You must have heard the famous phrase,” Education is the Preparation for Life”. Well, it is true as education is the process that has evolved with the human race over time. It not only prepares us to get a good job but also assists in the development of the civility of living a life. However, over time, education has gained the most prominent ground at various career level. This created a healthy competition for new jobs vacancies and the ones who have good grades are getting better job postings conveniently. As a result, students are seeking help from a private teacher for better performance in the exams.

Besides government and private school, demand for coaching and private tuition has also increased. This is due to the fact that public school is not providing proper education. To survive the battle of life in this high-pace running world, you need a good education. 

From Gurukul to the Boarding Schools, over time, the way of education has also transformed a lot. Privatisation and competition have led to the emergence of thousands of private schools with different education programs. But even these institutions were not sufficient enough to provide quality education to the students to cope up with the speed of rat race which gave rise to the “tuition culture”.

This new culture has increased the number of teaching jobs, thus giving a primary source of income to many, and it serves as a secondary source of income to others as well.

In present India, where every fourth student needs tuition to enhance his knowledge in a particular subject, some need tuition to learn an entirely new domain of education.

The increase in demand for tuition has resulted in increased teaching job opportunities for private tutors as well.

With this guide for digital tutors, it is implied that this article focuses on the importance and need for tuition in present India. Also, it will guide you with numerous suggestions for getting a qualified tutor.

Education and the world
There is increased scope of jobs with a good education. Source: Digital Learning Magazine

Why Do You Need a Tutor?

This world is running at a very high pace which has given birth to competition and to match the speed of other racers in the game you need to be vigilant and extra talented. You cannot afford to get slower in the race as you will be kicked out. Here are specific reasons why the need for tuition has increased in India which also have resulted in an increase in tutoring jobs in India?

Quality Of Education In School

The average quality of education in school is one of the primary reasons why students are running after tuition classes. A new student who joins the school for the first time faces a lot of difficulty in understanding the things. If the education service is good enough, you do not need to look for a private tutor to teach you. On the other hand, if the quality is not up to the mark and school teaching skills are not delivering the content as per your understanding level, you definitely need to find teacher for private tuition. From the journey of a beginner to intermediate, you become habituated to homeschooling, and hence you never give up on your tuition teacher.

Understanding The Problem

The primary reason for which the tuition culture started in India was that classroom teaching was not sufficient for the students and for their intellectual nourishment. Parents often complain that the teachers do not pay attention to their ward. Among 50 students in a class, a teacher cannot pay particular attention to a single student. Hence, parents provided their child with a personal teacher who only focuses on him and teaches him as per his understanding.

A teacher with her student
A private tutor is the best guide a student can have. Source: STEM Learning

Busy Schedule Of Parents

Remember when you were in your early education state, every time you came from school either your mother or father used to sit with you for one or more hours to check what you have studied and how much knowledge you have grasped. In the present scenario where both the parents are working, they do not have not a second to sit with the child and discuss his education. Since parents are not able to guide the child with his education, they came up with a solution in the form of a private tutor.

The Need For Secondary Classes

Nowadays, several students are inclined towards secondary education that is entirely different from their primary Education. For example, you are in your engineering semesters but interested in music and at the same time cannot enrol yourself in a music program. All these have made you get a music degree by distance education. In such a case to get music education, you need a teacher who is from the department of music and has knowledge of all instruments. Private tuition helps students with this service.

A team of musician
Increasing interest in music education. Source: Artisan Galway

How To Get a Private Teacher In India?

Getting a private teacher in India is perhaps the easiest thing now. However, getting an excellent private tutor needs some bit of search. Here are the following ways by which you can look for a suitable tutor:

Search In Locality

If you live in a village, colony or a city, there will be many people belonging to the Department of Education. Or there will be people who are knowing someone having expertise in education services. You can ask for a private teacher in your locality or take a suggestion from others who are already taking tuitions by someone.

Tuition Bureaus

Nowadays, many students are pursuing their education from a university, doing jobs at the same time, have knowledge of the different domain and have registered themselves with tuition bureaus. You can easily find a tuition bureau in your locality. Catch them up on the call and get a tutor as per your requirements.

Online Tuition

This is a new emerging trend in India. As everything is going digital, the tuition world has also stepped in the digital world in the form of online tuition services. This has also increased online teaching jobs in India. On Google, there are hundreds of sites which provide you, tutors. Such a platform is Superprof, where you get tutors having teaching certification and a quality experience. The website offers the best education faculty at your home under your requirements and budget.

Benefits Of a Private Teacher In India

  • There are hundreds of benefits of private teacher in India both from a student point of view as well as from a teacher's perspective. In present, the Indian education system is more deviated towards the quantity of education rather than its quality. This has resulted in a downfall of education quality in the country. Private teachers are pillars who are not letting the bridge fall. Students can get a quality education with the help of these private teachers.
  • The other benefits of private teachers are that the schools in India, in general, do not focus much on secondary education, i.e. we are more inclined towards book education and do not value other domains such as music, dance, instruments and many more. Using a private tutor, you can get yourself tutored in such extra courses and boost your talent and interest. With the help of private teachers, you can travel the journey of beginner to advanced.
  • The present education system relies on private tuition. Most of the time it is very amusing to see parents looking for a tutor of class L.K.G. However, to be in the race of competition, one needs to have a clear and robust knowledge of the subject. The tutor provides you with the facility of learning things into depth. You can decide the number of hours you want to be tutored and can extract the maximum knowledge in those few hours. Apart from that, if you have other skills such as music, dance, or proficiency in other languages, you can enhance those skills with the help of a tutor. The learning theory varies from student to student and tuition helps you to find a teacher who teaches as per your understanding and speed of grasping things.
  • The increasing demand for private tuition has also increased the number of teaching jobs to India, which means an increase in employment. This will undoubtedly result in a good economy and better living standards of people.
A classroom
Tuition increases the confidence of the student. Source: gargtuition classes

To Conclude

Private teaching is beneficial for both students and teachers as it enhances the knowledge of the student and provides job opportunities by acting as an income source to teachers. If you want to learn your subject in a better way or learn a whole new topic, you can look for a private tutor. Using the above-discussed methods, you can find the best tutor for you.

Having said all these, always keep in mind that until and unless you are desired to learn, no school or private tuition can spoon feed you. All are supplementary for your desire to learn is primary.

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