Economics continues to be a popular A-level subject across the UK, and it’s easy to see why. Economics provides students with a solid overview of the world around them and how it can be shaped by economic policy. Additionally, it compliments other popular A-level subjects, such as maths, very well.

Whenever a course is popular, there is always going to be increased competition among students to achieve the best possible grades. Those grades can be crucial to securing your place at university.

As a result, students increasingly are on the lookout for ways to improve their confidence and academic performance, and tutoring is one such way of improving your knowledge of a subject.

There are so many reasons why getting an economics tutor can be beneficial. For example, an A level economics tutor can:

  • Provide tailored teaching that suits your own learning style;
  • Give you revision techniques and study strategies to help you succeed in exams;
  • Let you learn at your own pace; and
  • Ensure that you learn in an environment that’s free from distractions

Additionally, putting the discipline and hard work in now when it comes to improving your grades in economics can pay off in the long run. For example, if you’re considering a future career in economics or a related area, such as accounting, you can give yourself the best possible start academically by equipping yourself with a private tutor.

Let’s take a look at each of these benefits in further detail below.

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Improve Your Performance in Economics Lessons

One of the main reasons for getting an economics tutor is to improve your grades. Often, spending that little bit of extra time with an instructor each week can be the difference between getting an A or a B, or moving from a D to a B.

Getting the best grades possible is really important. This is because:

  • You need the best possible grades in economics if you want to study it at university, particularly if you want to go to Oxbridge;
  • Your A-level results are important for future job applications; and
  • Your university place is dependent on all your subjects’ results.

So even if you’re not going to study economics at university, if you need to improve your grades in economics to go to your first-choice university, then private tutoring can help that dream become a reality.

Any Superprof economics tutor online understand how important getting good grades at AS and A-level are, and always strive to help students achieve their desired grades across all their subjects, including economics.

An economics teacher helping a student.
A tutor can supplement what you learn in economics lessons. (Source: CC0 1.0, mcmurryjulie,  Pixabay)

Learn More Than You Could in Economics Classes

There’s a common problem that both secondary teachers and students face: what do you do when half of the class easily understands a topic, but the other half struggles to understand its basic concepts?

If the teacher decides to revisit parts of the lesson to make sure no-one is left behind, then they run the risk of boring those students that already have a grip on the material. However, if they just move on to the next topic on the syllabus then that teacher risks losing those that were struggling.

When you have your own economics tutor, problems like the ones above go away. A tutor gives you more freedom and guidance than you have in economics classes, as a tutor gives you coaching and evaluation on topics that you need the most support with.

For example, it may be that you are very knowledgeable on macroeconomics, but have struggled in class on microeconomics. When you have a tutor, you can have suitable supplemental instruction to catch up on topics that you are less confident with. This means that when you come to revise the topic in class, you won’t be one of the students that are struggling.

Alternatively, you can also choose to use an economics tutor to study a topic in even greater depth. So if you already know a lot about monetary policy, for instance, you can use your time with a tutor to learn more advanced aspects or improve your essay writing skills, which may give you an extra edge in those all-important exams.

Tutors can also help you cover any areas you would like to concentrate on, regardless of awarding bodies. So whether you’re following the OCR syllabus or the AQA course, an online tutor can provide exercises individually or in a small group that compliments your online economics courses curriculum perfectly.

Superprof has a range of tutors that have experience in teaching all the main awarding bodies, so you can rest assured that they will be familiar with your course’s content. Find out more about the cost of economics tutors.

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It's important to know how much an economics teacher costs. (Source: CC0 1.0, George Hodan, Public Domain Pictures)

Personalised Exercises with an Economics Teacher

One of the great benefits of having an economics tutor is that you can ask your tutor to create personalised exercises that will work for you as a learner. So if you’re struggling to learn about the price elasticity of demand and have already gone through all the questions in your textbook relating to it, then your tutor can provide extra instruction to test you further.

This not only helps to consolidate your knowledge, but it challenges you to think in new ways and obtain an even greater understanding about a topic, as you can be tested in a way that works for you.

Further, if you let your tutor know how you best retain information, then they can adapt your sessions so that information is taught to you in a way that you respond well to. Superprof tutors understand the importance of tailored lessons and are happy to personalise lessons so that you can excel when studying.

Aside from personalised exercises, tutors can also give you expert tips and learning skills when it comes to preparing for exams. Although knowledge is crucial when passing any economics exam, exam technique also plays a hugely important role. Working with a tutor can give you:

  • the opportunity to take more practice papers than you otherwise would;
  • personalised feedback on what topic areas you need to improve on; and
  • tips for achieving exam success, including time management.

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Further Your Career with an A Level Economics Tutor

People choose their A-level subjects for a number of reasons. Some students choose their subjects because they enjoy them or they are good at them, whilst others pick subjects that they think will help them in their future careers.

Although you may have chosen to study economics for any of the above reasons, it is also true that it is a great subject to have at AS or A-level if you think you will pursue a career in business at some point.

For example, studying economics at A-level can be great to have if you’re thinking about a future career as:

  • An economist;
  • A chartered accountant; and
  • An investment analyst, among others.

Furthermore, an economics A-level is a great stepping stone to pursuing an economics degree at university, maybe even at Oxford or Cambridge, which will take you one step closer to your dream career.

So if you want to pursue economics at university, and you currently study the subject at A-level, then there’s no better time to look out for the best tutors. Any head start you can give yourself in terms of your knowledge of the subject will pay off dividends when you attend university for your undergraduate degree.

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Many students hire economics tutors to help them go to Cambridge University.
Improve your grades in economics classes and you could go to Cambridge. (Source: CC0 1.0, Ricardo Mateos, Public Domain Pictures)

Find Economics Tutors Online

We’ve seen how economics tutors offer students a variety of benefits. Not only can a home tutor help you to improve your grades in the classroom, but online tutoring can also help prepare you for those all-important A-level qualifications. This is because tutors can employ one on one study tips and techniques that help ensure academic success, whether that's in your homework marks or in exams.

So, once you’ve decided to engage an economics tutor, the question then becomes where can you find one? There are a few ways that you can find one on one tutoring for your economics course.

The first method is to ask your teacher directly for some extra or intensive help with your studies or coursework and see whether they would be willing to tutor you.

The benefit of asking your teacher to teach you in the capacity of your tutor is that they will already be familiar with your capabilities as a student. As a result, they should know how to ignite your passion and get the best out of you at each home tutoring appointment.

However, teachers are usually exceptionally busy, and may not have the availability to tutor you or give you an extra assignment. If this happens, you can always ask whether your teacher could recommend an educator for you.

However, there is another easy way to find a tutor. Many sites, such as Superprof, provide online tutoring services. Such sites give students access to a range of tutors across a number of subjects, including economics. If you decide to find a tutor online, then you have a wide database of tutors to choose from, at any time during the academic year. This means that:

  • You can pick a tutor that you think you will really get on with;
  • Your tutor can give you assignments designed to improve your learning process;
  • You can find a tutor who can make your course enjoyable; and
  • You can find a tutor who will help give you the best one to one learning experience.

What’s more, tutoring services can be online-only or can be a physical meeting, so you have the power to decide how you interact effectively with your tutor. With so many tutors to pick from, it’s not surprising that students often choose to find their tutor online. So why not try and boost your academic performance today and find a tutor?

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