I would teach children music, physics, and philosophy; but most importantly music, for the patterns in music and all the arts are the keys to learning.” - Plato

Music is considered as a great companion of the mental health of the human being. No one passes a single day without listening to it. However, if listening to music gives so much pleasure, just imagine the joy of playing it. This joy is the reason why many people learn it or even enrol for guitar classes.

The guitar is a very popular instrument among youngsters who find it worth learning. For a few people, it is more than just an instrument. They describe it as their passion. The craze for music can be witnessed all round the globe. In India, learning guitar is not a new trend but it is now surely reachable and more convenient now. This is because of the availability of an online lesson with the help of the internet.

In present times, almost every student has a smart device. This means that they have access to everything for free. They can learn whatever skill they want without any issue. Considering hobbies, every student would love to learn how to play the instrument and undoubtedly, guitar classes online have become very popular for that.

Child listening to music
There is a strong connection between music and human. Source: The Indian Express

Why Should You Try A Guitar?

Learning guitar could be a great deal since it includes one of the most precious things to invest - your time. Whether you are a student or professional, it is obvious that you will have to steal time out of your busy schedule to learn something. Training your hands to play music is a time-consuming task. It also demands a lot of patience.

It is vital for you to develop an interest in something before you start learning it. Once you understand the benefits, learning would come at the cost of nothing. Plus for people who consider guitar as their hobby must know that they can drive full benefit out of it.

Become A Guitar Teacher

The demand for guitar teachers in India is growing day by day. Many schools are hiring guitar teachers with excellent salary packages, which is, sometimes more than a few subject teaching. Previous, it was only A-grade schools that have considered the skill as their extracurricular activities, alongside swimming, physical training, and dancing. With its increasing importance, other schools have also included music to their syllabus, making a fair scope for people who hold music degrees.

A man practicing guitar
Becoming a guitar teacher is a great idea if are a pro in playing the guitar. Source: Careers In Music

It is worth mentioning that a few schools can hire a guitar teacher without his/her music degree. If the person has a flawless skill of playing the instrument, he can be considered for the role. Besides, you can also provide private guitar classes to students both online and offline. In fact, you can easily register yourself as a private guitar tutor on Superprof, a website that helps connect teachers with students.

Join A Band

Perfection is in demand and if you have become an expert in something, use it. Get in touch with a number of bands you know and sit for the interview or take part in the competition. If your skill surpasses others, you get an excellent chance to join even the most popular bands.

Moreover, if you know a group of music lovers, you can create a band of your own. It will take no time for you to gain popularity if you are really dedicated.

Create An Online Channel

YouTube is one of the great platforms where you can create your own channel and invite users. There, you can upload guitar tutorial videos which will help beginners learn the basics of playing it. In fact, there are many channels which help people learn guitar or other instruments and activities.

In the present, YouTube is one of the greatest search engines that hold data of around 3 billion search in a month. Besides entertainment, it has become a great learning platform as well where people get a tutorial of everything such as dance, music, yoga, painting, educational courses, cooking, etc.

Learning The Guitar

It is not the only guitar that has gained popularity in the fields of music. The music industry as a whole is a great path for making a career. If you have no idea studying music can secure you a great placement, then you can read about it and know people in this industry.

Guitar lesson
Learn guitar if you love to see others playing it. Source: Music of the Planet

The guitar is one of the instruments that people can use as a path to the vast music industry. Hence, knowing the value of learning is essential. Here is a quick start on how you can learn guitar basics.

To start learning, the first and foremost thing is to pick the right person and the right guitar. As you know that there are mainly two types of guitar you can come across at the beginning - the acoustic guitar and the electric guitar. You will have to go through the details to understand their difference and use. Moreover, you must also take the advice of a professional to know which one would be better for you and why.

Next is to study the instrument completely. If you do not know the features and their roles, it will be difficult for you to use it. So, pay attention to even the minute details like the design of the guitar, its body parts, strings, frets and so on.

Once done, try to learn reading the TAB and chord diagram. You may come across twelve easy beginners chords. You can refer to online study materials, books or even music theories that contain all the basic details.

Reading Guitar TAB

A Guitar TAB can be described as a way of writing out music. It is the TAB (or tablature) that will help you play any song you want.

Chord Diagram

Reading chord diagrams becomes necessary when you want to learn the style of music which uses a lot of chords and strumming. In other words, it is a simple way of helping you how to play a chord on the guitar.

Learn Open Chords And Riffs

In order to play multiple notes simultaneously, basic riffs are important. You may find learning riffs easier than chords since chords contain more than two notes at a time while riffs are limited to two. It is also advised to learn about the riffs before you go for chords.

Basic Strumming Patterns

Strumming, as already mentioned, is required when you want to play a song. For this, ofcourse riffs and chords are important. Once you have basics of riffs and memorised some open chords, you will be able to learn a few easy strumming patterns.

It is important to note that some songs may have complicated strumming patterns while others would be simpler. For a beginner, trying to play the simpler ones would be a better idea and then progress steadily while you learn new patterns.

Things To Keep In Mind

When you are learning something, you will need to accept and indulge yourself in the habit. Also, it is known that ones who are serious with their work tases success in the long run. You can learn guitar both casually and professionally. It depends on what your ultimate goal is.

So, if you seek a career in playing the guitar, you will need to be more serious. Keeping things in practice is the only way to keep brushing your previous lessons while climbing further. If you do not practice, you may fail to perform even with the best guitar in your hand. Also, if you keep going with the new lessons and forget the previous ones, there is no way you can ever become good at it.

A guitar session
You must go on practising every day if you want to learn the guitar. Source: Udemy

On the other hand, practising not only means to sit with the guitar all day long. Spare at least an hour every day so that you keep up with the habit. Also, you can do a few finger exercises to polish your skill and gain some control while playing.

Free Guitar Classes For Beginners

Learning guitar used to be expensive but with the internet, one can enjoy free lessons now. You can find several online materials that will help you learn the basics of the instruments in no time. For instance, YouTube is a platform where you can subscribe to one of the channels. Moreover, you can also learn with the help of written music books.

On the other hand, there are many offline guitar classes for beginners at a cheaper rate. You can go for music coaching where there is a batch of students learning the same instrument. Many teachers offer such coaching classes so that he/she can teach multiple students simultaneously. This reduces their time investment and helps them earn more, while group study helps students in many ways too.

Nowadays, there are many such online guitar classes as well, which have everything similar to that of offline coaching. Students can find such classes and learn to play the guitar at the comfort of home.

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