The digital revolution has changed human life in virtually every aspect – pun intended.

These days, everything incorporates technology, including education.

From classroom innovations to coursework: the very way we learn is evolving.

More and more tutors are riding this wave by hosting courses online. A few mouse clicks can uncover certified teachers of math and science, mentoring for academic support, offering homework help from kindergarten to college level.

Using the very computer you are currently viewing this page on, you too could participate in one on one tutoring!

As a result of the imposed confinement due to the recent Covid-19 outbreak many of us are using our newly found down time to learn a new skill or pick up a new hobby. In this article we'll share some of our best ideas for new skills to learn.

Learn to Speak a New Language

Scientists agree that people who are bilingual are better multi-taskers and have increased attention spans. Some of the most popular languages to learn among Britons include, French, Spanish, German and Italian. What do you fancy learning?

Employers appreciate these distinctions, along with the fact that multi-lingual persons are absolutely vital in today's global business arena.

There are many benefits to learning a new language, you could even increase your pay by up to 20%, simply by participating in courses through a language learning center online!

The salary bump alone could be enough to motivate you to start learning a new language today.

A quick Internet search will reveal a multitude of online tutoring services. Before you can say 'tickety boo!', you could enjoy lessons with a Spanish tutor or master French.

  • If you are at the outset of your language adventure, a teacher-in-training could fit the bill. These student teachers are especially well-versed in language mechanics, being fresh from study themselves.

    • The greatest advantage of working with such a tutor is cost: generally teachers in training charge less than seasoned professors.

  • Perhaps you would like to find a tutor who is more experienced, one with established credentials. In that case, you should seek out a degreed professor, or one certified to teach your chosen language.

  • Native teachers generally receive the most positive reception and testimonials from their tutees.

    • Such an instructor would instruct on language nuance that non-native speakers have such difficulties with. Additionally, such a teacher brings a background of culture to the learning, an aspect vital to effective language learning.

Your company has just merged with a large firm in Paris. You need help from a French tutor immediately!

Learning to speak a new language
Today's global business ventures demand sharp skills. Source: Pixabay Credit: HypnoArt

It is best to search online for language tutors who can give one to one lessons, or tutor a small group, if your coworkers also need language tutoring.

Besides bringing a cost-effective solution to your learning process, online tutoring can (virtually) transport you to France, where you would have an expanded choice of teachers!

Learn to Cook with Web Tutorials

If you're tired of having the same old beans on toast or microwave meals then you might be interested in taking online cooking classes. During the confinement a lot of people are discovering a very enjoyable way to pass the time - cooking!

While we are all stuck at home, a delicious home cooked meal is one way to help raise your spirits and many people are branching out and learning how to make their favourite meals that they would normally only have in a restaurant.

There are many great online resources to help you learn to cook, from blogs to youtube videos. If you are sick of browsing your Instagram feed looking at food porn then it's time to take action. You may even decide to take a cooking class with a cooking instructor to help you master a more complex dish or to advise you on how to create healthy, low cost meals for your family to help you during this difficult period.

Improve your IT and computer knowledge

These days, even the most labour-intensive work incorporates at least some technology.

Tesco home shopping director Simon Belsham: “The new automated system increases efficiency by reducing the amount of time staff spend picking online grocery delivery orders. They enable the retailer to make a broader range of products available to our customers.”

This example demonstrates the need for all workers  – not just office staff and computer programmers - to develop or enhance their technology and IT skills in order to remain competitive in today's job market.

You can search online for tutoring platforms that offer advanced computer skills courses, or, better yet: find free tutoring online to add to your skills set. You may want to improve your basic computer knowledge or spend time to master a more complex programme. For example, you may decide to take an in depth day course to master all the function on Excel. Or perhaps you want to learn to code, in this case, you're probably looking to take regular lessons with a teacher.

Online computing lessons are often conducted in screen share mode, this allows the tutor to demonstrate the practical applications described during the lesson in real time.

Screen share is a function offered by several video-conferencing platforms such as Skype or Zoom that, when activated, permits the other party to see your screen and supervise your work.

When it comes to distance learning, screen share is one of the best tools in your arsenal! 

Let your online music teacher drill you in scales
You can learn to play the piano with a music tutor online. Source: Pixabay Credit: AllegralChapleO

Can You Learn to Play a Musical Instrument Online?

