The SSC examinations or the Senior School Certificate Examinations is an all India examination that is taken by thousands of candidates each year. This exam is of supreme importance as it determines various factors that select the future of a child. These exams are conducted in the 10th and 12th standards. 

The SSC examinations are also known as the AISSCE (All India Senior Secondary Certification Examination). They happen each year during the month of March. The subject course includes 5 subjects each carrying 100 marks. These marks are further divided into 80 marks written examination and 20 marks oral examination or practical examination. 

The paper is subjective and is not a computer-based examination. Also, it is an offline exam series and not an online exam. This examination helps in determining the future of hundreds of children and so it is extremely important.

The SSC exams are the 12th standard exams that are carried out by the CBSE or the Central Board of Secondary Education. They have a head office in New Delhi and carry out all the operations from there. CBSE makes the structure of the course and selects the syllabus, exam dates and the structure of the examination. 

There are thousands of schools in the states of Haryana, Jharkhand, Himachal Pradesh, Odisha, Kerala, New Delhi, Karnataka, Baroda, Bengal, etc. that are affiliated to Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE Board).

Other than CBSE, there are ICSE and HSC boards. Indian Certificate of Secondary Education and Higher Secondary School Certificate are two other boards that conduct the higher school examination of the students every year.

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What are HSC Examinations?

Higher Secondary School Certification or the HSC Examination is the secondary level education for the students of class 10th and class 12th. HSC Exams are conducted by the state boards. Each and every state of India has its own state board for the government schools of their state. 

They are conducted at different months according to the different regions of the country. The exam does not appear the same in any state as each state has its own structure and course of the syllabus.

What Career a Student Can Opt After the HSC Examinations?

The board exams in India carry a lot of importance as they are the basis on which a student goes for several fields in building their career. After the secondary level exams, there are entrance exams for getting an admission into a college where a student completes his/her graduation. 

After graduation, there are several choices for the students to carry on. Some want to go into businesses, some want to crack govt jobs like Staff Selection Commission, Rti, Sbi, etc. while some want to work for multinational companies. There are thousands of aspirants who fill up the vacancies of typists, steno, grade A officers, clerks, etc. in the government jobs and try to crack the examination. 

The exam is filled by the students from states of the entire nation such as Gujarat, Maharashtra, Rajasthan, Bengal, Assam, etc. People prefer working in the government of India because it is a secure job and also the pay scale is quite high as compared to the other jobs. Also, know about International Baccalaureate!

SSC Examinations Date and Preparation Tips

The exam date for SSC examinations in India is out and the papers are scheduled from mid of February to the third week of March. So this is the perfect time for all the children to leave all the distractions behind and make a new routine for studying in order to get good marks. Here are some wonderful tips that can help you achieve good marks in the SSC exams:

Find out your Weak Points and Start Working on Them

The biggest mistake that we do is when we get difficulty in the syllabus, we avoid that and go ahead with the other topics. That topic keeps coming back to us and eventually, we are not able to face them at the time of the examination. So it is better to find out your weak points now and start working towards them. By doing it, you will easily be able to achieve success on your weak points. 

Start with Time Management: 

Time management is the biggest factor that determines how we are going to do our exam. Managing time is extremely important for the students who are preparing for the exam. Most times we tend to waste time doing the unnecessary things. The best way to manage the time is by keeping a daily track of all the activities that you do. Also, give each topic a specific time limit in which you will cover it. To achieve the goal of your time, you will maintain a high level of focus which in turn makes your study more efficient. 

Stay Away from your Social Media: 

One of the biggest challenges that this generation has to face is staying clear from their gadgets and social media. Social media uses a lot of time for the students. Know the influence of social media on children. So if you are wishing to get good grades in the exams and want to do something to achieve the best results, then the first step is keeping your phone away for the next two months. 

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Take Previous Year Examinations

The best way of understanding the pattern and the most important questions in the SSC examinations is by taking the previous year’s examination papers. Apart from covering your textbook and syllabus, these papers need to be solved to get the most scoring marks. Only the syllabus is insufficient for the examination. 

When you solve the previous year question papers, you get a gist of what is about to come and you become more productive while solving the paper. 

Create a Proper Unbiased Time Schedule for the Preparation of the Exam

Nobody in the universe knows you better than yourself. This is a fact and with it, you must bring awareness into your mind. You should create a time schedule for yourself and stick to the plan. Maintaining the daily routine is highly important as with consistency things become easier and you are able to get the best results.

Take Help From a Friend or a Tutor 

If you feel stuck in some topic or a subject and are not able to find a way out for yourself, then you must ask for help. This is the moment where the help is required. Either ask your friend to help you. This option is good but has limitations as your friend might also need time for his studies and is not able to give you the proper time in which you may overcome your weakness. 

The other option is for the home tutor. This is a great option as a tutor can provide you with the right guidance at this time. No matter what you might have studied, throughout the year or not, a tutor can help you cross the bar of your limits at this time. Learning from tutors helps in building a good understanding of the subjects. Also, a tutor helps the student see the mistakes they are doing and in what ways they can be eradicated. So having a home tutor is a great option.

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Get Help Finding a Home Tutor Through Superprof

Superprof is a wonderful platform that helps the students to find the best tutor for themselves. Nowadays the system of online monitoring has gone significantly up. This has happened because of the benefits that the students have got through the use of the home tutors. Thousand of students have been benefitted from the concept of home tutors. The basic need is finding the teacher that is the best in his abilities and techniques. A good teacher always raises the level of a student. 

When studying through the home tutor, you are able to maintain decorum and a healthy routine of studying all subjects. Also, in group coaching or tuition, the pressure of other children is such that you unwantedly lose your focus from the studies. This does not happen in the case of home tutoring as there is one to one connection between the two. Also, you have more freedom of asking any doubt to the tutor and he will help in solving them.

Finding a teacher through Superprof is easy as you just need to go to the website and select your area. The website will show you the profiles of all the teachers and tutors in your area. You can check their profiles, tuition experience and make a selection for yourself. Also, some of the tutors give free first sessions so that you can check if you feel convenient with the teacher or not. Studying from home tutor can be highly helpful in scoring good marks and grades in the SSC examination. 

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