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Ever thought of a career beyond the chaos of corporate and hospitality worlds? Well, now you should because it is the time when the music industry is beaming too. Especially when we talk about guitars, it really does not feel like a career but passion. And undoubtedly, the guitarists live their passion.

Learning the best guitars is not something new in India, the trend is going on since the last decade. However, not many students have shown interest in it as they do now and the reason behind this is maybe online learning access.

In early times, many people had the desire to learn guitar but it was either due to the unavailability of the resource or expense that acted as a constraint. Now, anyone can learn the instruments with the help of online guitars classes.

A Guitar
A guitar can be both instrument of fun and the source of earning simultaneously. Source: Music Brain Gym

Deciding The Best Guitar For You

When you want to learn the guitar, you will have to go through various types of it. Also, you will need to consider the brands that you choose. It is mainly of two types, acoustic guitar and electric guitar. Electric guitars have more variants than acoustic guitars. Here are a few top electric guitars on the list-

Squier Bullet Guitar

It is one of the most suitable guitars for kids. Kids learn with the help of small and lightweight guitars, which may not have all the features. Squier Bullet Guitar, however, comes in normal size but is designed to provide a better grip without compromising on the lightweight body.

Squier Classic Vibe ‘60s Stratocaster

Previously, guitars that deliver good tones were expensive. However, manufacturers started focusing on reducing the cost of the guitar without hampering the quality. Squier Classic Vibe ‘60s Stratocaster is one such result. It is affordable with good structure, tone, playability and apt for both mid and high-level models.

Epiphone Les Paul Standard

One of the most popular and convenient guitars of all times, Epiphone Les Paul Standard comes with well-built structure, strong and delivers great sound. A mahogany body and neck with maple top, rosewood fingerboard, 22 frets and two alnico classic humbuckers, this is a perfect electric guitar in terms of design, price and performance.

Fender Vintera ‘60s Telecaster Modified

With the Pau Ferro fingerboard, maple neck, 21 medium jumbo frets and 2x Hot ‘60s Tele single-coil pickups, it can offer great performance. It is one of the fine options for every learner.

Playing the guitar
For practising the guitar, you can use both online and offline study materials. Source: Sweetwater

Gibson Les Paul Studio

It is another great option that offers excellent performance in terms of tones, durability, playability and price. The solid build is an added advantage in the price tag.

Moreover, one can also go for acoustic guitar which would be good for the beginners. It is precisely designed and easy to learn.

Availability Of Online Guitar Classes In India

The internet has opened the door of gaining knowledge from any corner of the world. One can learn the guitar or any other musical instruments from home. This was not possible in India a decade ago, when there was no smart device but a computer. Now that everyone is carrying a small device in their pocket, reaching out to the tutorial materials is not a big deal.

Video Tutorials

Video tutorials are considered one of the easiest forms of tutoring where students get every detail. A student can learn guitar with the help of videos online. Upon searching, he/she can avail a number of tutorials that deal with the basics of learning guitar.

For instance, one can find a number of tutorials on YouTube. There are many channels where people are educating about the basics that would help learn guitar more easily. The best part is these channels on YouTube are free for the viewers and thus, they can take full advantage of learning the instrument without any investment.

Written Materials

Music theory if the most popular written material music students can try. It explains the practices and possibilities of music. It is available in shops, online stores and websites that are concerned with educating music.

For guitar, students will have to learn riffs and chords which form the base of learning the instrument. Riffs can be defined as the repeated chord progression to form a pattern or melody while a chord can be described as the multiple notes or layering of several tones simultaneously. Riffs and chords together help in creating the tune of the song.

Besides this, there are many other details of guitar one needs to memorise. These can be possible with the help of books. This is why musicians use booklets while playing the tunes.

A guitar class
There are many coaching centres that offer guitar teaching in groups. Source: Justdial

An Online Tutor

It is one of the smartest ideas to hire an online tutor who would teach you how to play the guitar. You can locate such teachers with the help of Superprof. The website has a list of teachers from varied fields. You can also request for a demo class which will help you understand if learning with that mentor is easy or not.

Availability Of Offline Guitar Classes In India

Just because online learning is in trend does not mean you cannot go for the offline learning centres. In fact, the number of offline education institutes is still more compared to online ones. These institutes are either private or affiliated with some universities.

Music School

In every state of India, you can find music schools that are affiliated with renowned universities. These schools not only offer basic learning on how to play a particular instrument but they help you study music as a whole. These schools also present vast opportunities for making a career in music.

Coaching Centres

There are small and private coaching centres as well which offer guitar classes for beginners. These are run by a single person who takes classes in different batches so that students can choose the timing according to their convenience.

Private Guitar Teacher

You can check in your locality or in friend groups if some are available to teach you guitar in person. Many teachers offer lessons for guitar in their home as well. You can also ask them to visit your house for the lesson. Usually, they take a class once or twice a week.

Private tutors are a great option to hire because they can teach one child at a time. You can hire a teacher to provide you with guitar lessons and learn the instrument in your home.

Whatever you learn, there are a few basic principles that you must obey. As a student, you should keep a few habits that will distinguish your skill from others. In return, you can have a number of benefits from this talent. It is worth mentioning that there are a number of courses for guitar as well. When you clear with these questions, you will have a complete scene of everything. This will help you move further smoothly.

Benefits Of Learning Guitar

Anything you learn has one or the other benefit. While you may agree that nothing comes for free, you must also know nothing goes in vain. It is only you who can bring the benefits out of it, no matter if you are learning the guitar casually or for a purpose.

From A Student To Mentor

Private tuition has always been in demand, not only for education but for extracurricular activities as well. In recent years, people are using the internet not only for the education purpose but for learning new skills as well. You can find too many lessons on varied skills such as cooking, yoga, embroidery, etc.

Playing guitar
A mentor guides you with every detail of playing the guitar. Source: Royal Trinity School of Music

Once you learn the guitar completely, you can offer to tutor the children and earn money. You can provide online and offline classes, in a group or solo. Tutoring is one of the easiest ways of earning a good amount of money in less time.

Being A Part Of The Band

If learning the guitar has always been your passion and now that you have achieved it, you can explore further. There are many local bands that welcome fresh talents. Grab the opportunity to make yourself heard in the crowd.

Freelance Guitarist

Part-time jobs are in great demand. You can also be a part-time guitarist for occasions like a concert, competition and so on. Moreover, there are many job portals where you can post for your requirement of being a freelance guitarist.

Having a skill is always better whatever your profession is. It assures you that you are never going to struggle financially. Moreover, tutoring is a type of profession that has no end. Even when everything becomes virtual, you can offer private tuitions online.

As for the talents like playing the guitar, the opportunities are not rare. Even when it seems, you can always try YouTube for creating your one channel and providing tutorials. So, do not hesitate to start learning the instrument with the help of online guitar lessons now.

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