Britain is famous for its music scene: the most influential sounds of the 20th century originated in the UK. The Beatles started the British Invasion and Ed Sheeran continues it today, being revered even in China.

Do you and/or your child want to be part of the next wave?

Etutoring in music is a great way to start! It might surprise you to know that many people take online lessons to learn the guitar, violin, piano and more.

You can learn everything from chords and fingering to theory and writing music from the online music tutor of your choice.

You have 2 options to exercise when learning how to sing or play a musical instrument online:

  1. Record each session with your tutor (via Skype or Zoom) and play it back as needed.

  2. Search the internet for instructional videos to complement the most recent lesson you had with your tutor.

No longer should aspiring musicians fret over lugging guitars and drum kits onto the bus or the Tube and across town! Scheduling online lessons takes the heavy lifting out of learning, leaving you more time to flex your fingers and play.

Spare yourself a gym audience by getting fit online
Your online fitness instructor can direct your moves as you work out. Source: Pixabay

Get Fit Online with a P.T

Most people think that online learning is only academically effective.

Few people expect to master a sport through online teaching.

In fact, people have been exercising via remote instruction for (at least) the past 35 years, when Jane Fonda's workout video taught American women how to flex and stretch in their living rooms. Since then, sales of exercise videos has become a diverse, billion-dollar market.

The disadvantage of video instruction is that you get no feedback. You have no idea if your form is proper or even if you are making satisfactory progress.

Taking fitness instruction live online is like having a personal trainer come to your home.

Your coach can watch your movements and recommend corrections. S/he can declare you ready for a more intensive training regimen and give a more strenuous assignment. You can schedule more frequent lessons, if your tutor believes you are ready for them. Most importantly, you get real-time feedback and constructive suggestions for improvement.

Private programs for physical fitness include:

  • Fitness and Stretching

  • Strength training

  • Endurance training

  • Tai Chi

  • Yoga

  • Pilates

You can even learn how to become a sports coach online!

Dancing, Boxing, Martial Arts, Krav Maga and other disciplines consist of moves that you can learn from an online instructor, but these activities in particular require a partner.

If you are interested in mastering them, you can start by learning basic moves online and then progress to a combination of online instruction and home tutoring.

Wouldn't it be interesting if your online coach became your sparring partner in the rink!

Academic Success in the Digital Age

Online tutoring is certainly not restricted to adults or limited to continuing education. Students of all ages, from kindergarten to KS5  can benefit from one to one tutoring online.

Thanks to digital tools and smartphone apps, students at every stage of learning take an active part when face to face with their online tutor.

Gone are the days where teachers drone on and students muse – about anything but what the teacher is palavering.

Online tutoring is done one on one or in a small group. Everybody actively participates. You can even engage in peer tutoring, where you tutor other students who need help.

Online, you can find:

  • English tutors specializing in reading comprehension, grammar, vocabulary, ESOL
    • You may want to consult a writing tutor for help with that skill.
  • Math tutors qualified for basic math/arithmetic, algebra, geometry, trigonometry, calculus and equations of all types
  • Science tutors certified to teach chemistry, physics, biology and earth sciences
  • Private tutoring for SAT, GCSE and A Levels exam preparation
  • Mentors who help you with the development of study strategies
  • General academic support

College-level tutoring includes subjects like: Engineering, Statistics, Humanities, and Computer Science. Here too you could join study groups.

Find your Online Teacher Today

What sets online tutoring apart from a home tutor visit, besides convenience, is price.

Be it that you're looking for supplemental instruction and homework help for your scholar or GCSE test preparation for your teenager, you could realize a savings of 20 to 50% simply by engaging the best tutors online.

Did you know that most tutors on Superprof offer their first lessons for free?

This article would not be complete without detailing the fluidity that online learning gives you.

Are you running late for your class? Is your child too sick to focus on learning?

Unlike in the past, when you had to pay your tuition fee even if you couldn't keep you appointment, nowadays you can simply shoot a text message and drop in for the next open slot on your teacher's calendar.

Online tutoring: endless possibilities - maybe with a peer tutor, tons of progressive tools, cadres of eager teachers... all at a great price.

Read more about taking online lessons in our article, what you need to start online tutoring.

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