Maths: A good or a bad memory? 

Everybody has at least one memory from maths class, for some its good, but for many its bad. For the ones who call it bad, it's mostly their fear that makes them call it a bad memory.

For many students Maths has been like a monster with many horns and claws which is difficult to tame. To a majority its counts as boring game. However, the importance of this subject cannot be denied at all. India has been working through different mediums to promote the improvement in learning Maths among the students, not only to improve but to innovate such medium and ways to build a new vision for the study of this subject and the main challenge reported by Indian Mathematician was to gauge the level of the interest of students and to change the ridge paradigm which students have for Math.

Counting, algebra, formulas, trigonometric etc, this has been a challenge for many students throughout India.

We surveyed different websites and collected reports for different teachers from Delhi, Mumbai, and Kolkata in order to come to a certain conclusion as to how the Indian Teaching Market is working for the betterment in the education of subject like Maths.

Websites like MathGuru, vedicmathsindia,, and many other websites give us to complete a new vision on how to tackle these maths problems without losing the level of interest of the students.

“Learning without fun and understanding is like building a castle on sand.”

When our students are  trained to learn for the developing themselves without being puppets for marks, or just sticking to curriculum that’s that day innovations and invention will get a root.

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10 Strategies to help you excel at Maths

Explain Why study Maths

Many students stay confused and hesitant to enquire form the teacher that why are they studying that particular subject, how will this help in their practical lives, many students in India are misled because they are never able to understand the importance of the subject, many students even fear this as a difficult students and they are never encouraged to study with great interest but like a heavy burden on their shoulders.

It’s very important that students are explained well in orientation sessions about the importance of the subject and how will this particular subject will enhance their learning.

"If you don’t understand something, make an effort to understand it first"

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What is the best way to train my brain for maths?
Train your memory to learn maths formulae more quickly (Source: Xocials)

Memory Building in Mental Maths

Training the mind of the students for mental Maths can be the greatest challenge which teachers face, however, it was reported that many schools in India have created innovated ways of building the memory of the students in mental Maths, no matter it’s learning formulas of Maths, or difficult Maths sums, they have introduced means finger counting.

It has been reported that this strategy has helped the students to be trained to do any kind of maths problems on fingers, well students can create a list of formulas and tables and can paste them on walls of their rooms from where they can study day and night and this can be done by using different colors and designs which can make learning more fun, the student can even play memory game, by sitting with a group of friends and playing with math exercises, with time management, each team may be asked to solve within 2 min or 5 min as per your choice. This can be really interactive strategy and best to train the mind of better mental maths.

"Train your mind to understand, not memorise"

Make a list of your maths problems

Math problems must be written down instead of trying to solve in your head if you are trying to solve, this will open up your mind to create more possible ways of coming with a solution, take your time, make a notebook to write down your maths problems and take attempts to solve the answer. You can even show this list your to maths teacher and take her help. This way of making a list of your maths problems will help you to stay focused and determine to find solutions because learning maths is a skill.

"Focus on writing down first, then solve"

Where are the best places to study maths?
Go somewhere calming to revise maths. (Source: UMich)

Select a calm environment:

The subject like maths demands a lot of attention and focus, we know India is a crowded city where it’s difficult to find a calm environment, but you can create such environment in your homes and in your school library where students are welcomed to study and learn more about solution for sums regarding the topics, such libraries must include some learning material which may help the students to get more interested in the topic and study with greater zeal.

Remove anything which distracts your mind so that the time that you are investing can be fruitful, it can be your cell phone, the sound of traffic, the voice of music. Remove any kind of noise that distracts your focus and make up your mind to stay focused and aim to improve by avoiding all kind of distraction, this will help you to stay focused and avoid silly mistakes moreover this will even clear your concepts with stronger roots.

