A newborn child who arches his back indicates that he or she wants to be picked up and carried. Experts have suggested that parents teach their children the basics of sign language, which are as young as three months old. Sign languages help the child to communicate his needs with ease to his parents.

It has been proven through scientific methods that toddlers who learn and know how to communicate efficiently have a significantly lesser amount of temper tantrums and are more open-minded to new ideas. Besides, learning sign language can also act as your child's second language, this helps to heighten the baby's cognitive abilities. Establishing a method of communication in children is essential and tough but more complex than this is to teach the skills of the English language to children. This helps to improve your child's communication skills.


Activities Which Help To Build Spelling Skills

 I Spy, With My Little Eye… something that starts with the letter D!

This is a swivel made to the classic observation game. The players take the lead in the game by announcing the letter of the objects name that is spied at. Your child will scan the area for objects that start with the same letter that was announced and will call out the words until he or she guesses the correct object. If the word starts with the letter D, it could be a desk, dog, door and so on. For advanced learners, the objects can be spelt instead of being named.

For example. Did you spy a d-e-s-k? How about a d-r-a-w-e-r? This game continues with different purposes to be guessed, which starts with a new letter of the alphabet. You can add this activity to your lesson plans for English language teaching.

Letters of the Alphabet

In this game (elementary level), your student has to name a specific object or thing against all the letters of the alphabet. This activity helps to reinforce the vocabulary that the child has learned so far. It can even lead to your student learning new words. Teachers of English in the Indian Education System use this activity to teach English to their students in schools. 

How to Play: Your student has to name an object for every letter of the alphabet that starts with the letter. For example, A for Apple; B for Ball, C for Cat, D for Dog, and so on. The games go on till every letter of the alphabet has been covered up. For students who are advanced learners, you can rearrange the activity by eliminating certain word groups such as adjectives or verbs.

As their Arts teacher, you can specify that your students have to name a particular word group for each letter of the alphabet. You could also ask your students to spell each word that they give for the letters. If your student does not know a word that corresponds to the letter, you can propose him or her to use a dictionary. This would be an excellent way to introduce your student to a dictionary. You can get help with your English spelling skills with the help of an English tutor online. This method is also useful if your child takes up English as a foreign language.

Make teaching fun for kids
Image | Fresh environment improves understanding and makes the learning process fun | Source: Pxhere

Help Your Child To Read in English

A five-year-old boy named Rajesh asked his mother, "Maa, what is written on that sign?" while pointing out to a sign placed near the traffic light. "It is written Drive Slowly," replied his mother. Rather than pointing out and telling her son what was written, his mother could have asked her son Rajesh to identify the letters written on the sign. She missed the opportunity for teaching English to her son. Children seldom ask questions that are not relevant. On the contrary; children rigorous interrogation sessions are driven by the desire to learn something new and try to grasp the environment around them. This is your chance as an online English teacher to use this natural curiosity of your students by providing them with education in small parts. This will help them to become more proficient in their English speaking skills. You can discover English lessons online on our website, which will help to teach your children in a fun manner. The question: "How to teach your students in a fun manner?" Is a question that arises in the mind of all ESL teacher. 

Reading a particular story repetitively can help your child to read English properly. Stories that contain repetitive lines can help young learners to learn better with the addition of sound effects while reading stories like 'The Three Little Pigs' can work wonders on them. As their English teachers, you can point out to each word while reading the story and pronounce each word with clarity.  

Speak english for better understanding
Image | Start speaking in English at home to get fluent in language | Source: Pixabay

When your child starts repeating the sentences right before you could complete it, stop reading and let him or her complete the lines. If for some reason, your student is hesitant in participating with the rest, you can encourage your student by asking: "What does the wolf say?". This activity will help your child to correlate better the words spoken and the words written. This gives your student a prompt exposure to word recognition. You can use sticky notes with words written on them and paste them throughout your house and can ask your child to find the words. This could be as a word scavenger hunt game. Once you have written down a sufficient number of words and have posted them, you can challenge your child to find the words placed in the room. If your child is at the beginners level of reading, you can ask him or her to mimic the sound of the words. For children who are advanced English speakers, the more precise the categories are, the more suitable it will be for them to practice reading. Such activities are also available on the internet if you are looking for more fun ideas to enhance your child's reading skills. You can ask your tutors to incorporate such games at your English tuition classes. If you take up English as your second language (Esl), then this method will be useful for you. 

Let us talk briefly about the learning disabilities prevalent among children and adults in India. Research has shown that about one per cent to nineteen percent of children going to school in India have Learning Disabilities(LD). The range of Learning Disabilities prevalent in India shows that we need to create awareness for it. It is also essential to use a common standard scale to assess LD among children going to school in India. Not being able to speak fluent English should not be considered a disability. Still, unfortunately, this has been generally observed as the most well-known sign for the disability that is quickly acknowledged by everyone. As a parent, it is entirely reasonable to feel concerned about the progression of your child in the classroom. If so, then you should contact your child's English teacher and have a talk with them about your concerns. The methods mentioned above can also help to improve your teaching style and your teaching skills. Fluency in English is not something that one can learn overnight. It is a long and slow process but a fruitful one. For a native English speaker, it is easy to catch up with the English lessons, but for those who take up English as a second language (Esl) it could be difficult for them to grasp the English education.

Start writing
Image | maintaining your own journal helps in improving the language, so start writing your poems and stories | Source: Pixabay

How To Foster a Love For Writing

To learn English and how to write for young learners is a slow process since it takes time to develop the control and precision that is required to shape all the letters of the alphabet. This does not mean that you cannot have fun while taking your lessons for English language and literature. 

Making Bold Strokes

Arrange a particular room or space in your house where if a little bit of mess is created, it wouldn't bother you as much. Or buy a chalkboard and chalk and write on the surface of it. You can teach your young student to form letters with overemphasized brush strokes. Better than this, you can allow your child to finger paint in order to learn how to write. Once your student learns how to write with proper control, he or she can graduate from writing on walls to writing on paper with a pencil. This enables you to teach children how to write and make bold strokes. 

Stick to Traditions 

With this tip, we are paying homage to the generations of parents who have raised their children and guided them by teaching them how to hold a pencil and traced the letter with a pencil while holding onto their hand. Learning through muscle memory helps to build neural pathways which in turn means that repeating your movements is not required in order to write. There is nothing wrong with using a method that has been tried and tested for helping your child to improve their writing skills. This method is also used in English school. Numerous ESL teachers use this method in schools to teach their students how to write in English for their English classes.  

Practice will make you perfect
Image | Start practising your subject to get a good grip on the language | Source: Pixabay

Pick a Word 

This activity consists of your student's favourite books. From each page of the book ask your young learner to choose the best words and write them on the chalkboard or into a notebook if he or she is capable of doing so. You can then move on to explaining the meaning of the words to your student and ask him or her as to why he or she chose it and what other words are strictly related to them. As their private English tutor, you can spell out the words while the student writes it.

All of the activities mentioned above are targeted to develop your child's English language skills. You can also encourage your child to take up online courses in order to learn how to read, write and spell in English. You are your child's teacher, and your child is bound to follow them no matter what. You just need to make the lessons you create for them fun and enjoyable.

Your child can also take courses for English online. The demand for Online teaching has been increasing day by day, and more students are opting for learning subject through an online teacher. English teaching job has been made easier via online platforms. These platforms help to bring the classes to your home in just a click away. New teachers or ex-teachers have a side income which comes from tutoring, which in turn helps them out with their expenses.

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