It’s not always obvious how to get a flat stomach and whether you need to be on a strict diet, regularly doing abdominal exercises or counting calories. Many people are trying to get a flat stomach but it’s difficult.

To get rid of stomach fat, most of the solutions involve regular exercise and eating healthily in the long term. With toning the abdominal muscles, changing your eating habits, and regularly exercising, it’s quite easy to lose your way.

In this article, Superprof is looking at fat burning exercises and how to get rid of belly fat. From the exercises you need to do, to changing what you eat, you’ll find the answers you need in this article.

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Our Best Advice for Staying in Shape

Losing your love handles and getting a flat stomach is no easy feat but you need to be aware of what you eat and which activities will get rid of the rolls. Here are some tips for how to increase your metabolism and lose that belly fat.

Food and Drink for a Flat Stomach

To burn belly fat, you need to eat certain foods and drink certain drinks that are low in calories but also good at burning abdominal fat. Fruits and vegetables as well as fibre-rich foods with the sugars you need for throughout the day.

What should you eat for a flat stomach?
If you want to get rid of that belly, you need to eat right. (Source: JerzyGorecki)

In terms of drinks, we recommend green tea or herbal tea. However, the most important thing to drink is water and you need to drink it throughout the day. There are benefits to drinking water:

  • Reduced hunger
  • Improved digestion
  • Eliminating toxins
  • No calories or carbohydrates

In short, you can consume a lot of water, tea, herbal tea, or caffeine-rich drinks and eat fibre, protein, and spicy food, which are all good for weight loss, digestion, reducing appetite.

Food to Avoid and Good Habits

As you may have imagined, some food and drink should be avoided. Generally, everything containing fats and lipids should be avoided along with foods containing a lot of sugar. In terms of drinks, you should avoid fizzy drinks since they also tend to be full of sugar.

When it comes to food, you should also avoid ready meals as they contain a lot of salt, even ready meals that are vegetable-based or advertised as healthy.

It also helps if you start:

  • Sleeping well
  • Brushing your teeth after each meal
  • Exercising (cycling, walking, or aerobic exercise)
  • Having breakfast every day

Don’t forget that just eating right won’t help you get a flatter stomach; you also need to regularly exercise.

Exercises for Getting a Flat Stomach

It’s common knowledge that if you want a good figure, you’re going to have to exercise. However, it’s never obvious which exercises we need to do to get a flat stomach since there are plenty of ways to lose belly fat and weight loss tips online. Here are some of the exercises you can do to lose that belly and get a flat stomach.

What exercises are good for your stomach?
If you want a flat stomach, you'll need to focus on your abs when you exercise. (Source: alvoi)

If you want to lose your belly, you’re probably aware that you’ll need to do abdominal exercises because they’re the frontline against stomach fat. Here are some exercises that will help you get a flat a stomach and burn the fat around your tummy:

  • Planks
  • Classic or inverted crunches
  • Mountain climbers
  • Squats
  • Oblique crunches

Regularly doing these exercises will help you get the abs you’ve always wanted while burning fat. They focus on building muscle. Of course, you’ll also need to eat well and regularly exercise to burn calories.

You can also do other types of exercise such as cardio (cycling, running, swimming) or floor exercises. If you’re motivated, why not try boxing or Zumba?

Find out more about exercises to burn belly fat.

How Long It Takes to Get a Flat Stomach

Sometimes, even if you’re working hard on burning fat through diet and exercise, your motivation can waver when the results don’t come as quickly as you expected. However, you need to persevere because the results can seemingly come at almost any time. Here’s a rough guide to how long it’ll take to effectively flatten your stomach!

How long does it take to get a flat stomach?
While you can speed up the process, you need to ensure that the change is permanent. (Source: ulleo)

The more motivated you are, the more quickly you’ll get there because you’ll put in more effort. If you want to lose your tummy by just eating better, you’ll also need to accept that it’ll take longer. It’s possible, but it can take several months since fitness and weightloss come from diet and exercise, not just one or the other.

If you’re motivated, eating right, and exercising several times a week, you could reach your goal in a matter of weeks. With regular ab exercise, you could lose that belly in record time.

Don’t put too much pressure on yourself, though. If your fitness or schedule means that you can’t exercise regularly, consider giving yourself more time. The time it takes to get a flat stomach will depend on you, your motivation, and what you do.

Keep the following in mind:

“Rome wasn’t built in a day, but they worked on it every single day.”

Activities for Getting a Flat Stomach

Not everyone loves doing weights or working out in a gym. If you're wondering how to lose belly fat, you need to exercise and eat right. Here are some of the best activities you can do for a flat stomach.

What can you do to burn fat?
There are a lot of great activities you can do to burn fat. (Source: MonikaP)

Running, Cycling, and Power Walking

Classic cardio is one of the best ways to get burn fat in the long term, especially around your midsection. Activities like jogging, power walking, or ellipticals are good ways to regularly exercise without needing loads of equipment.

While these activities tend to focus on your legs, don’t underestimate the effects they can have on burning stomach fat. Regularly doing these activities will help you lose weight and progressively flatten your stomach.

By using more energy than you're taking in from food, your body will start burning the fat it's stored to give you energy. This is when you'll start to shed pounds.

Water Sports

Whether it’s swimming, aqua gym, or even aqua biking, aquatic sports are also great for losing weight. You don’t need to attend a fitness class to do a few lengths of the pool.

Swimming is one of the best sports for losing weight and toning your body since it makes use of far more muscle groups than a lot of other sports. Most water sports are great for burning stomach fat as they work the whole body.

From Gentle Sports to Intense Sports

If you’re someone who doesn't do a lot of exercise and you want to start getting rid of your belly, you might want to do something like pilates or yoga. These activities can tone your body through slow and gentle movements.

On the other hand, you might want to do something more intense like boxing or squash if you’re already quite sporty. It’s hard to maintain a belly if you’re a master with a racquet.

Now you should have a better idea of how to get rid of belly fat.

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Group tutorials are good if you're on a budget as you and some friends could get together and exercise together. You'll pay less per person per hour since you're all sharing the cost of the tutor's time. However, this does mean you'll get less one-on-one time with your personal trainer and the sessions will focus on the group rather than the individual.

Finally, there are online tutorials. While these tend to work better for academic subjects rather than sport and fitness, you can get online fitness trainers. They can talk you through what you need to do and show you how to work out correctly. On the plus side, they also tend to charge less since they don't have to travel to their students.

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