I believe every guitar player inherently has something unique about their playing. They just have to identify what makes them different and develop it. - Jimmy Page

The lives of human beings are filled with too many activities and keep them busy from morning till night. In this era of work, eat and sleep, people seem to miss the most exciting things in life, the hobby. No matter what, if you are in touch with things you love doing, no amount of stress can pull you down. Music is one such stress buster that helps people work better. Many people whose hobby is playing the guitar know how to beat fatigue and stress. If you also want to come over your same boring routine, know how to play guitar.

Any musical instrument is not meant for people of a particular age group but for all. You can learn it if you are a student, a working professional or even a retired person. Plus with the advent of online courses and tutoring, you can easily learn the skill online as well.

Learn to play guitar
Learning how to plat the guitar is now easier with the help of online websites. Source: Guitar Command

Ever since the advancement of online education, people have accessed everything more conveniently. For instance, finding a guitar tutor was not an easy task in the past but now, a Google search is bringing too many options to choose from. The convenience and affordability are added advantages. Moreover, people can also learn things free of cost online with the help of various sites and videos.

Want To Learn Guitar? Here’s How To Begin

If you are dedicated to learning guitar, you must spread your hands on the music theory. It is the study of music along with the possibilities and practices. Since it is a vast ground, you would not have to cover everything but enough so that you get a basic idea of understanding tunes and composition. Here is a short guide for the beginners-

What Are The Best Guitars For Beginners?

It is important to choose the right instrument. But how to know what are the best guitars for beginners? Generally, a guitar is of two types - acoustic and electric. An acoustic guitar is a great option to learn on since it comes with no fancy features like whistles, simplified strings and is precisely designed. An electric guitar, on the other hand, is good for the experts.

Types of guitar
One should know the various types of guitar before purchasing it. Source: Guitar Gear Finder

Shape And Size

Next to the type, one must check the design to find the convenience of usage. The shape of the guitar matters a lot since it needs to be handled properly. One should go for the compact guitar rather than buying a large size.

Set A Budget

The budget comes first for everything. It is obvious you would not want to spend a lot at the beginning. In India, you can easily buy a beginner’s guitar at around 10,000 INR or less. However, you can also go for the cheaper ones at the beginning so once you learn and gain experience on your own, you can decide to purchase an expensive one.

Go For An Offline Market

Buying things online has become a trend. However, for things you are not very sure, it would be better to go to a physical shop. Buying guitar online is maybe a good call too but only after you know everything about the purchase. Also, when you are learning, it is advisable to go with a knowledgeable person who can guide you on what to purchase. Do not forget to check the accessories.

When you decide to learn guitar, you will need to find someone who can help you guide with the basic steps. A private tutor can assist you with learning. You can join the music group, coaching and the like where you can start afresh. You can also opt to tutorial videos online.

How To Learn Guitar For Free?

There is no surprise that the education system is transforming into e-learning mode. This means that all the courses shall be available online in the coming years. There are a few things one can learn online even now. For instance, learning cooking, dancing, music, etc. can be availed online. Similarly, people can also learn guitar online with the help of the following sources-

Tutorial Videos On YouTube

YouTube is one of the great platforms to teach people anything and everything. You can find numerous videos on how and where to start with. All it will take is one search for you to choose. Many people or experts in guitar have uploaded videos through their channels on YouTube, which is very helpful for the freshers.

Join Free Music Club

There are a number of music clubs and groups in India which welcome a fresh learner. If there is one in your contact, do not hesitate to join. They are fun to learn the guitar with.

Learn From A Close Acquaintance

There is a guitarist in each and every family or in the friend circle. You must look for those people who know how to play the guitar. If you find any such expert, go for it and learn to play the instrument.

Free School Programs

Many programs organised by schools and colleges might help you learn various activities such as music. You can enrol yourself for the same and start learning the instrument.

Consider Books On Music Theory

Books on music are available in the market that can help you learn various features of the instrument like guitar chords, strings, how to make tunes and so on. Also, some books are available for beginners using which a learner can start with the basics independently.

Besides the free mode of learning, one can also take private tuition to learn the guitar. Although people may think it would be expensive which is not true. The private tutors offer such lessons in groups which mean the charge per head would be way affordable.

Basics Tips For Beginners

While learning guitar can be both easy and tough, it entirely depends on you and your pace of learning. Many guitarists prefer to teach slowly and steadily, so patience is an important factor when you are learning. Moreover, you must learn how to play the guitar only if it is your passion. Here are a few things you might come across-

Beginner's guide
There are many beginner's courses for learning to play the guitar online. Source: Worship Tutorials

Hold The Guitar

If you think holding the guitar is not a big deal, then you are absolutely wrong! The ease of playing the guitar depends largely on your posture in order to avoid fatigue while ensuring the practice is well done. There are three basic ways to hold the guitar- casual, classical method and standing up with the strap.

  • Casual method: Here, you are advised to hold the guitar in the right hand and place it on the left thigh (and vice versa for left handy). Ensure that your left leg is a bit high so that the guitar is elevated a little and make sure you hold it upright. You can also use a footstool to make this posture more comfortable. This method is most convenient for beginners.
  • Casual method: Here, you want to hold the guitar in such a way that its neck raised above your shoulder. This method might be difficult and hence using a strap for beginners is a suitable option.
  • Standing with a strap: Here, you are simply standing with the guitar. This method would not be possible without using a good quality strap that does not slip off your shoulder.

Learn The Parts Of The Guitar

As of now, you know what is the best guitar for beginners. Now, you must learn about its parts and features. You can learn the guitar fast if you pay attention to the most basic details. So, make sure you know the names of every part of guitars, its features and role. It is important to know that the parts of the instrument are a little different for acoustic guitar and electric guitar.

  • The acoustic guitar comes with the headstock, the neck of the guitar and the body. An acoustic guitar may or may not have a strap.
  • The electric guitar comes with more or less the same main parts, it is only a few features in the electronics that differ a lot, for eg. the pickups and the controls.

When you start learning the guitar, you should not miss a single class. This is because your absence may lead to difficulty with the basics. You will need to learn thoroughly about the frets, name of strings and their uses, how to strum, etc.

Who Should Learn Playing The Guitar?

Just because someone asked you to learn to play the guitar does not mean you really need it. The guitar is a passion for many and hence one should start only when he/she feels like. You cannot learn it even if you get the most expensive or the best guitar.

A guitarist
To become a good guitarist, you will need both patience and consistency. Source: Uberchord

On the other hand, there are various possibilities when you become an expert in playing the instrument. Many people think that guitar is only for those who wish to join bands but this is not true. For instance, you can teach guitar to other children or become a professional freelance guitarist.

You can also become a professional guitar teacher and list yourself on websites like Superprof. Through this site, a number of students who wish to learn the guitar can contact you to avail private tuition, creating a fair chance of earning for you. All you will require is being consistent with the skill of playing the guitar.

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