It’s no secret that a tutor can really help boost your performance in class, especially if you’re struggling with A-level subjects such an economics.

Tuition can provide you with so many benefits. For example, tutors can:

  • give you the motivation you need to work on your grades;
  • help you prepare for interviews at Oxford or Cambridge;
  • help focus and perfect your exam technique; and
  • provide you with study tips that leave you satisfied.

However, tuition often isn’t free, and the cost of an economics tutor can be a real barrier to getting one.

However, economics tuition doesn’t have to be expensive. We outline what you should look for in an economics tutor, along with tips to ensure that you get the best tutor at a price that won’t break the bank.

What to Look For in an A Level Economics Tutor

When it comes to finding the best economics tutor, you don’t want to settle for the first one that you find. A good tutor can do so much for you. This is because they can improve your focus as a learner and boost your grades by teaching you useful study skills.

Due to this, not every tutor will be right for you. When looking for an A-level economics tutor, you want to make sure that your prospective mentor has the relevant experience to give you confident instruction, and has an availability that's suitable for you.

Usually, an A-level economics tutor should have at least an A-level qualification in economics themselves, but the vast majority of economics tutors for A-level students will have an undergraduate degree in economics or even a postgraduate degree from their time at university. So it’s always best to check how qualified your tutor is before you book your first appointment.

When looking for an economics tutor it’s also important to make sure that they are familiar with the A-level syllabus and textbooks you’re using. Whether your economics course is delivered by OCR, AQA, or another provider, the best economics tutor online can provide a learning environment that teaches you about every aspect of your course.

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Get an Economics Teacher For The Best Price

It doesn’t matter how good a potential tutor is if you can’t ultimately afford their services. That’s why having the discipline to find a tutor within your budget is so important. With that in mind, we’ve outlined a few extra tips below that can help you find a sought-after tutor without spending a fortune.

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Image of a calculator. Perfect to use to estimate the cost of a tutor.
Calculating your budget can help you secure a great a level economics tutor. (Source: CC0 1.0, Luiz Jorge Artista, Pixabay)

Set Your Budget For A Tutor

Before you start your search for an economics tutor, you should know how much money you or your parents can afford to put towards tuition. Whilst in a perfect world money wouldn’t be an issue, for many a budget is unfortunately necessary.

Knowing how far you can afford to stretch your purse strings is the first step in finding the best tutor for you. Not only will it give you a realistic perspective of the number of hours of tuition you can get, but it will also ensure that you can continue working with a tutor for as long as you need, without worrying about money.

For ease of reference, we’ve compiled a table below that provides an outline of how much you might expect to spend on A-level economics tuition per hour, based on the tutor’s experience level.

Economics Tutor Experience LevelIllustrative Price Per Hour

Think About How Much Tutoring You Need

Another important consideration before engaging a tutor is to decide how much tuition you will need to accomplish your goals.

If you’re looking for a tutor to improve your knowledge on specific areas of the syllabus or economic concepts, for example, macroeconomics, market equilibrium or the price elasticity of demand, then you may only need a tutor for a month or so to get your knowledge up to scratch.

Equally, if you just want an economics tutor to be successful in your A-level exam performance, then you’ll only need an intensive workshop or two with a tutor for a few months in the run-up to your exams.

However, if you need help to consistently improve your exam scores, then having a tutor to help throughout the whole school year may be best. This is because they can provide you with a range of study strategies, and act as your own personal teaching assistant.

Aside from the length of tuition, it’s also important to think about how you want your tuition delivered. Although prices vary between tutors, generally speaking, online tutors tend to be cheaper than meeting a tutor face to face. However, you can also save costs by having private tutoring in a small group or classroom.

Superprof has a number of A-level economics tutors that are happy to provide tuition either in person or in an online classroom, so there’s always a tutor who can suit your preferred way of working.

Overall, by thinking about how you would best like your tuition delivered, you can make sure that you have an a level economics tutor on hand for the entire period you need them for, in a way that works for you.

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An economics tutor writing on a board.
You can find a range of great economics tutors online. (Source: CC BY-SA 3.0, Boca Tutor, Wikimedia Commons)

Shop Around For The Best Economics Tutor

The beauty of looking for an economics tutor is that there are so many opportunities to find a great tutor. Whether you’re looking for a tutor through word-of-mouth, want one on one tutoring, or want to find an economics tutor online, there are plenty of tutors out there with the passion to help you achieve your academic goals.

You also want to make sure that your educator can deliver economics lessons and writing assignments in a way that works for you. Most tutors are happy to offer one to one sessions, as well as sessions held in small study groups.

As you have so much choice at your fingertips, you can make sure that the tutor you pick will be the best one to suit your personality and preferred learning style. Superprof, for example, has a huge range of economics tutors near me that you can choose from, so you’ll be sure to find a great tutor for your needs.

Ways to Find Budget-Friendly Economics Tutors

As we mentioned above, usually the best way to find a tutor is to find one online. However, with so many websites and tutoring companies offering tutoring services, how do you know which site to use?

Ideally, when looking for online tutoring, you should pick a site that has the following qualities:

  • It has been established for a while;
  • It has a wide range of tutors to pick from; and
  • It is reputable, with high customer satisfaction.

Superprof is just one example of a tutoring company that ticks all these boxes.

Trustpilot is also a great website that pools together online customer reviews to give a website an overall rating. It’s a great starting point to see whether your proposed tutoring site has a good reputation as well as good tutors.

Alternatively, if you prefer an offline approach to find an A-level economics tutor, then there are a few people you could ask for help. The first port of call when looking for an economics tutor should be your economics teacher.

Your teacher may be able to tutor you personally, but if not they may know of a local tutor that will be able to help you. Alternatively, tutors may advertise in the local paper or job board, so it’s always good to check those out regularly when you begin your search for an economics tutor.

Once you’ve found a prospective tutor, make sure to ask about price as well before you agree to any home tuition. If you clarify your expectations regarding your budget, and what you expect to pay per hour, in advance then you can agree on a price with your tutor upfront.

This will save any awkward conversations later down the line, and it also helps you to identify whether you can actually afford to engage your preferred tutor or online tutor in the first place.

Picture of success. You can successfully find an economics tutor.
Some research in advance will help you to successfully find economics lessons. (Source: CC0 1.0, Geralt, Pixabay)

Get the Most Out of Your Economics Classes

If you are thinking about getting an A-level economics tutor, then you likely know what areas you need help with. Perhaps:

  • You’re looking to boost your academic success, including your homework results;
  • You want to apply to universities to study economics or accounting;
  • You need to refine your exam, coursework or essay technique; or
  • You need help understanding specific parts of the curriculum

Whatever the reason for looking for a tutor, you need to know that whatever tutor you select has your best interests at heart, and offers their services for a price within your budget.

If you put in some advance preparation before selecting an economics tutor, you can make sure that you secure home tutoring for the best price. This means that you should consider things such as your budget, the expected length of tuition, and lesson format before you begin your search.

You can also find tutors either online or offline. Whichever way you begin your search, there are lots of enthusiastic, flexible and experienced tutors out there that are willing to help you succeed and get the best economics grades possible. Superprof, for example, has many A-level economics tutors that can work within a wide range of budgets, so there’s no reason not to start your search for a tutor today!

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