Your child just recently completed Kindergarten, he or she is about to learn English in a proper academic setting. Isn't that exciting?

Early education should be looked at as an adventure and learning English should be the same.

English is required globally as it is a native language in many countries with over 400 million native speakers globally, and as your child learns English language skills, he or she is making their place in the global map.

There are more than a billion people in this world who speak in English, and when one learns to read or write in English, they become a part of that huge group of English speaking people. So when your child learns to read and write s/he will also be a part of that group of over a billion people. You are the primary educator of your child, and you get to witness the growth of your child and see him evolve as a grown person.

To help your students get a grip over their English, by teaching them to practice English-speaking fluently, you can use the help of the best local resources and internet sites and activities. This will give them command over the language like a native speaker. 

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How to Enrich your Local English Language?

Whether your child likes wizards or fairies or even detective stories, sending your child to your local library will only enhance their knowledge and improve their English skills.

"A love of learning, the sequestered nooks / and all the sweet serenity of books." – Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

Reading to your child from an early stage will not only improve their English grammar, especially the consonant, vowel, adjectives, nouns and tenses along with their vocabulary but also will help them reach greater heights.

Studies show that student's speaking skills and pronouncing skills improve and enhance with regular reading, especially before attending school. Students who are learning English as a second language or Esl will find many resources. Your child can learn and improve their overall English speaking skills with the help of spoken English lessons which include tutorials and workshops at the nearest library. Students studying in public or private schools in India are introduced to literature and poetry as early as class 1 through small poems and short stories. Given this fact, your child should be taught to take literature seriously as a part of their English speaking course. 

English for Academic Purposes

After Kindergarten, your children will have a basic idea and a basic set of English skills. Your child's English teacher will be able to tell you what your child is capable of and what his/her English proficiency level is. If you think your child's English needs improvement, you can enlist him/her with an agency that specializes in teaching English to kids.Tutoring agencies that specialize in delivering English lessons as per the guidelines of your National Curriculum should be the place where you send your child. It does not matter whether your child is an international student or a native English speaker.

If your child has special needs such as dyslexia or ADD, providing him/her with extra assistance will help greatly. It will also help if you hold meetings with your child's teacher to understand which areas your child is lagging in; whether English grammar, vocabulary or spelling etc. S/he can also recommend agencies that can help in the same. According to some reports, more than half of Indian students benefit from private tutoring. If you are looking for an English tutor in India, that percentage grows to double of that! You will also get much elementary spoken English lessons at British Council India.

Could your Child Learn English Online?

While India is not primarily among the English speaking countries, many of our citizens speak and converse in English. All education experts agree that a student is more engaged when s/he finds interest in the subject they are studying. You can even choose to hire an English tutor online to help your kids with their lessons. Simply search English classes near me and hire a tutor through the internet. 

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Here is a list of fun activities that will make your learner love English!

It gets boring when one has to study vocabulary and verbs by constantly repeating them; instead, you could get your child to study some facts about India. It will help them become interested and learn faster. It will also improve their English skills.

The website Know India provides pages of interesting facts to study and read about India as well as other stimulating topics for discussion. Jump Start hosts a website that has a dedicated page for activities for children to engage in, which will help them improve their English.

Activities range from those designed to help develop writing skills to honing listening skills and perfecting speaking skills. There you will find various activities such as tic-tac-toe, Learning Idioms in a fun way, Spellings in the Air and other fun stuff to do.

You will also find quizzes to play on their website page. There are several tests for your child to test his/her knowledge. It must be kept in mind that to learn English, one does not have to always conjugate verbs or concentrate only on exams. If your child finds what they are studying to be fun and also find the subject interesting, they will definitely stop considering English as a boring subject.

Why not make Spoken English fun?

To make English more fun, you can watch videos, do worksheets and find out more classroom activities to do. A great idea would be hosting a spelling bee or spelling contest. These English speaking courses will definitely help your child improve. You help your child improve by hiring English tutors online. 

Parent Support Organizations

If you are still unsure about your child's literacy or English proficiency, don't worry, you are not the only parent feeling so. Other parents feel the same about their kids.

Parents support
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Many parent-support organizations consist of parents who help other parents with advice on how to improve their kids' English skills. These organizations do not address young students learning English skills. They know the right path to guide you through the exams that your kids will give throughout classes 1 to 6. They will tell you what to expect. Using the help of these Parent Support Organizations, you will be able to help your child ace English, and you will get access to a lot of free resources as a part of their English speaking course which will in exchange boost your child's language training.

Classes 1 to 6 Examinations

When your child reaches towards the end of any class, be it a 1 or 2, they will have to give a test on English Literature and English Language in order to test their English skills. They will also have many oral tests throughout the year to measure their fluency in the English language. It goes without saying that a good English teacher will help your child acquire proper English skills, but they must also have a pleasant learning environment in order to learn better. Speaking in English constantly with your child even at home will help them learn English faster and better. If you speak in English at home, then that is an excellent way to get your child into the habit of speaking the language and increasing her/his fluency in English.

Advantages of Personal Tutoring

Yes, it is true that hiring a private tutor for your kid adds to the financial expenses and sometimes even becomes a burden for parents seeking the services of a private tutor for every single subject. However, many parents will agree that it is very beneficial and a necessity to help your child grow and learn the subject through personal assistance and help. Schools these days have become more competitive, and the examinations have become rigorous. Students have to study and perform their best in order to meet the milestones set by the school's curriculum. 

However, it must be kept in mind that not every child is the same. While there may be students of the same age and have the same educational advantages, they may have learning disabilities. English teachers are constantly under pressure as they try to get their students to get acceptable scores in their tests. The students who are the youngest feel most pressured.

Image | Don't be tensed about your kids, putting pressure on them will lead to no development | Source: Pexels

Many parents think one-on-one tutoring is the solution to all these problems where students have difficulty learning only through classroom lessons. In fact, there is proof that with teachers and tutoring agencies providing one-on-one tutoring services to students, especially those providing English tuition, a child shows remarkable improvement.

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Your child can succeed in school exams only through private tutoring and learn to speak in English fluently.Not because your English teaching professional is outstanding in English Grammar and English literature, but because an informal environment is beneficial for your child as well as him or her for being a successful mentor to your kid. It indeed takes a village to teach your child as it involves your child's schools, private tutors, you and as well as the library.

In conclusion, to improve your English, your child requires private tutors as private tutors offer the highly valued one-to-one teaching experience for your kid where he or she can learn English or any other subject and truly excel all of his/her exams. They offer an informal teaching experience as well.Of course, Superprof tutors are here to help you regarding any problems you may be facing when it comes to learning English. 


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