From shopping to 'friending', the Internet has changed our lives – even the way we study and learn.

With an increase in Online teaching jobs, online tutors have become a new trend in the education industry. As a student, it is a massive boon to find teachers on online platforms and learn without having to leave home.

That doesn't mean that the traditional classroom is going away. Nor is it projected that in home tutors will stop giving one on one lessons in their clients' homes. Tutoring services will continue to welcome students into their offices.

A quality headset is a vital tool for online classes
A headset with microphone is essential for online learning. Source: Pixabay Credit: Ronaldo

In reality, more and more tutors are employing digital means in addition to traditional academic advising to reach every possible student, even those in remote areas.

Interactive, on-line learning will revolutionize education. Not only will it affect where we learn; it also will influence how we learn and what we learn" – Gerald Celente

Are you ready to find a tutor? Let's discover what it takes to benefit from supplemental instruction online.

Catalogue Your Resources

You needn't rush out to buy a new computer. If you have a Windows 8 or 10 machine, or macOS Sierra, you are already set.

What really matters is your connexion. For quality learning with your online tutor, you need at least a broadband link to insure against screen freezes and delays in transmission. Fiber-optic would be even better!

Wireless is acceptable too, but here we caution you of low speed or weak signals that might interrupt lesson flow, especially if your computer is not close to your router.

Here are two accessories you might want to invest in:

  1. A quality webcam. While most laptop machines come with a camera built-in, only the newest desktop screens are so equipped. If your computer monitor is a bit older, you will need a camera.

  2. Headphones, preferably with a telescopic mic. Most laptops include both microphone and speakers but they tend to be of inferior quality, and desktop machines require an external microphone. Purchasing a headset will not set you send you to the poorhouse and its functionality with regard to distance education make them well-worth the cost. You can find good quality headphones on Amazon and Flipkart.

After investing in online tutoring, why risk the tutors misunderstanding you? Or you not hearing your Chemistry tutor clearly?

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The Software/App Question: Software for Online Teaching

There are literally millions of applications floating around cyberspace, with more than two hundred thousand of them dedicated to online education.

Fortunately, you don't (necessarily) need to buy, install or subscribe to any particular site in order to partake of online tutoring.

Generally, it is your tutor who will suggest preferred software. Most of the time, the softwares are the ones used for professional meetings as well. But, with apps like Facebook and Whatsapp enabling video calling in their applications, it has become easier to learn from your online tutor.

An interactive whiteboard is an instructional tool that the tutors use to instruct online. They are especially useful for math tutoring, or giving step by step breakdown formulae during a chemistry lesson.

Quite possibly, you are already familiar with Skype, a peer-to-peer (P2P) video chat platform. It is the most commonly used application for online instruction because, among other features, it offers a screen share function that permits your teacher to see what you are doing while you're doing it.

Skype is among the most famous platforms for online interactions, now they have the chance to start multiple conversations at the same time. So, you can learn and interact with the teacher at the same time. You can also record the sessions in case you need to keep the sessions with you.

Zoom is another such platform that incorporates screen share. Its added benefit is that a recorder is built-in, so that you can save your sessions in MP4 format to play between lessons, as a refresher. You do not have to purchase or download or Zoom.

In case you don't already have it, Skype is also available to download for free. However, if you wish to record lessons you have over Skype, you will have to download a recorder separately.

There are multiple other platforms these days that have enabled online teaching. Some of them are as follows:

  1. Facebook Messenger
  2. WhatsApp video calling
  3. Cisco (Usually used for online meetings)

However, they are a great way to stay in touch with your mentor. If, for some reason, you will not be available for your next session, simply send a message and plan a different date or time. How convenient!

You have just completed a calculus assignment from your tutor and wish him/her to see it before your next scheduled session. It is a large file that won't upload to email. How to send it?

Here are some web-based applications that permit file sharing, especially if the document in question is too large to share via email.

  • Dropbox

  • Cloud Me

  • Team Drive

  • Sky Drive

  • Wuala

  • Box

Google Drive and Amazon Cloud will also perform file storage and sharing functions.

Who Gives Online Tutoring?

With the current boom in home tutoring across the UK, more and more opportunities present themselves to take supplemental courses online.

