Yoga is a powerful tool to awaken your inner spirit. Not only this, practising yoga strengthens the body and mind, helps relieve stress and anxiety and much more.

Breathing exercises, stretching, meditation - yoga is generally an excellent means of combating anxiety.

But, how does one know what he/ she needs when it comes to choosing the right yoga teacher or yoga training classes? Is there a guide who can point us in the right direction when it comes to this ancient Indian discipline?

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The Search for a Private Yoga Teacher Near Me

Private tutoring is very popular in India, not only in academics but also for learning skills such as yoga.

The amenity of exchanging services has gone down very well with the modern urban Indian

Superprof is here to help.

Whether you are looking for a yoga teacher at home or want to learn yoga online, Superprof offers an accredited database of almost 2,000 private yoga teachers across India.

98% of Superprof teachers offer their first classes for free. After that, it gets as reasonable as INR 1643/hr. on an average.

Meet Your Perfect Teacher

Consult the profiles freely and contact your ideal teacher according to your criteria (prices, diploma, opinion, home or webcam course).

Locality-wise search filters help you trace your ideal yogi | Source: Superprof

Customized Courses

Talk to your teacher to explain your needs and availability. Schedule your classes and pay them securely, all from your inbox.

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Incredible Journey of Self-discovery

The incredible Student Pass gives you unlimited access to all teachers, coaches and masterclasses for a whole year! Discover new facets to your personality with the amazing yogis on Superprof.

Why Not a Yoga Studio Instead?

The biggest advantage of having a private yoga guru (yogi) is the flexibility of class timings. You have the freedom to adjust these lesson timings as per your schedule. After all, yoga is here to relieve you of your stress and not add to it!

There is nothing more counterproductive than stressing out over yoga lessons.

Building a relationship of understanding with your yogi is of utmost importance. Only then can you both focus on your unique needs - which form of yoga you need, what are the areas of your persona/ body you want to work on, and so on. All that is really hard to achieve within the crowded space of a yoga studio.

Identifying a Real Yogi

Now that you are pretty much convinced that yoga lessons can uplift your spirits, it is time for you to choose your private yoga teacher at home. But how do you know that the yogi you choose is good, or even authentic?

Regular Practice

Your ideal yogi should practise yoga regularly, and not just during their classes. A good yoga instructor practises yoga as often as possible, for his own personal mindfulness. We have all heard the saying, "Practice makes one perfect!"

In the case of yoga, it is even more fruitful for a yogi to be constantly in touch with his/ her practice as yoga is not merely a physical exercise, but a whole lot of meditation as well aimed at personal spiritual awareness.

Exercise of Safety

Any good yoga teacher has their students’ safety in their mind. Yoga postures sometimes require a lot of flexibility. Yoga teachers need to be able to judge their students’ level of flexibility and avoid asking them to do exercises that can cause injuries.

Yoga props help ensure student safety.
Yoga teachers should have their students' safety foremost in mind: yoga props such as yoga straps can help less flexible students do the asanas. Photo credit: Tarnalberry via Visualhunt

Beyond the physical risks, a good teacher knows how to organise their lessons in a methodical and coherent way. A good warm-up should be the basis of every yoga class near me along with the proper stretches.

Motivational and Encouraging

The hallmark of any good teacher, not just a yogi, is their ability to motivate and inspire. A good yoga instructor must know how to correct their students if they are not doing a yoga pose correctly - in a way that is both encouraging and motivating!

Check out this one-stop guide on learning yoga.

It is impossible to enjoy all the benefits of yoga if you have a bad feeling about your yoga guru. For example, he/ she should be calm and patient and be adaptive to your level of skills, and not the other way round!

Where to Start Looking

There are a few ways to test the waters before settling on your ideal yogi.

A good yoga instructor is many things.
The perfect yoga teacher is like a good cocktail: the perfect balance between all the elements. Photo credit: Ahmad Syahrir via

The Internet

We cannot imagine life without the Internet, which seems to hold answers to all of life's queries, yoga included. It will guide you on your search for the best yoga classes near you, no matter which Indian city you inhabit!

There are a lot of platforms like Superprof that let you contact a private tutor, among other advantages.

You will find many different types of people on Superprof:

  • Students
  • Retired teachers seeking to keep their hand in
  • Professional yogis at the height of their careers

There is something for everyone!

Tip: the comments or voting section on these platforms are a good place to get a feel for a particular teacher.

Personal ads

You can also look for a teacher via personal ad sites or messenger boards and forums on the Internet. Try looking into the windows of smaller shops and on special notice boards. You might find your dream yogi at the most surprising of corners!

These ads often offer only a minimum of information - it’s up to you to contact the teacher to learn from them about their training and experience.

Word of Mouth

This method is as old as language and as efficient as ever. By asking around, you can get a little nest egg of teacher names along with personalized feedback of your friends and relatives!

Make the most of your yoga lessons with this guide on what to expect from your first yoga class.

Questions to Ask a Prospective Yoga Teacher

Once you have a list of prospective teacher/ yogi candidates to interview, it is best to prepare a mental or written questionnaire to put forth during your first interaction with him/ her.

Here are some pointers.

Place of Training

If your yogi is from the land of hippies (Goa) or from the fabled land where the Beatles used to hand out (Rishikesh), you already have some credibility in your teacher!

A number of yoga institutes offer certified training programmes. Some of the top-rated yoga teacher training schools in India are:

  1. The Bihar School of Yoga, Munger incorporates the Satyananda Yoga practice which focuses on traditional postures, breathing, and meditation.
  2. Arogya Yoga School Rishikesh focuses on hatha yoga, ashtanga yoga and yoga therapies.
  3. Ashtanga Institute, Mysore offers ongoing intensive ​ashtanga yoga classes throughout the year.
  4. Ramamani Iyengar Memorial Institute is popular among students of Iyengar yoga. It also offers special classes for women and children as well as those with acute medical conditions.
  5. Krishnamacharya Yoga Mandiram, Chennai is known for its individualized style of yoga (viniyoga) and the popular Heart of Yoga program.
Many yoga teachers study in India.
Having learned yoga in India is considered a badge of quality. Photo credit: Verbeck via VisualHunt

Experience Matters

Being a good teacher takes practice. And, experience guarantees the highest standards in teaching. The same rule applies to being a good yoga teacher.

Yoga needs constant practice. It can take several years to reach the level you need to start teaching it to others. And there are many different types of yoga. It takes years of practice to learn everything there is to know about yoga.

Don't forget to discuss the fees!

Are Self-Taught Yoga Teachers Trustworthy?

A lot of yoga instructors are self-taught. They learn the poses and yoga basics themselves through books or learning videos, outside of educational institutions.

Certification is not mandatory to become a yoga teacher. Therefore, don't hesitate to ask your prospective instructor what their training has been up to this point.

Many people decide to skip yoga classes or yoga teacher training and discover yoga by themselves. This is not necessarily a bad thing. For example, some might work in a health-based branch, which is a definite plus for their students.

Don’t forget that self-taught practitioners are truly passionate about they do - a necessary trait for teaching and transmitting that passion.

Sign up for a yoga class today or get yourself a good yoga trainer at home. Transform your life for the better!

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