancient yet modern form of education where the child’s interest is kept at first.

Parents being the primary teacher of the child in homeschooling find out the inclination of a child in an area and develop a curriculum in that subject. Parents generally take help from homeschooling organizations, private tutors, etc. It acts as an alternative to school education in which the child is free to explore his wings.

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Teacher with children
The learning style of homeschooling is more dependent on the interest of students. Source: Patrika

Homeschooling In India

In India, many parents are turning to homeschool. Most of the parents are not satisfied with the school curriculum, hence they decide to homeschool their child. Most of the parents who are well educated and understand the pros and cons of homeschooling shift towards it. Although parents in the country are mostly working, they decide to spare time for their child and homeschool the child in his area of interest. Parents are not alone in the process of homeschooling, there are many supplements present to help them.

Private Tutor

Private tutor mostly acts as a secondary source of education which is helpful to increase the grades of the child. In the case of homeschooling, they often act as a primary source as well. Parents generally hire tutors belonging from the field of interest of the child to provide private lessons to him at home.

With online sites like Superprof, the search for certified teachers can be way easier. It will help you find a tutor in your locality. All one needs to enter the required subject and location to get the list of the best tutors in your area.

Parents - First Teacher Of Child

In most of the cases of homeschooling parents themselves act as a teacher and teach their child at home. They understand their child better than anyone else hence acts as the best source of education for children. The child does not hesitate to learn under parents. Parents design learning activities for their child to provide him with the best knowledge.

A private lesson
Parents understand the mindset of children better than anyone else. Source: First cry parenting

Online Teaching

Online teaching is the byproduct of digital advancement in the country. The Digital India mission of the country has covered the education sector as well. Online teaching helps parents to tutor their child at home with the ease of resource availability. The online learning resources are rich in content which can be used by parents to tutor their child at home itself.

Homeschooling Organizations

In case if parents want to home school their child but do not get enough time or understanding of the subject, there are various organizations to help such parents. Many homeschooling organizations are functioning in a country which ensures proper home tutoring to the child as per his interest.

Benefits Of Homeschooling

There are many benefits of homeschooling such as: 

Personal Space Of Learning

Many children cannot learn in-crowd. They need personal time with the teacher to understand things. In school technically it is impossible thus parents prefer homeschooling for such kids. The kids are free to ask as many questions under this teaching method. The teacher’s only concentration is on the single kid hence, there is no division of attention.

Self Reliance

A homeschooler is dependent on own self for planning lessons, understanding and enrolling himself for tests and other formalities as prescribed. In this way, homeschool programs are helping students how to become self-sufficient. This will surely have a huge impact in later life when he/she will be given responsibilities in the workplace.

Practical Approach To Learning

Schools have a pre-designed curriculum which mostly follows the theoretical approach of learning. Whereas in homeschooling the child learns from practical experiences of life. The learning window of the homeschoolers is open 24-hours as he learns from everyone’s experience. The learning begins from morning routines to bedtime stories all in a creative way. The child finds learning a fun process than a stressed job and enjoys the process of education.

Instil Self-confidence

Homeschooling boosts the confidence of the child. When a child is subjected to learn a subject with no interest at all, he is not able to perform well. This kills the self-confidence of the child and fills him with negativity. Whereas in homeschooling the child is an expert in his area.

Scientifically, it is proven that if you learn a subject in which you have an interest, it takes no time to understand it. The same happens in the case of homeschooling, the child learns his subject and performs better. Home Schools instil self-confidence in the child and makes him optimistic towards his future. This also motivates the child to work even harder.

Freedom To Follow One’s Interest

The best feature of homeschooling is a child is free to create its path. He does not need to follow someone else's footsteps. Whatever the interest of the child is allowed to learn it in homeschooling.

For instance, if a child is good at acting, he can start working in theatres nearby and learn through them. On a series of practices, he can excel in the field. The same is with a child having an interest in music, dancing or any new language. This opens the mind of a child and enforces him to research more from their side.

Child learning music
Homeschooled children are free to follow his/her interests. Source: India Today

The biggest issue which arises is whether homeschooling in India legal or not. The private and government schools of India provide an authorized verification to the student. This verification is helpful for the student as it is required for higher education. In the case of homeschooling, there is no such certificate of verification.

But homeschooling in India is not illegal and can be opted by students. There is no such regulatory body to maintain India homeschooling regulations in the country, but it can be practised individually.

The student can opt to take the IGCSE exam as private candidates or sit for the grade 10 and grade 12 exams of NIOS. This gives them some options for higher education.

Homeschooling is a good alternative to schooling but it has its drawbacks also. It reduces the socialization of the child.

In school, the child learns and grows up with hundreds of children like him. There is much scope of learning in such an environment rather than a personalised space. Homeschooling is much useful for students having different talents than regular studies. A child who is good in music, dance or acting can use homeschooling to enhance his talent.

Home education provides an opportunity to learn from practical experiences of life. In the end, whatever decision you take as a parent should be useful for your child in the long run. To ensure a proper education system in the country, the government of India has made school education compulsory for all the student's in-between the age group of 6 to 14. Make a decision which suits your child.

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