According to a report published in The Daily Telegraph, a whopping 72% of students in the UK have had private tutoring in preparation for their Common Entrance Exam.

A survey done for the Sutton Trust discloses that 24% of all students in Britain have benefited from one on one tutoring at some point during their academic career. In and around London, the percentage of students who have benefited from face-to-face instruction jumps to 40%.

With the proliferation of Internet-based teaching materials, online tutoring has seen a 500% growth rate over the past year.

Online learning is a logical extension of youths' digital existence.

Entertainment, personal profiles and social media all dwell in cyberspace. Thus, much like tutees who have enjoyed lessons from their in home tutor, online students adapt easily and comfortably to a study realm more closely associated with their social lives.

Online learning marks a clear distinction from the formality of traditional coursework by educating students on a platform they are comfortable navigating.

Let's find out where you can reap the benefits of online tutoring!

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Tutoring Centers that offer Private Lessons Online

Keystone Tutors is a London-based concern that provides in home tutoring for that city and online tutoring all over the UK. As well as college entrance and national exam preparation, tutoring programs offer academic support in the following subjects:

  • Maths – arithmetic, algebra, geometry, trigonometry, calculus, and equations of all types

  • English – grammar, vocabulary, spelling, reading comprehension

  • Science (up to 13+) – chemistry, biology, physics, earth sciences

  • Computing, design and technology

Keystone's online tutors specialize in working with students whose first language is other than English, students who require assistance in applying to university, and students who are drafting their Personal Statements.

In addition to video and direct-delivered instruction via webcam, Keystone tutors use whiteboard and digital pens for their private tuition sessions to ensure an interactive experience with their tutees.

For parents who worry over their child's progress, Keystone tutors provide a monthly report detailing:

  • the focus of that month’s learning

  • the type of assessment used
  • achievements and steps to student success
  • the scheduling of future sessions

These mentoring professionals excel in working around learning disabilities such as dyslexia and ADHD.

Keystone's starting rate is £60 per hour of instruction, including VAT. More experienced tutors cost more.

Simply Learning Tuition – or SLT, as they are called is a London-based tutoring agency that offers one on one tuition in and around the city, and online tutoring across the UK.

SLT embraces standardized tutoring subjects that reflect national curriculum demands, as well as SAT, GCSE and A Levels test prep. And then, they go even further: tutoring undergraduates at college level and advising for International Baccalaureate prep.

SLT effectively takes the guesswork out of engaging the best tutor for you or your student. They retain a pool of 350 certified digital tutors. You have the option of requesting a different mentor if you feel their choice of tutors is not quite who you were hoping for.

In order to ensure building the desired mentorship, this company charges a registration fee, and there is a cost for initial academic assessment.

SLT's rate start at £60 per hour of instruction.

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Websites that Provide Tutoring Online

TLC Live offers online tutoring services from East Anglia. They are staffed by certified teachers, for learners from KS1 to GCSE. Subjects covered are:

  • English, including Literature and Verbal Reasoning

  • Maths, featuring support in Key Skills areas

  • Science – Biology, Physics, Chemistry

  • Homework help
  • GCSE exam preparation

  • SAT test preparation

Since their inception in 2003, they have developed a tutoring program with schools resulting in a bespoke curriculum that ties in with national requirements. Because of their close association with formal learning, their online tutoring service reflects the most up-to-date classroom standards and exam criteria.

TLCLive's rate is £27 per hour of instruction.

The Khan Academy is based in America. Their online tutoring services include instruction in maths and science, delivered in short video segments, arranged by grade level and subject.

The Khan Academy has course materials for every student from kindergarten to the highest level of secondary education and beyond.

If your student is particularly advanced and looking for free online tutoring for academically challenging material, s/he can enroll in university level learning of macroeconomics, Statistics and Probability, Computer Science, programming and coding.

Although there are no tutors live online who work with directly with students through Khan Academy's website, you will find tests and practice exercises, to be completed after viewing each video tutorial. The site offers a progress tracker that measures achievements your learner has made in the concepts s/he is studying.

