The SSC examination in a student’s life is undoubtedly one of the most important standards of basic formal education in India. Other than the fact that this exam is the first nationalized external exam for students, it is also one of the biggest things that students face at such an age.

This is why students require proper guidance for the preparation of the exam. To make things better for them, parents should allow a private teacher to teach and guide them throughout the SSC syllabus. This can ease the pressure on the students and they can overcome the tension of scoring good grades in the exam.

A teacher with her student
A private tutor can understand the pace at which a student learns. Source: IndiaMART

Importance Of SSC Exam

Before one can decide to appear for the SSC exam, it is important to understand its prospects and career level anyone can achieve.

The SSC, as well as the HSC examination, plays a vital role in a student’s learning journey. They are the deciding factors for students to get admission into universities and colleges of their choice. Also, these exams are not just mere sheets showing a student’s academic performance but form an important part of one’s resume.

Due to this exam, a student studies different verticals of a subject which eventually helps in determining one’s interest and choose the field parallelly. Not only this, it is a brilliant test wherein a student competes with not just 40 or 60 students in his/her classroom but with students of his age all over the country. Passing this exam will result in surpassing all the talents at an early age. This can be a remarkable student achievement that can fill his life with confidence.

Usually, the countdown to such an exam may prove to be a nightmare. Make sure that you avoid making it a scary affair. This is the perfect place where you would know the right moves to play in this career shaper exam and emerge out to be a confident person.

What Are The Syllabus For The SSC Exam?

Once a candidate decides to appear for the examination, the first and foremost thing is to check which subjects they would need to be prepared for. The SSC exam involves subjects from various groups such as -

General Intelligence and Reasoning: This includes Classification, Analogy, Coding-Decoding, Puzzle, Matrix, Word Formation, Venn Diagram, Direction and Distance, Blood Relation, Series, Verbal and non-verbal Reasoning.

General Awareness: This includes Static GK (History and Culture of India), Science, Current Affairs, Sports, Books and Authors, Portfolios, etc.

Quantitative Aptitude: It includes Simplification, Interest, Averages, Percentage, Ratio and Proportion, Number System, Time, Distance and Speed, Mensuration, Time and Work, Data Interpretation, Algebra, Trigonometry, Geometry, etc.

English Comprehension: Reading and Writing, Fill in the blanks, spellings, One-word substitute, Sentence correction, etc.

How To Start Preparation?

While preparing for the SSC examination may seem too difficult, one must be confident about that fact that it’s never going to be an impossible task. All that the preparation would take is understanding, regularity in lessons, revisions, etc. Here is the list of a few things students can do for the preparation of the exam.

SSC syllabus
Time yourself during practise papers to ensure you’re on track. Source: Winds of Change Magazine

Start With A Proper Schedule

Things can become easier if planned well. This applies while studying as well. Students must decide which time of the day they want to dedicate for studying. For instance, some students feel that early morning is the perfect time for books while others prefer studying in the evening or night. Also, you must dedicate at least 2-3 hours every day, which will keep you consistent with your routine.

Set A Target

Target helps you achieve your goals with better dedication. While you prepare, you should let yourself score only the passing grades since your final selection shall depend on the merit. Always aim for the excellence and you secure not only passing grades but cent per cent surety of getting selected.

Get Assistance From A Professional Teacher

If you find a particular subject to be difficult, you surely need an expert to guide you through the exam. A private tutor can provide with the proper assistance in every aspect, starting from the lessons plan to private lessons. This problem increases manifold when you have to learn a foreign language. In such a case, your home tutor can also help you with foreign language and other language skills.

Follow Online Test And Previous Year’s Questionnaires

Besides taking help from SSC home tutors, this is one of the most important parts of the preparation of any examination. The more you practice, the better you can be. Also, besides what you are being advised by the teachers in school or tuition, you must indulge in practising by yourself. Solving through the previous year’s questions will not only help you memorise the answers but also speed up the time for solving the paper.

Notably, with the internet came the convenience in the lives of people. It has not only helped students but has also boosted online teaching jobs. A person can teach with the help of the internet while a student can find an online teacher for him/her. Many websites such as Superprof also provide students and teachers with a great medium to connect with each other. With the help of Superprof, the students can find online teachers India for any subject.

Study Tips To Keep In Mind

There are a lot of things a student must consider before appearing for an exam that would decide his/her career. Here are a few such advice that would help you with all the necessities you should keep in mind-

Study Corner

The place can be very inspiring when you are studying. Needless to mention no one would want to study in the drawing-room where television is on and running a favourite show or is a music chamber. Silence is of utmost importance while studying. So, plan a perfect corner that can set your mood before you sit with your books.

Art Of Staying Calm

One of the best things you can do with yourself is to stay calm while preparing or appearing for the exam. Instruct yourself how to deal with situations if any. Panicking can only make things worse for you. Avoid overthinking, tensions over personal or family issues, and even fear of failure.

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Online lesson
The study is no more pressure with the help of online education. Source: Medium

Presentation On Answers

Examiners are way smarter than you think. They can review your answer from the very first look since they are performing it for several years. So, the presentation of your answer sheet matters a lot. While attempting, you must-

  • Check the question paper thoroughly
  • Decide the options you are going to attempt if provided with a choice
  • Attempt the answers you are 100% sure about
  • Don’t cancel answers or make the paper appear messy
  • Provide margins, highlight points and draw diagrams wherever necessary
  • Don’t leave a question

Time Management

Time management is important. Avoid rushing towards the end minutes of the examination. Take time to go through the questions first and plan how much time you are going to spend on a single answer.

Health Is Equally Important

Do not compromise with proper eating and sleeping habits. This may cause unnecessary fever, ruining your chance completely. Eat healthily and sleep properly.

Perks Of Having a Private Teacher Onboard

A private home teacher can be the perfect recommendation for a child. He/she will not only provide time for teaching the candidate but also take it as a responsibility to help the child pass with better grades. Another important reason to provide your child with home schooling is that education at a private school or coaching is not sufficient. Revisions are the most important part which is taken care of by the private tutor and not by the school teachers.

Usually in school classrooms, the lesson plans are time-sensitive and moving fast whereas private tutors can have a personalized approach and pace depending on the child. In addition, a private lesson will also get to know the child’s most suitable individual learning style and modify teaching methods based on this. It provides the child with an environment that he is comfortable in and results in the brimming of questions.

A teacher and student
Providing a child with a personal coaching will help him/her in better learning. Source:

What private teaching can bring to the table is much more than just completing the syllabus needed. The one-on-one approach can not only boost one’s self-esteem but also improve one’s confidence.

With the ever-increasing competitive nature of schools recently, a large number of students are at the risk of being behind. As per studies conducted by Forbes, it depicts that students, if tutored privately, can be benefitted to a great extent by becoming easily qualified. No wonder, with the help of teaching experience, a private tutor can provide the best childcare at home. The need to nourish the knowledge of children can only be done with the help of private teachers or a substitute teacher.

Also, with the crowd of students in private schools or in a public school, it must be tough for any school teacher to look after all the children. On the other hand, private classes also prove to be better than group lessons. Finally, the student after getting personal attention are able to perform better in exams and can be eligible for better jobs abroad.

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