High School or secondary school is one of the best times for everyone. There are so many memories related to the school time that each one of us miss in our lives. However, the time doesn’t wait for anyone and keeps moving away. So many students face the dilemma of what to choose after they complete their higher classes. 

Engineering is the field in India that has been prominent from the past many years and a lot of students show their interest in taking admission in this field. It is believed that the students of India are more bent towards completing their education in the field of technology. This is not a hundred percent true or a hundred percent false. 

There is certainly an inclination towards the technical courses more in India but it is not true for all the students. There are several other courses and fields that students choose to go for after they complete their SSC (Secondary School Certification Examination).

Engineering is a vast field that has many areas to explore. Engineering a thing means that you have made or designed a system that is more efficient than humans and makes things easier for us. When we study the same in different fields and are able to apply the mechanics of it, it is considered as engineering. 

Admission into Btech or Bachelors of Technology can be taken after one completes their board examinations of the 12th standard. Know what are board exams in India? There are numerous engineering courses available in India which the students can study. Some of them are mentioned below:

  1. Computer Science and Engineering
  2. Mechanical Engineering 
  3. Civil Engineering 
  4. Aeronautical Engineering 
  5. Engineering in Biotechnology 
  6. Industrial Engineering
  7. Biomedical Engineering 
  8. Engineering Management
  9. Automobile Engineering 
  10. Mining Engineering 
  11. Engineering in Physics 
  12. Communication Engineering
  13. Nuclear Engineering 
B.tech course
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All these courses are available in different engineering colleges and universities in India. In order to take admission in an engineering course, the necessary eligibility required is that you must have completed 12th standard school examinations. Find more about the SSC examination. 

After their completion, you have to give an entrance examination which will decide the college or university where you can study the course. There are also hundreds of private colleges in India that provide the Btech Certifications for the students. Students who wish to go out of the country for studying, usually take admission to the International Baccalaureate Board from their childhood. This board is specially designed for students who wish to carry higher education from an outside country. Know more about the International Baccalaureate Board.

 How to Take Admissions in Btech?

There are papers conducted by several organizations that help in selecting the candidates for the Btech degree. Institutes like IIT or the Institute of Indian Technology are the top engineering colleges and universities from where a student can become an engineer. 

Although there are more than thirty-five hundred colleges for engineering in India, IIT stands the tallest amongst them. It has a great reputation for education in the entire world and has produced many great engineers and scientists from this place. IIT Kanpur and IIT Kharagpur are considered as the best IITs in India. 

For taking the admission in Btech course, the first thing you need to do is fill the form for the entrance examination. The exams for engineering are based on three levels. National level, state level, and University Level. IIT’s fall under the national level examination and each year more than a hundred thousand students take this test. On the basis of their marks, they are selected and given admissions. 

The exam for IIT is being conducted in the very first month of this year. The dates are announced and the exam will be conducted in January. Apart from it, there are several universities like BITS Pilani, Jaypee, Thapar University, and many more that conduct their own entrance examination for the Btech admissions. 

The academic qualification needed for taking admission in Btech is passing the SSC examination. Know more about the SSC examination. On passing it with good marks, one becomes eligible to give entrance examination for the various engineering entrance tests. Students who have passed their 12th standard or are passing this year should be well updated with all the important dates for the examination. 

What are the Best Universities for Undergoing Btech?

As told earlier, India has more than 3500 colleges and institutes where students can go and study engineering. However, all these universities are not the best. The best institute for engineering in India is undoubtedly the Indian Institute of Technology. There are sixteen IITs all over India and a very high-level entrance test is conducted for getting admission into this reputed institute. 

The exam this year is to be conducted in January. There are two levels of the examination. One is prelims while the other one is the mains exams. Only the candidates who pass the first test are allowed to give the mains test. This test is considered as one of the hardest tests at a college or school level in India. 

Apart from IIT, there are several other good institutes that give the knowledge of engineering to the students. These institutes are either private or a part of state-level universities. The entrance test of state universities is conducted at various parts of the state and also it has its own rules and regulations. Some of the universities that are under the state government are Himachal Pradesh University, Punjab University, Punjab Engineering College, etc. 

There is another set of institutions that are managed at a national level, they are known as the National Institute of Technology. There is no specific ranking system but NIT’s are considered the next best thing after the IIT’s. There are also many private universities in India like the Thapar University, BITS Pilani, etc. that are deemed and have their own certification and accreditation system.  

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Course Structure of Btech?

Btech or Bachelors in Technology is considered as a degree of high value for the students. As the growth of private industries boomed in the country, there was a high demand for people in the corporations. This led to massive admissions in the Btech world and the want for Btech is still at a very high scale. 

Btech is a four-year course in total. The first year of engineering is dedicated to all the fields of engineering. This year, the basics of all the engineering fields are given to the student. The student can even change these subjects as per their interest after the first year. Though, this option is not available in some of the engineering colleges.

In the next 3 years, students are given in-depth knowledge of various subjects in the particular engineering field that they have chosen. An engineering degree consists of more than 50 exams that the students need to qualify along with the projects. 

Is undergoing an engineering degree useful?

Anything done for the right matter and intention is always useful. There are many students that just take admission under the pressure of their parents and are not able to cope up with the study. If that is the case with anyone, then they must think about it and change the situation to whatever extent they can. 

An engineering degree is useful and best when done through the premier institutes like IIT, NIT, etc.  The quality of education there is the best and there is no matching of these institutes. If you are pursuing a degree from such high level of institutes than it will be very useful for everyone including you. 

However, if one is willing to study engineering but is not able to crack these IIT exams, then they must not lose hope. They can take admission in the best institute they are getting and work hard to achieve what others studying in IIT might not get. 

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How to approach teachers for getting Btech Classes at Home?

There are many students who face difficulty while studying subjects of engineering and rightfully so. The syllabus of Btech can be wide and difficult. There are many subjects in the course that goes above the top of the head of students. Such difficulties can be solved by hiring a private teacher for yourself. 

There are many teachers who give home tuition for the subjects of Btech. They will provide you with the Btech classes at home for the subjects that you are facing difficulty in. They will also help you to understand the scope and field which you can later select for choosing a profession for yourself.  

How SuperProf Helps in finding the Teachers?

Superprof is a highly versatile platform that helps in hiring a teacher from any part of the world. Superprof is well known for the tuitions that they offer in almost every field of the world. One can check the profiles of the teachers on the website that you think is best for yourself. 

Some teachers provide first free sessions to the students so that a student can check the compatibility with the teacher. Superprof is a great way to find the best teachers for the subjects that you need help with. Also, it shows all the teachers of your area and city so that you are able to narrow down your research for the best teacher for your Btech subjects. 

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