Khan Academy materials and curriculum are geared to America's education system.

Although the content is similar to what is required learning by UK national curriculum standards, you may have to adjust your math and science searches – by topic rather than by grade level, to find exactly what you are looking for.

All of Khan Academy's materials are free for use, but you must enroll in order to avail yourself to them.

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Online Tutoring with Superprof

Established in 2013 by Wilfied Granier and Yann Leguillon, Superprof is the rising star of private lessons and online tutoring.

With more than a million active tutors registered at the site, Superprof has a tutor for every student, anywhere in the UK.

For every discipline there is a Superprof tutor:

  • Math tutors for KS1-5, SATs, GCSE and A Levels exam prep
  • Science tutors to teach biology, chemistry, physics, earth sciences
  • English tutors to instruct in vocabulary, grammar, spelling, ESOL
  • Language - French, Spanish, Mandarin Chinese, German, Italian
  • Computer and digital technology instruction
  • Engineering tutors who have mastered civil, electrical, mechanical
  • Music teachers for piano, guitar, drums, singing
  • Economics tutors  macro- and microeconomics, econometrics
  • Statistics masters
  • History tutors
  • Art instructors for sculpting, drawing, acting

You can even find a tutor who will instruct on how to cook, sew and swim at Superprof!

Students who are enrolled in E-tutoring can realize a cost savings of 10 to 30%.

Should you worry that online tutoring does not fit in your learning process, let us put those fears to rest. 90% of our tutors offer an introductory hour of lessons at no cost! You need very little to start online tutoring today.

This permits you to see how effective online learning can be, all while determining that your Superprof tutor is the right choice.

Worried about teachers' credentials? Superprof certifies that every tutor is properly acquitted and highly qualified to teach in his/her field by validating their certification. You can further judge a Superprof tutor's abilities by relying on testimonials from that teacher's other students.

To verify that your chosen tutor delivers lessons online, simply read through the short bio on his/her profile page. Beneath that section you will find a dialogue box with a webcam icon and the legend: “I offer lessons by webcam.”

Let you kids feel the joy of learning with a Superprof tutor
Your child can enjoy academic success with a Superprof tutor. Credit: Pixabay

Finding Your Online Tutor Through Adverts

If you or your child needs help building study skills, finding your ideal tutor is possible by scanning ads posted online at a variety of sites.

Gumtree permits listing services for free. There you can conduct a search by entering what city you live in and what type of tutor you need: biology tutor, math tutor or a writing tutor.

The adverts are listed in no particular order, so it might take a while to find your perfect match.

Every city in the UK has their specific Freeads site. Have you perused yours lately? You can conduct a search for a SAT tutor or maths tutor who specializes in trigonometry and solving equations.

From the dozens of resultant listings, you only need to scan those ads in order to decide on the tutor who would best meet your individual needs.

Have you heard of Netmums? It is a site catering to parenting issues; among them education and supplemental instruction, especially for younger learners.

By listing your city and what type of private tutor you are hoping to engage – a reading tutor, or to give your tot a boost in arithmetic, you will find entries from agencies and independent tutors UK, all ready to guide your tot to academic success.

Money-saving tip: you and your neighbors could schedule a teacher online for group learning sessions, rather than each parent engaging an individual tutor for each child.

A Classic Solution: Your Local Paper

  • London-based national newspapers sell over 9 million copies per day
  • English regional dailies, morning and evening editions, sell more than 2 million copies.
  • Wales's 6 dailies sell nearly half a million copies.
  • Scotland's 9 dailies sell over three quarter of a million copies.
  • In Ireland, 84% of the adult population read the newspaper daily.

This proliferation of print assures that you could most certainly find the academic tutoring online service you're looking for!

Even in these digital times, you can still find tutoring services listed in the classified ads section of your local or regional paper. With a bit of time, you may well find a good match to your educational needs.

Whether you work through an agency or select a tutoring website; whether you seek an independent tutor or select a Superprof professor, your private tutoring adventure is just beginning.

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