The beautiful thing about learning is that no one can take it away from you. -B.B King

People say that music is what our feelings sound like, not far from the truth. Music is a form of expressing ourselves. And what would be better than learning how to play the guitar to express ourselves?

The guitar is a beloved instrument by all music lovers, from people who jam to country tunes to the teenagers headbanging to some hardcore metal songs. However, as one would say that you do not become Led Zeppelin overnight, you need to start with going to that first guitar class and begin with the basic guitar.

With passion, dedication and a lot of practice, you can become a great guitarist. As the famous artist says, “no one can take it away from you”, and so, once you start, you can only move forward with the skill.

Everyone’s approach to what comes out of this six-stringed instrument is different, and every one of these approaches is beautiful. So, if you want to explore your approach on a guitar, start searching for a tutor or type ‘guitar classes near me’ and begin this fascinating self-expression journey.

Learn Guitar At Home

Learning guitar at home might appear a very tough task, but in reality, hard dedication, practice, and outreach to a good source can get the job done in less than a year. We are blessed to be in a generation where every information is at the fingertip. The internet is flooded with various sources that might appear as a big help in your initial days with guitar:

Student with a mentor
Learning guitar under the guidance of a tutor will help your child in grabbing the lessons more efficiently. Source: Freepik


YouTube is the largest digital source to learn anything new that will serve your purpose as well. Various YouTubers give guitar lessons for free of cost. Out of hundreds of channels, all you need to search for is the best one. YouTube is perfect for beginners as it lets you learn guitar with the ease of being at home and does not burn a hole in your pocket.


There are various sites that will help you with the basics of learning the instrument. You can find tutorials, reading materials, and even tutors over websites. Superprof is one such website that you must visit if you want to learn it with the help of an online tutor. The website lets you find the best tutors in your locality and thus, you get to choose them from a range of professionals and experts.


Applications are everyone’s favourite when it comes to learning something new. They are handy and can be easily looked into. Moreover, the user interface of applications makes it easier to understand anything simply. To learn guitar, you can tune in to various applications available over the internet.

Online Sessions With Experts

Various experts are ready to help people in learning guitar. All you need to do is find those people and establish contact. If found, discuss the requirements and availability and get a mentor by your side. It will help you learn guitar chords and tune in a better way.

How To Play The Guitar?

Now when you have the guitar in your hand, it’s time to get started with it. Initially, you might feel trouble, but to become the elysian guitarist, it will take time, effort, consistency and ofcourse patience. Here is how to play guitar.

Student with a mentor
Playing the guitar in front of friends boosts up your confidence. Source: Freepik

Be Dedicated

The foremost thing that you require to master playing the guitar is your passion for it. Art cannot be enforced; it comes out of the heart. Until you are self-driven to learn guitar, no force on the planet can bring the music out of it.

You need to love your guitar and treat it like your integral part. People who are the top guitarist are an aesthete. They have devoted their day and night to music. You need to adapt the guitar into your lifestyle. Practice with your morning coffee, after lunch, and in every free time, you can steal from your day.

Read More

You might wonder how reading would help me to start learning guitar? But it is equally important as it will help you in understanding the guitar. Read the guitar TAB, go through the parts of the guitar, technicalities, and all other relevant information before practising it. Books like the Hal Leonard Guitar Method might become your best ally while taking beginner’s guitar lessons. The books come with more than 100 tracks that will let you practice your best hand on guitar.

Get A Mentor

The role of a mentor while learning guitar is irreplaceable. Having a mentor by your side makes everything ten times easier. It helps you in understanding basics in a better way. Moreover, learning from a first-hand source enables you to gain knowledge in less time compared to learning by yourself.

The most significant advantage of learning under a mentor is that you can clear your doubt then and there that precisely takes a long time while learning it on your own.

Practice, Practice, And Practice!

There is no alternative to it, the more you practice, the more perfection you will get. Try to start with easy guitar songs, and then slightly move to the complex tunes. You need to master all the chords of the guitar as they let you produce your desired tunes.

There is no time to practice; it all depends on how badly you want to create your first original tune! Spend your quality time with your guitar; it will sharpen your hands on the guitar.

How Long Does It Take To Learn Guitar?

Whether you are a righty or lefty, it is slightly unpredictable to decide how long it will take you to learn guitar as it completely varies from person to person. Along with that, various deciding factors will determine the time you will take to learn guitar.

A guitar lesson
Choosing a good mentor or good guitar classes is very important to learn guitar in a quick way. Source: Guitar Lessons for Kid

Your Guitar Choice

Often ignored, but one of the most important factors that decide the period of you mastering the guitar is the type of guitar you have chosen. The musical market has several guitars, ranging from acoustic guitars to electric guitars and maple fingerboard electrical, etc. The types of instruments will help us understand how long does it take to learn guitar.

Learning guitar in less time, especially for beginners, can be easy with the use of a basic guitar or guitar for beginners. More often people run for guitars with high prices, ignoring the fact of their choice. A steel-stringed acoustic guitar with extra light gauge strings can be recommended for the engineers as it is easy to learn and practice.

Your Source

Another factor that decides your learning duration is the source on which you are dependent for your classes. If you have joined some neighbour guitar classes, they have already determined the period, but if you are learning by yourself with the help of the internet as your mentor, it may vary with the source.

Your Dedication And Determination

Your dedication and determination mixed with your desire to learn guitar explicitly decide the time you will take to learn. The more time you give to it, the better you will get at it with each passing day. Playing the guitar with all heart is all it takes to learn all the chords, riffs and everything.

A guitar
In order to create your tunes, you must master all the chords. Source: Lesson Pros

Focusing On The Goal

Now, when you are a beginner, it becomes essential to divide your goals into subgoals. For instance, plan your initial six months, practising the chords of a guitar, then dedicate an entire year to practice all the tunes. For the first 15 months, you need to master the chords and make yourself comfortable with the guitar. After two years, when you are all handy with the solo tunes and available tunes, the whole fretboard opens up to you!

Play what you want, create the tune you desire, invite your friends, join a club, and show the world what exquisite acoustic art you master!

No art is learned in a day, and it takes constant hard work, practice, and determination to mature your talent. Creating a tune out of one’s mind is one of the most beautiful feelings in this world and while you have decided to learn guitar, you are only a few days from getting this exquisite feel. All you need to do is stay constant and focus on your goals; it will make everything easier.

You will end up learning the most beautiful tunes to date, and above that, you will get to create a tune that you can claim to be yours. Work for that feeling, practice hard for that d-day!

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