Calculus, quadratic equations, precalculus, graphing, number theory, differential equations - these are some of the dreaded topics associated with the curriculum of Mathematics that everyone loves to hate. Be it college level or grade level math in schools, the state of mathematics education has taken a hit owing to the fear associated with learning mathematics.

'Math is fun' - we seldom hear students say this. However, innovations in education such as online courses, interactive math games, math quiz, etc., and personalized learning with the availability of online maths tutor, video lessons, and so on, are endeavoring to boost interest among students.

Master the Art to Improve Mental Maths

India has gifted the world with many famous mathematicians over the years, Aryabhata and Ramanujan to name a few. However, Indian students fear mathematics due to all the formulas and the equations used while solving problems and often prefer memorizing the solution rather than understanding the problem.

The reason behind this fear is often the age-old habit of memorizing the equations and formulas rather than understanding and analyzing them. Memorizing without understanding often leads to fear of forgetting them during the moment of need. Mathematics is a subject that requires a logical understanding of the maths tricks, techniques that could make the problem easier to understand and solve.

Rubik's cube
Maths puzzles, games, and everyday activities make learning fun and engaging for students | Source: Pexels from Pixabay

Improving Your Mental Math Skills

For children, basic mathematics seems like an uphill task, for students in higher classes geometry, algebra seems difficult, as finding the correct solution is often linked with better marks in exams. This search for solutions and tricks leads to an unknown fear inside their minds. Due to fear, they avoid using mental maths and prefer calculators even for basic calculations.

Mental maths practice often improves logical thinking, the numbers become like a language easy to remember and solve. Technology has made calculations easier, which ensures our life is not complicated while solving problems. However, we tend to become over-dependent on it and look for one when the situation can be resolved through mental calculations.

As a student, one must not depend on technology for simple solutions. This is where mental maths sharpens our logical awareness and helps us make better decisions. You can start with simple basic mental calculations, like calculating the bill of your groceries or your food bill in a restaurant.

How to Enhance Your Expertise in Mathematics with Our Aid

A lot of attention and perseverance is required when it comes to doing mental arithmetic. Right from the exams in junior school to +2 boards, while shopping or saving, we need to apply mathematics daily. However, it is problematic to calculate complex equations in our heads. The insights mentioned here will help in making the process of calculation a lot simpler.

Why should I master Mental Arithmetic?

How does mental arithmetic help us?

There are a lot of motives for doing mental arithmetic and increasing your capacity to do calculations in your head. For example:

  • It will increase your ability to think more clearly and be less dependent on calculators.
  • Doing fast maths can be impressive in any gathering or job interviews.
  • You won’t get robbed when it comes to handling change money.
  • You will need a smaller number of tutorials and save money likewise.
Motivate your students to learn maths!
Think of Maths as a friend who helps you accomplish your daily tasks. Learning will become easier this way | Source: Visual Hunt

Can you become a mathematician later in life?

Everybody is not born with the same IQ but it is proven that exercising the brain by doing mental arithmetic can increase IQ levels. The saying “practice makes a man perfect” holds true in this case.

There are stories of people speaking a completely new language or developing a new set of skills after an accident.

Our brain works in strange ways and it is completely possible to become a maths genius later in life. The more you practice mental arithmetic the easier it will be for you to face life’s challenges.

How to Be Good at Maths?

Maths is a unique subject that might be a cakewalk for a few students, but for others, it can be nothing less than a nightmare. Whether you like the subject or not, maths is something that you just cannot ignore. You will need to get comfortable with numbers and the core concepts of mathematics as they will be extremely useful not just in the academic scene but also in your professional and personal life.

Perfecting Math Skills Using the Best Maths Tuition Near Me

Taking the help and assistance of professionals who have experience in maths will help you to strengthen your math skills and get a detailed understanding of the subject. So now you do not have to worry about how to get good at maths. The best tutors will be at your disposal, and they will ensure that you can understand all the mathematical concepts that have been giving you sleepless nights for a long period of time.

Learning is necessary, so learn at a pace you are comfortable with.

The icing on the cake is that the professional approach towards the subject revolves around the exact needs and expectations of the learners.  Thus you do not have to worry about any kind of peer pressure as the professionals will make sure that you can learn the core math concepts and principles at your own pace.

Maths Tuition for Varying Learning Styles

If you are not a fast learner, you do not have to feel diffident in the academic setting. The most qualified math tutors will come to your rescue and help you find the perfect answer to the question of how to become better at maths. The professionals will assess you and your learning style and adopt the approach so that your understating of the maths subject will improve.

Never hesitate to take the help of the maths tutors as they can give you an edge in the competitive math classroom. Once you approach these experts, you will understand what exactly you have been missing out all these years. These professionals can boost your level of confidence while solving complicated math problems.

On Superprof, you can take maths tutorial.

Tutoring job is emerging day-by-day
Parents/Students search for tutors on the basis of certain factors, one of which is the student's learning goals | Source:

10 Tactics to Improve Learning Math

Everybody has at least one memory from maths class, for some its good, but for many its bad. For the ones who call it bad, it's mostly their fear that makes them call it a bad memory.

Learning without fun and understanding is like building a castle on sand.

India has been working through different mediums to promote the improvement in learning Maths among the students, not only to improve but to innovate such medium and ways to build a new vision for the study of this subject.

The main challenge reported by Indian Mathematicians was to gauge the level of the interest of students and to change the ridge paradigm which students have for Math. Counting, algebra, formulas, trigonometric, etc., have been a challenge for many students throughout India.

Find the Best Math Teacher Near Me

Maths and Physics are perhaps the two most challenging subjects for school kids. Many students struggle to cope with the intricacies of Mathematics as a subject in school, be it class 8 maths or class 10 maths. Hiring a private tutor or enlisting the help of an online may be a good first step in addressing the gaps in learning, be it a university student or a high school math pupil.

Online Maths Tuitions When You Don't Want a Stranger in the House

If you are skeptical of a local tutor coming into the house in your absence, there is always an alternative with online the availability of online tuitions. Also, private, in-person tutors are more expensive and require you to allocate them a dedicated amount of time from your schedule.

Online math help from a trustworthy math learning app or online teaching portals means your child gets the necessary help from qualified experts in the art of academic tutoring, that too, remotely.

Math learning apps help students learn at their own pace, in an engaging and fun way | Source: William Iven on Unsplash

Math Tutoring Apps

Kids in the contemporary world are adept at using electronic devices and have often displayed a knack for learning better from them. This is because electronic gadgets give them the feeling of being inside a gaming environment. This lends greater interest and increased concentration, instead of maths problems appearing boring and insurmountable!

Online math lessons, on a tablet or a laptop, become more interactive than learning in a math classroom. Plus, since your child is progressing through online math lessons, they’ll have a hands-on learning experience and increased engagement.

Maths tuition can go a long way in improving the child's study skills in school maths. Online tutoring, in fact, does more than merely churn out Maths lessons or fancy Mathematics courses with fancy practice tests to help you ace the real standardized tests.

Need a Maths teacher?

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