The quality sector in education faculty and higher education in India has condensed down to a numbered few Indian Institutes of Technology (IITs) and Indian Institutes of Management (IIMs), which top this hierarchy. Apart from this, other fields like medicine and the arts also have top contenders in their respective arenas. Since these institutions are marked with a meritocratic tradition, entry into these education programs is just as difficult and entails high-stake entrance exams.

With time, the linkages between admission to these independent schools and later life opportunities became stronger. Joint strategic interventions by students and parents to boost performance on these tests have been instrumental in the growth of private teaching jobs in India.

Private tutoring acts as a surrogate mother in times when schools become ineffective and competition is on the rise. In terms of its nature and extent, private lessons act as a shadow of the formal system of education, and the private teacher a formidable replacement for the school teacher. Although private tutoring is prevalent at all levels of education, it is preponderant in secondary and higher education.

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Private tutoring helps your child get started with the competition in the educational field. Photo via Visual Hunt

The history of a private tutor in India goes back a long way to the time when a teacher used to impart education to a group of 10-15 students gathered in a classroom through word of mouth. This form of education program was mainly aimed at uplifting the academically weak students. With the shifting of focus on cracking competitive admission exams to reputed institutions and government agencies, the tutoring business has acquired a commercial outlook. Private tutoring is no longer synonymous with homeschooling.

Commercial addresses with spacious classrooms capable of accommodating hundreds of students ensure a never-seen-before teaching experience. Fancy air-conditioned classrooms with modern teaching aids, customized education packages, glossy brochures, and an impeccable marketing strategy are provided. Though this is mainly an urban phenomenon, private schools have made their way into rural areas as well. But there is a stark difference in the extent of private tuitions in urban (64%) and rural (29.03%) at the elementary and secondary levels in most states with the exception of Kerala, where the difference is marginal.

One out of every four students avail private tuition in India, and in some states, the ratio is even higher at three out of four students or 75% according to the National Sample Survey Office (NSSO).

Surprisingly, after completing school education, 20% at graduation level and 13% of students at post-graduation levels are availing the fruits of private tuition. The survey also highlighted the rampancy of private tutoring in eastern states like Tripura ( around 81%) and West Bengal (around 78%).

Reasons for the increase in private tuition:

The main reasons behind availing private tuitions in our country may be broadly divided into 3 different categories- academic, personal, and social.

  • Academic reasons include poor teaching in schools, difficulty in understanding classroom instructions, and to pass examinations.
  • Personal reasons include the desire to perform and score a better percentage of marks.
  • Social reasons include peer-pressure, parental decision, and insistence, etc.
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The demand for private tutoring in India is growing than ever. Source: Youthkiawaaz

How To Become A Private Tutor In India

In our country, the spending levels for home tuition is much higher than for coaching centre classes. The reason for this is credited to ostentatious coaching centres that are indifferent to individual pupil growth, charge heavy fees, and prey on the anxieties of gullible students and parents. Most such institutes are reduced to commercial money-making devices, whose sole objective is to entice new students into their lucrative education courses with demand and market mechanisms.

People then resort to homeschooling as it offers personalized learning for beginner intermediate and graduation to post-graduation and further education courses and a conducive learning environment. Many parents have come to see through the ‘coaching-centre’ mode of learning.

If you are well-educated with a flair for teaching, you can easily become a teacher, without even possessing difficult and out-of-reach teacher certification. If you can provide an engaging atmosphere, people will flock to your doorstep in no time.

The next step is to decide whether you want to teach at home or online? One can choose either depending upon one’s comfort and infrastructure available. If you have a strong internet connection, a decent laptop, headphones with a microphone, and a camera, you are set to teach online.

Superprof is a brimming online platform that allows interested students to find a suitable teacher from the website’s accredited database and manage your schedule and class fees after getting into touch directly with the digital tutors. All you have to do as an educator is register yourself with the concerned online platform by providing the required data and uploading necessary documents, all of which is a quick process, and prepare a catchy description detailing your skill sets to attract interested students.

After an initial screening of your subject concepts and aptitude towards children, you will be provided with in-depth training to hone your skills. Out you then go to begin your career as a private tutor. Thus, the process of how to become a private tutor in India is hassle-free, more so with platforms like Superprof that act as a nexus between the student and teacher. The steps are simple:

  • Create your teaching advertisement and description for free.
  • Set your teaching norms and conditions.
  • Share your skill sets and expertise or area of interest.
  • Become a tutor!

Online Teaching Jobs - A Ruling Trend

There are mainly two types of online teaching jobs in India- 


This involves a real-time teaching experience where both the teacher and the student have to be present online at the same time in what constitutes a time-bound session.


In this type of private teaching experience, the courses are not held in real-time and engagement between the teacher and student may occur as per their convenience in what constitutes a recorded private lesson.

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The demand for private tutoring is rising constantly and the internet is the most compatible means of providing it. Source: Livemint

Following Are The Top Benefits Of Online Education

To explore the benefits of online education, read through the points below-

The Flexibility Of Time And Location

Online teaching is a boon for working professionals and homemakers as a tutor can choose to teach at a time that suits him/her. A lot of time and money is also saved in the process, as teachers and students from diverse locations can connect easily.

More Opportunities And Convenience

The absence of time and location constraints paves the way for diverse teaching opportunities as compared to conventional teaching methods. Besides, unlike classroom teaching, a teacher engaging in online tutoring is saved with managing multiple students. It does not require any travelling as well. Thus, it can be considered as work from home where the teacher gets to make rules and schedules according to his/her convenience.

Diverse Teaching Chances

Online platforms like Superprof deal with diverse disciplines spanning over 1000 different areas of interest. An online teacher gets the opportunity to connect with diverse students throughout the world from different cultures, and disciplines.

Better Organization

Online platforms enable tutors to automate certain activities like periodic tests, quiz, scoring, etc. Such tools help in better organization of courses and lesson plans.

Easy Access And Sharing Of Information

While online teaching, you can easily get help from digital libraries, search engines, and endless information without much ado. Thus, study material and resources are much easier to share and access.

Better Student Engagement And Interaction

Reports and online teachers report that the online medium of teaching involves more interaction between the student and teacher, unlike classroom lessons. Better one-to-one interaction leads to better outcomes.

Professional Satisfaction

With all the mentioned advantages of online tutoring like time and location convenience, flexibility, ease of access, and much more, an online teacher is much satisfied.

Better Student Learning

Reports indicate that students perform better and with much more interest and participation when learning online. A recent survey suggests that online teaching helps teachers remain more connected with their pupils and enables them to have a better understanding of each student and vice versa.

Data showing student taking private tuition
A glance into the breakup of student data taking private tutoring. Source: Livemint

The social setup and culture of comparing and competing with peer-group, relatives, obsession with performing better academically, cracking the high-stake entrance exams of reputed institutions and agencies, deterioration of the quality of education system in schools throughout the country, the social prestige associated with better academic performance, and the capacity and willingness of double households to invest in children’s education, are some of the driving forces behind the boost of private tutoring for entrance exams and further education in India. Such social and academic issues call for modern solutions.

The culmination of all these factors led to the gradual shifting first from coaching centres to home tutoring, and now to online platforms which provide the flexibility of both online and offline tutoring by bridging the gap between the student and the teacher.

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