You can find online courses through:

  • Tutoring agencies: they offer more than one-to-one and group lessons in their offices. Many such establishments have embraced online teaching of academic subjects, for students as young as five years, all the way to undergraduate level.

    • You might find a tutoring center's fees are lower for online sessions because their tutors would not need to leave the office in order to instruct.

  • Educational websites specialize in distance learning! The best part: many such sites have integrated learning platforms.

    • You can find free tutoring online, especially if you are looking for science tutors or math tutors.
  • Adverts – whether online or in your local paper, you can find homework help and private tutoring ads.

    In these digital times, the search area for lessons is vast and the choices can be overwhelming.

Finding the best tutor for your academic tutoring needs depends on your situation. If time is pressing, scheduling lessons with a tutoring center might suit you – but costs would be higher than for an independent tutor who gives lessons online.

Find tutors Glasgow on Superprof.

Young learners love online teachers.
Virtually anything can be taught online! Source: Pixabay Credit: LuidmilaKot

Superprof marries quality to low cost, giving you the best possible choice for online tutoring services and academic success!

You can choose from hundreds of tutors that embrace a variety of disciplines at a fair cost, to give you an exceptional learning experience.

At Superprof, you can find:

  • Math tutors for arithmetic, algebra, geometry, trigonometry and calculus
  • Science tutors for biology, chemistry, physics and earth sciences
  • English tutors for reading and writing and grammar
  • Mentors to help develop study skills and academic skills

To find out if your chosen Superprof tutor offers courses via webcam, simply look at his/her profile, under the bio section.

You can read testimonials from other tutees to help you decide if s/he would be the ideal tutor for you.  

What Can Be Taught Online?

When we think of face to face tutoring, naturally the first thought is for school support or homework help.

  • Academic students and those with learning disabilities benefit the most from ongoing, regular sessions with their tutor.

  • Crash courses before entrance examinations
  • Learn languages through online tutoring sessions.
  • Those facing CBSE or SSC examinations could do with a short-term, intensive program focused on test prep.

  • Enroll in an online writing lab to improve your English comprehension skills.
  • Engaging a college level private tutor provides the learner with comprehension in engineering or humanities.

    • many college students engage in peer tutoring. Ask around on campus if there is any small group tutoring available!

Technology permits online instruction in just about any subject!

You can learn a second language live online. Your French tutor is waiting!

Consider these non-credit, enrichment disciplines.

  • The learning of music – theory and composition

    • piano lessons

    • guitar lessons

    • brass and wind instruments

    • percussion instruments

    • singing lessons

Forget lugging your sax onto the bus and across town! Your teacher will instruct you in your home, remotely.

  • Get tutored in sports

    • endurance and strength training

    • toning and conditioning

    • stretching and flexibility

    • Tai Chi

    • Yoga classes

    • Martial Arts

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No need of prying eyes during your online workout
You can work out at home with your online fitness instructor Source: Pixabay Credit: Hannah Wells

Besides enjoying lower fees for online lessons, you will be spared an audience as your coach puts you through your paces. It will be like having a personal trainer, right in your own home!

Doesn't that make you want to don your Sweaty Bettys and get started?

Ease and Comfort

Much is being made these days of learning environment impacting students' academic progress. Here is how one on one tutoring online can help.

  • Etutoring online gives students an arena in which they are active participants in their education.

  • Engaging in distance learning can help your scholar become more organized and responsible without unduly causing stress.

  • Working with a peer tutor online helps students gain ability and develop confidence.

Teachers who instruct via webcam know what fun/educational games you/your child should play, virtually guaranteeing you/your technology-loving tyke will be happily engaged in learning while playing, even when not in session.

What Do You Need for Online Tuition?

An accessorized computer with a reliable, fast Internet connexion.

Besides that: Your textbooks, an eagerness to learn, a desire to achieve and a goal of success.

What does online learning give you?

Confidence. Assertiveness. New skills sets. The tools you need to succeed academically. The schedule suited to your busy life. The tutor you choose for yourself.

How is online learning done?

Through tutoring centers, free online tutoring, private tutoring, in small groups, by peer tutoring.

With whiteboards, digital pens, screen sharing and other interactive tools.

What does it cost?

(generally) Less than formal tutoring programs or an in home tutor.

Are you ready to drop in on your tutor?

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