"Choose the best environment to study in"

Iron sharpen the Iron: 

Get yourself occupied with friends who can help you to cope with your difficult areas, discuss, share and solve the difficult questions together, group studies have now become very common in India, in Delhi they are many coaching centers where students sit and have combine studies. Well this is can be a healthy practice if done on regular basis, plus peer checking of answers can even help to find the best way to groom with knowledge of Maths.


Will maths tutorials help me?
Test your knowledge with a qualified maths tutor. (Source: US News)

Make a Step-by-Step Record of Maths Problems and Solutions

Never solve Maths problems with short cuts, in fact, solve your every problem by making a step by step record so that when you are revising back you can understand how you came to certain conclusion, this will even help you to study your subject in detail and  avoid repeating the same mistake again and again plus this will even give you a detailed study about the structure of the exercise of Maths, each and every step in maths counts a lot in learning and strengthening the concepts.

"Remember the pattern you use to solve problems"

Never Write-In Ink: 

Maths requires lots of changes, many errors can be reported on any stage so that best tool can be your pencils, never write your maths work with Ink instead give yourself a space to correct errors by solving them with a pencil. This can help you to try different ways of solving one particular problem. Plus if you have written all work with ink pen this can frustrate you by tearing the page again and again.
This can lose your concentration from the subject, it’s better to write your answers with a pencil so you may have a margin for making changes if required. You can show your work with pencil to your teacher or your mentor who can verify if you are heading on the right track.

When is the best time to study maths?
Don't stay up late doing your maths exercises. (Source: Hype Science)

Show Your Workings Using A Pencil 

Make sure that you are using a pencil, this is the best way to build your intellectuals more strong, even whenever you revise you can review as to how you were able to come to a certain conclusion. This even helps you to understand the area wherever you are going wrong, your mentor or your teacher can access your default and can help you. Plus showing your working with a pencil in the column of rough work will differentiate your neat work from your working.

Don’t Revise Maths Late At Night:

Subject like maths not only require clam and quiet environment but even requires a fresh mind, avoid revising maths late night this can confuse and mix up your concepts, the best time can be early morning when your mind is fresh and ready to accept exercise for growth and development. Plus morning routine for maths can  be very helpful for training your mind to practice difficult problems, dry dull mind with suck away your interest and will make you inactive in learning, however, early morning studies and revision will strengthen your memory power and will help your to improve in your concepts of Maths.

"Find your perfect time to practice"

Visualise the Problem

Demonstration method has always surpassed any other methods of learning. Try visualising the problems, this can be done easily for Geometry, trigonometric and algebra, however pictorial ways of learning have been introduced in many schools in India, where students are learning Maths through  graphics, pictures, drawings, and many others ways of visualisation, this method has even a new wing to the way of learning and not only that this has even increased the level of interest among the students, not only this the biggest return back of this has been the polishing the memory of students, this visualisation has enabled many students to strengthen their memory power.

Otherwise, set aside a time during the day so that you can go to your closest library or a place where there are no distractions. You’ll finish your work quicker than before, concentrate better and study more effectively and efficiently.

"Remove anything that could draw your attention away"

How can I use visual aids to solve maths problems?
A picture's worth a thousand words. (Source: Yale Alumni Service Corps)

Remember to follow these steps next time you think about practising maths.

Summary of the strategies:

Understand why you are studying maths, focus on understanding, write down all your problems, choose your environment, study with friends, choose the best time to study and focus, follow these rules and you'll find yourself more focused and interested.

You will always find effective ways to study maths, all you need to do is to channel your focus on the right things, basics before you jump into complex problems.

"If you want to get better marks in maths, you should focus completely on what you’re doing"

Maths is an important subject for growth and progress of students these strategies can be very helpful for progress for students and can make maths an interesting subject like never before, we need to  replace the fear in students with these strategies which can help them to overcome their hurdles in their academic progress and gave rich character by adding fun, innovations, adaptations, colours, pictorials, factors, signs, and many other factors which may attract the attention of the students.

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