If you need help in your economics online course, or just want to move up a grade in your exams, then getting an A-level economics tutor may be the easiest way to improve your academic performance.

We’ve outlined below all the things you may need to think about before you hire an economics tutor, from the cost of a tutor to the key attributes of a successful instructor.

Find an Economics Tutor

There are so many reasons why you should be on the lookout for an economics tutor if you’re an A-level economics student. Not only can a tutor help you to improve your grades, but they can also help prepare you for your final A-level exams in an engaging way. This is important as your A-level results are often crucial to securing a place at your desired university.

When you’re sitting exams as important as A-levels, you want to make sure that you have the most support possible to succeed, and tuition is one way of helping you achieve academic success. This is because tutors give you study skills and learning strategies that are designed to help you excel when it matters most.

So, once you’ve decided that you would like to benefit from the expertise an economics tutor can bring, the question then becomes where do you find all the best tutors?

There are a number of ways you can find an economics tutor, but the main ones are:

  • Looking at online tutoring companies;
  • Searching online for a private tutor;
  • Speaking to your economics teacher; or
  • Word of mouth

Let’s look at these methods in closer detail below.

Searching for an Economics Tutor Online

The easiest and most convenient way to find a tutor is to look online. There are sites out there, such as Superprof, which provide you with a range of experienced and qualified economics tutors that you can choose from.

If you look for academic tutoring online, it’s very easy to search for and find a number of enthusiastic tutors within a matter of minutes, so it can be a very efficient way of finding your perfect online tutor.

Get economics tuition information on Superprof.

Find an Economics Tutor Offline

If you would prefer to find an economics teacher London away from the internet, then there are a wide range of strategies you can employ. However, your teachers are usually the first point of call if you want to ask for some supplemental instruction in economics.

However, there are other places you can look as well. For example, local job boards and advertisements usually have local tutors advertise private tutoring, so you may be able to find an instructor that way.

An online google search, which is a great way to find your next economics tutor.
Online searches can be a great way to find economics tutors. (Source: CC0 1.0, Simon, Pixabay)

The Cost of an Economics Tutor

Although in the ideal world money wouldn’t be at the forefront of our decision to engage an economics tutor, sadly pricing should be considered before you choose your educator.

There are a number of ways you can find a tutor for the best price. As a bonus, if you put some extra thought into planning your future tuition, you may actually be able to save some money in the long-term.

Ideally, before hiring a tutor you should think about things like:

  • What exactly you would like help with (whether that’s exam preparation, essay writing, or general study strategies);
  • How much help you need (i.e. whether you need intensive tuition or a tutor for the whole academic year);
  • What format you want your tuition delivered. Common examples include one on one tutoring, but you can also be taught in a small study group or in workshops; and
  • Whether you want online tuition, or you wish to regularly work with a tutor face to face

Once you’ve decided what you ideally want to get out of your tutor, you can then narrow down your search, as you’ll have a better idea of just how much your tuition should cost overall, and whether those estimates are affordable within your current budget.

Bear in mind as well that more experienced, proven tutors will cost more to hire than a newer tutor. So this should be factored in when you decide on your tuition budget.

Overall though, the benefits of having an economics tutor to help you with your A-level studies outweigh any initial costs towards tuition, so you shouldn’t be too put off by cost when deciding whether tutoring is right for you.

Superprof, for example, has a range of economics tutors that can meet your budget requirements, so cost should not be a barrier to getting tuition.

You should check the cost of economics tuition before hiring a tutor.
You should always make sure you get an economics tutor for the best price. (Source: CC0 1.0, Petr Kratochvil, Public Domain Pictures)

Best Tools for Learning Economics at Home

Of course, there are also plenty of resources to study economics on your own.

Some of the best ways that you can teach yourself about economic theories and economic principles are:

  • By signing up for a massive online open course, perhaps on macroeconomics;
  • By following the latest developments in international trade through news updates by the BBC;
  • By reading best-selling economics books, such as Freakonomics, that bring economic examples to life; or
  • By taking to the internet to search for the latest podcasts, YouTube videos or shows that discuss the latest trends in international economics

There has been a huge increase in recent years in the number of tutorials and educational resources that are available online. This means that there’s never been a better time to try and learn something new, or to develop your understanding of and solve a particularly tricky economic topic, whether that’s the price elasticity of demand or fiscal policy.

The joy of learning economics from home as well is that you can set your own schedule for when you learn. This means that you can choose to learn as much, or as little, as you like. What’s more, you can choose to learn through a medium that suits you. So if you’re not a fan of reading, there’s likely a YouTube video out there that will cover the same topics.

A lot of the resources that you can find online will also prove really useful as real-world examples that you can reference in an economics essay, piece of coursework or homework, or even in your final exams. So there’s no good reason why you shouldn’t try to improve your economics knowledge through some home study.

While learning economics at home may be easy enough to do, often people find that they don’t have the disciple to teach themselves about economics at home on a regular basis. Due to this, it can often be beneficial to supplement any home study with an economics tutor, such as one available through Superprof.

This is because a tutor can focus your learning efforts, provide you with the motivation you need to keep on top of your studies, and also help you improve in any specific areas that you are unsure of in the run-up to exams, for example, macroeconomic principles or Keynesian theory.

Each door illustrates the number of economics tutors you can choose from.
It can be difficult choosing an economics tutor. (Source: CC0 1.0, qimono, Pixabay)

What to Consider When Choosing an Economics Tutor

Once you’ve decided that tuition is for you, you’ll need to have a think about what kind of qualities you’d like to see in your future economics tutor.

Although great tutors come from all backgrounds and experience levels, the main characteristics you should keep an eye out for are:

  • How experienced your tutor is when it comes to teaching your course curriculum and exam level;
  • Whether your tutor has a specialism that is of particular interest to you; and
  • Whether your tutor has enough availability to tutor you as much as you want

Of course, there are other things that are worthwhile considering. For example, you should also give some thought as to whether you’d like to have one to one tutoring, and whether you would prefer online economics lessons or in person.

Equally, you should give a give of thought as to whether you’d prefer private tuition, or whether you’re happy to learn with a small group of friends.

Once you’ve thought about the best way you would like to be taught, it will be easier to find a tutor that’s a great match for you. You can always find a variety of economics tutors on sites such as Superprof as well, which makes your search for a perfect tutor that much easier.

Overall, there’s a lot to think about before you hire an economics tutor. However, the benefits of having one to one tuition, either via online tutoring or private home tutoring, are immense. A tutor can help give you the discipline you need to succeed in exams and excel in your essay writing or coursework.

What’s more, an economics tutor can boost your confidence and help clarify any topics that you aren’t that knowledgeable on, whether that topic is microeconomics, macroeconomics, or the price elasticity of demand.

As we’ve seen, economics tuition doesn’t have to be expensive, and the investment you make in your education now can really pay off in the long-term, particularly if you are looking at universities or want a future career in economics or related fields, such as accounting. So what are you waiting for?

There are online tutoring sites, such as Superprof, out there that are full of enthusiastic economics tutors that want you to excel, so take a look today!

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