These days, the Internet has become an indispensable tool: for working, for playing, for communicating and managing one's life and career. India is slowly becoming one of the fastest-growing markets for online education and online teaching jobs.

Learning from home and teaching from home has become easier in India ever since the improvement of the IT infrastructure in India. Students can find teachers on online platforms for almost any subject they wish to learn, whether it is computer languages or, foreign languages, maths or cooking. Everything can found and done online these days.

It stands to reason that the learning of coursework can be done online, too.

In keeping with these digital times, schools all over the India are using teaching materials found online, and even employing the Web to globalize and update teaching methods every school year.

Following logically, the greatest proportion of tutors can be found online, and pupils of all ages delight in online tutoring servicesOnline, you can find:

  • Math teachers for arithmetic, accounting, algebra, geometry, calculus, trigonometry, and equations of all types.

  • English teachers for grammar, vocabulary, reading comprehension, Esol.

    • You can even find a writing lab if you need help with online writing.
  • Science tutors: chemistry, biology, physics, natural sciences

  • Humanities mentors: history, literature, languages, philosophy – even music!

  • Computer languages such as HTML, Java and Python.
  • Foreign languages such as French, Spanish or even Hindi.
  • Tutoring programs that help develop study skills and work around learning disabilities, such as dyslexia and ADHD

With E-tutoring, you could be one of the tutored who finds academic success!

The reasons for engaging in one to one tutoring online are many. Here we present you with ten reasons to schedule with a private tutor online.

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Engage Your Ideal Tutor: Search Online

Regardless of your level of learning, whether you need one to one, short term learning assistance for exam preparation, academic tutoring for homework help or general academic support, thanks to home tutoring online, you are sure to find the best tutor or tutoring program for you.

Geographical restrictions are eliminated when you partake of supplemental instruction online.

With video conferencing and tools such as interactive whiteboard, difficulties in math and science can be quickly overcome.

You could engage a chemistry tutor in USA or England – or any other country, with no worries about where to meet or paying extra for your tutor to drop in for your session.

Furthermore, because of the wealth of tutoring centers and private tutors advertising online, you can pick and choose the best tutor for your individualized learning.

Many such tutors offer a free introductory session to see if you will work together well. 

One of the greatest benefits of one on one tutoring online is: if you live in a remote area or are seeking to know more about an obscure skill, it is much more likely you will find a teacher to instruct you online than in your lovely corner of the world.

Online tutoring saves you money!
You can save money through online tutoring. Source: Pixabay

Learn for Less

It goes without saying that online tutoring is cost effective and time saving, all without sacrificing quality.

Besides your study materials, you shouldn't need any more than a computer with internet connexion, and a webcam.

If your computer is not already equipped with one, purchasing such a device is easy and inexpensive. Installing your new camera is as simple as plugging it into a USB slot (you may need to install software from the accompanying disk before using your new learning accessory.)

Ideally, you should have a quiet, orderly space in which to receive instruction. A great way to insure no distractions during your lessons is to wear headphones, preferably a set that incorporates a telescopic microphone.

Many laptop computers come with speakers and microphones built-in, but their quality is not necessarily top-notch. Why risk misunderstanding your teacher's instructions? Or her not hearing your queries correctly?

This equipment is not terribly costly and, considering the investment you've already made into your/your child's education by subscribing to these online supplementary courses, wouldn't it be worthwhile to derive the full benefit of this enrichment?

You should not need to purchase or subscribe to any special software packages that permit online learning. Web-based online conference platforms such as Skype or Zoom allow screen sharing; a function critical to online learning.

You wish to show your maths tutor that you have mastered the math lesson. How to do it? Share your screen so that s/he can watch you exercise your numbers! Same with writing tutors: diagramming sentences or detailing conjugation, all done in real-time, with your professor looking on.

Because conferencing software allows for several people to be on the same 'call', you can opt for standardized group learning with your tutor's other tutees, who are all studying the same topic and are at approximately the same level as you are.

Doing so will save you even more money. Tutors in general and Superprof tutors especially are great at giving lower rates to students who partake of  group studies.

You can save even more with free online tutoring!

No Late Arrivals; No Canceled Sessions

Unforeseen events such as weather or traffic can delay or even forestall the most conscientious educator.

However, by taking instruction online, you needn't worry about the snow on the ground or the parade blocking your street. Short of a power outage, nothing can prevent you from meeting your tutor live online.

Even if your professor is sick, most likely s/he will log on and deliver the instruction you need, per the schedule.

You will always be on time for lessons online.
No need to worry about being late for lessons online! Source: Pixabay

Learning Online Saves Time

Learning online, the only traffic you would encounter is what you and you teacher send back and forth... and that's nearly instantaneous!

Learn in Comfort

Studies show that learning is best done in an orderly environment. If you are engaged in private tutoring, that orderly space should include the desk you are sitting at and the room it is situated in.

Urban legend has it that a recent college graduate was interviewing for a job via netmeeting. While he had taken pains to tame his curly hair and had brushed his teeth, he neglected to consider the state his room was in, revealed to the hiring manager by his webcam. Needless to say, he did not land the position.

This example demonstrates that you and the room you're in should be neat and tidy.

However, nothing says you can't  learn and progress academically in your pyjamas or other such comfortable garb.

Forget Formality!

The online teaching environment virtually guarantees your tutor will be up to date with technology and in tune with the times. Younger teachers embrace a certain casualness and relaxed attitude that you might not find in a traditional teaching relationship.

While there is nothing at all wrong with receiving mentoring from an older teacher, you might establish a better rapport through working with the tutors who are closer to you in age.

A Marked Break from Traditional Learning

The standard education model we are all familiar with involves a school teacher doling instruction while students (more or less) absorb knowledge.

However, new studies in cognitive behavior indicate that changing instruction delivery methods can improve how much a student actually learns and retains. By engaging in online learning, you eschew the traditional image of teacher-before-student, effectively exposing yourself to the very change that top psychologists recommend.

A Variety of Teaching Tools and Methods

Your certified teacher online will most likely not conduct lessons in the same manner as your classroom teacher. In fact, receiving instruction over the web is very different from learning on campus: it exposes you, the tutee, to the possibility of multiple learning tools – from video to instructional games, digital textbooks and interactive whiteboard.

Online tutoring demands creativity and innovation in order to merge traditional learning with modern technology.

Superprof tutors excel at the type of out-of-the-box teaching skills necessary to ensure you meet student success!

If you possess those qualities, you could become a peer tutor! 

Online tutors use headsets to deliver lessons
Superprof tutors are great at giving lessons online. Source: Pixabay

Study Possibilities Abound!

Online lessons cover just about any topic, going well beyond academic subjects such as math and science. Online, you can find instructional courses in:

  • Language - French tutors (or Spanish tutors, or tutors for any other language)

  • Cultural studies

  • Music lessons – theory, composition, instrument-specific and vocal coaching

  • Creative writing, through an online writing lab

  • Computer science tutorials
  • College tutoring, from undergraduate to doctorate

and more!

Granted, mastering martial arts and other physical activities would be difficult if studied purely on line, but for most anything that requires an intellectual knowledge base, your thirst for information would be well-met in cyber-space.

A Few More Reasons to Find a Tutor Online:

  • Students can record their sessions and play writing tutor or chemistry tutor's instruction back at any time to prepare for their next assignment.

  • If you are enrolled in study groups online, you and your fellow tutees can form a study partnership to help each other out, meaning you are engaging in peer tutoring.

  • A learner involved in online learning tends to outperform their peers.

Does all of that sound like something you've been waiting for?

Log on to a tutoring center; find free tutoring and schedule a tutoring session!

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