All India Senior School Certificate Examinations or the SSC examinations are the exams conducted each year for the classes of 10th and 12th standard. This examination is also commonly known as the boards or the board examination. In India, boards are considered as very important examinations. 

They help in determining which field a student should opt after their secondary school. The syllabus for this examination is prepared by the CBSE board. The certification of education is also given by the same organization on the successful completion of the course. Know more about the board examinations in India

Central Board of Secondary Education helps in conducting the board examination in various schools across India that are affiliated to the board. Scoring good marks in the board classes will help you get admission to good colleges and universities. After the board exams of 12th standard are done, you might have to give a university entrance test, depending on the course you are willing to undertake. 

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Other than that, there are international baccalaureate is another board that has a completely different education structure. It is built for the students who have the interest to move to a different country for further studies and education. They usually focus on the international syllabus and structure. 

HSC or the Higher Secondary School Certificate is another education board that works on the state level. The public schools of particular states are affiliated with this board. They usually contain more knowledge of the regional subjects. They also give the students a certificate of secondary education on the successful completion of the course. 

What is the Structure of the SSC Examination?

In higher school, the SSC exams are conducted in March. The course contains 5 subjects each of 100 marks. Some of the subjects such as maths, physics, chemistry, biology, etc. have a written test for 80 marks and a practical test for 20 marks adding to 100 marks each. 

On the other hand, subjects like English, political science, and regional languages do not require a practical exam and the exam is of 100 marks straight. The duration of the final examination is of 3 hours and that of practicals depends on the particular exam. 

How to Score Good Marks in School Examinations?

Scoring good marks in the board exams is the wish of every student and their parents.  Learn more about examinations of board classes in India. After the matriculation exam, people get worried about the future of their children and rightfully so. For scoring good marks in the exams, children need to work really hard. If one gets good marks in these exams, they can later get admission to premier institutes like the Indian Institutes of Technology or others. There you can pursue an education in Btech, Architecture or any other technical course.

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They need to put all their focus and concentration on the subjects. Some of the ways and tips are listed below that will help you score good marks in the secondary level examination:

Get Your Syllabus Fully Covered Before the SSC Examinations Date

The best way for scoring good marks in the examination is by covering all the syllabus before the exam dates. Most of the time what happens is students keep on procrastinating their studies and start studying at the 11th hour.

That way they are not able to cover all the syllabus and some topics remain untouched. When preparing for a board exam, you need to be really focused on the studies and leave other things out of focus for some time. Finish all the topics prior to the exam dates. 

When the exam is near, then you only need to revise the topics once again. That takes very little time and also a student does not get any pressure of covering the syllabus. 

This can be easily done if you have a private tutor for your home. When a student is alone, they tend to procrastinate their studies. There is nothing to get upset about because this is a fact that happens with each one of us. When there is a routine of tutor coming to your home, the syllabus gets covered effortlessly without much pressure. 

Identify Your Weaknesses

This is the thing that most students fail upon. When we are preparing for an exam, we very well understand the topics that are giving us a hard time. Rather than working on those topics, we tend to avoid them. This is where we go wrong. If we start working on the problems with someone’s help, whether it be your friend, parent, or tutor, you will very easily be able to overcome your weaknesses. 

Learn how to manage your time

The problem with a major population of students in India is that they are not able to manage their time. There may numerous reasons why students fail to manage their time, but whatever may be the reason, this causes harm to the students. 

For managing your time, the best way is to keep track of all the activities you do in a day. Most times we waste our lot of time in useless activities. If we specify our time according to our daily tasks, we will very efficiently be able to manage all our tasks. 

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Stay Focused on the Task that You are Doing

The key to getting good marks is when you show an advanced level of focus on the thing that you are studying. Why we fail to get good marks in the exams is because when we are studying a topic, our mind is busy somewhere else. If each and every topic is studied with a focus, then you need only a little time to revise the topic before the exam and hence you are able to score good marks.

Stay Clear of Distractions

In this time of digital technology, there are so many distractions for a child. So the necessary step needed if you want to get good grades is staying away from the digital media. No Facebook, No Instagram, Nothing. 

You need to take a break from social media for a while, at least two months prior to examination. If you are thinking that using Instagram for a while will not hamper your studies, then think about this. The problem is not using social media, the real problem is when we wander on the social media for a while, your mind automatically takes you to its time and again. You, again and again, want to check your phone and are not able to focus on the studies. Read about the influence of social media on you. So, it is better to stay away from your phone for a while till the time your board examinations are over.    

Why Home Tutoring is the Best Way to Get the Best Grades?

Home tutoring is undoubtedly the best way for a student to score high marks and get good grades. School education nowadays is limited to covering the syllabus and not giving proper guidance and help to the students. Only relying on the basic education of the school will give a minimum average of marks but you won’t be able to fulfill the admission requirements for college. 

A home tutor helps the student getting good marks in a number of ways. A tutor is efficient in covering the syllabus of both primary and secondary education. Find more info on secondary education exams. But that is not all why a tutor is required for the student. In today’s time, a child needs to maintain a good regime for their studies if they want to land up in a good college. There are many students that have been passed from unreliable colleges and are not facing depression because of unemployment. 

When a tutor comes to your home and teaches the student, there are multiple benefits that a child avail from him. There is a one to one relationship between the student and a home tutor. In high school, teaching has just remained a mere formality. A private tutor can help the student in getting good marks in the board examinations and also helps the student for admission into good colleges. 

A home tutor keeps the daily record of the progress, the student has made. This helps the student remain focused and work hard each day. Many students are not able to ask or clarify their doubts when studying in the group. However, when studying through a private tutor, there is no fear and a student unhesitantly is able to ask the questions that are in his mind. 

Where to Find the Best Home Tutors?

Home tutoring has evolved a lot from the last century. In today’s time, there are many platforms through which you can find a home tutor for a student. Superprof is a wonderful way of finding the best tutors in your city and area who not only help students in getting good grades but also helps them to clear the entrance examination for the other graduation tests. You can just visit the Superprof website and check out the profiles of all teachers that provide home tuitions in your area. By checking their profiles you can select the best teacher that can help the student get the best grades in the board exams. 

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